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    Quote Originally Posted by Cron-Z View Post
    If you've registered on, I'd like to have your username so I can send you a friend-request (pm me)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cron-Z View Post
    Double-post: This is probably the most evil Cache I've ever seen!
    That's awesome lulz.

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    At my level, I'd probably rip half my hair out before I even came close to finding such a Cache!

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    I'd probably give up about 10-15 minutes in lol. An hour, that's just crazy.

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    Imagine how great it must feel to find it, though!

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    Okay, so one thing I'm a bit confused about, is what to do when I find a cache? I went out yesterday and had a blast hunting, found it, but then just left it there :P Some neat stuff inside, a book, a few foreign coins, and a note. does all of that work?

    (Maybe I should read the OP more carefully).

    Edit: Derp. Read it, gonna go back out and find it and place some goodies of my own in it, maybe go hunting for some others as well! I've tried to make it a bit more physical for myself and ran to the cache

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    You don't have to place goodies in if (1) you don't want to or (2) don't have any. As long as you sign the log with your username and you log it on the Website, you officially have it as "found".

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    I found a very cleverly-placed cache today in a public parking lot not five minutes away from my house. It was a micro, inside the post of a "Park at your own risk" sign. I had to unscrew a corner and wedge it out from the sign, an impossible job if I didn't bring my flashlight. Luckily there were no muggles, but everyone that passed by in their cars must have wondering what the hell I was doing.

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    Does anyone else have trouble with the "Send to GPS" feature? It sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't.

    ~You'll Never Walk Alone~

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    I'm curious as I never used that button before. I used to have a Premium account and directly downloaded individual GPX or Pocket Queries (a single GPX file with all the caches, to a maximum of 1000, in a certain radius). But I've been "premium-less" since last July.

    Also, yesterday was Geocaching's 12th birthday. We got a Cache so close to where I live that within 5 minutes we went out and were back. :P

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    It happens because the Magellan GPS software on my computer keeps crashing. I'll bring it up on the forums there to see if anyone else has had the same problem.

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