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    ^^^ Yeah. Will do. If I post it would be Echelon stuff only. =)

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    So my question is this. I'm getting ready to try for the group hug trophy/achievement. I know you have to play through the entire campaign with 2, 3 or 4 players. Does it have to be the same player(s) through the entire campaign? Like if I start a play through with one friend and end it with another? I'm assuming it does need to be. Also, If anyone wants to help with this trophy let me know.

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    I don't think so, in fact it doesn't even have to be in the same session I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBABZ View Post
    I don't think so, in fact it doesn't even have to be in the same session I think.
    You would be correct.

    The trophy says to complete all missions with 2+ players, you could even play all the missions from ending to beginning if you wanted to.

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    So I played the game for almost a week now and I have two questions, although the first one is more a complaint.

    - Is it possible to ban other users from a running game as a host?
    Because I think it happened to me as a player today with a PSN user who didn't like the fact that I had more points and kills than him on several occasions (he had no problem when I helped him not to lose the game though). I know that the possibility to kick someone off a game makes sense because in Fuse it's pretty much impossible to survive twelve rounds without all four characters, but there are ways to see whether someone is active and contributes to it or not and it shouldn't be possible if it's not the case, because it just screws players who are better than soar loser players (it at least got me a "nice" post-game conversation).

    - My second question would be how to host a game because today unfortunately took a little bit of the game's fun away because it can happen constantly and maybe it does with others. So where do I have to click to host a game so that people who aren't me PSN friends can join whenever they want?

    EDIT: I only played Echelon Modo so far, and both questions are about that.

    EDIT2: Solved.
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    What was the vision for this game and why it was made?

    I'd like to believe things are made for a humanistic reason, with good hidden agendas or meaning that an individual contributes to something that goes with the flow, but has some meaning as to why the story was what it was or why it was made the way it was.

    Isn't that why businesses are made a lot of times because the owner has a vision and skills which he uses to send out a message while making a living? I mean i'd hope that's the case.

    With insomniac being so proud of being independent seems to make sense as to why they want to stick by that.

    I like to judge and review something based on the original creator's message and vision and to see how successfully they sent it through their works of art like paintings, music, videogames, all meant as forms of expression turned into joy and happiness for consumers. I like to bring about a balanced and open minded approach to judgement all based on pure positive, logical, and mathematical thinking.

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    So the FC items are standard amounts by size/appearance? They aren't random amounts, right?

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