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    Welcome to Outernauts

    Hey there Outernauts!

    You have all found this forum because each of you were carefully selected to take part in our pre-beta testing phase for Outernauts! Congratulations!

    As mentioned in our e-mails to you, Mission Control will be contacting you through e-mail and on Facebook with surveys to gather your thoughts and comments on specific questions we will have.

    These forums also serve as a place for you to discuss your thoughts, provide feedback on things you feel are important to you, interact with the development team here at Mission Control. and also act as a place to write bug reports!

    We ask you that to make the best use of the forum you make sure that you post in the right place and that you do a quick scan in the forum to check out if what you are about to post has been posted before. Right now you are in the Feedback and Suggestions forum - a place where you can discuss various elements of the game that you like and don't like, and offer suggestions for improvement and future content. If you want to report a bug, please see the link below to the Bug Reporting thread.

    If you find that the topic you want to discuss has been posted previously, do not make a new thread about the same topic, but post in the already opened topic instead. We greatly appreciate this, as it will make it much easier for all of us to categorize the reports and avoid double posts.

    When you make a new thread the subject is very important, make sure to make your subject line as clear, and descriptive as possible.

    Also, here are a few links that will help you through this pre-beta phase.

    -Application (the actual game itself) click here

    -Bug Report Forum (post bug reports in there only, one thread per bug, please) click here

    -Feedback Forum (post your suggestions and feedback in this forum, one topic per suggestion/feedback please) click here

    -General Forum (general chat goes here, that includes questions about the game or the pre-beta testing phase) click here

    Remember that during the pre-beta there will be ongoing changes and potentially resets of your Outernauts player data. We will keep you informed of any planned changes.

    Good luck, enjoy the testing and thank you for all of your time!
    James Stevenson
    Community Lead
    Insomniac Games

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    Thanks again for letting me join the game!!!
    im writing to you to express my opinion about this "beta invitation".Im 21 years old and im studing on department of informatics and computer technology of the educational institute of western macedonia in greece.I was done the request about the beta invitation a month ago,and i was wondering when can i receive the beta key to play this game.thanks for your understanding!!!

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    theyll be sending out keys in waves. i think a new wave of people is supposed to be getting keys in the next couple of days. its completely random when youll get your key, but as long as youve been informed youre in the beta, youll be getting in eventually.

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    I give one of my friends a key to play and they can't play all it does is load is there something wrong? with the key

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkMegamanSX900 View Post
    I give one of my friends a key to play and they can't play all it does is load is there something wrong? with the key
    Seems like it.
    Quote Originally Posted by tamalero View Post
    "back in my day.. they had these awesome jokes.. not so much nowadays"

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    no one needs a key anymore, its a non-issue now.

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    I give one of my friends a key to play and they can't play all it does is load is there something wrong? with the key

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    theres no need for a key anymore. tell them to clear their chache, uninstall the game, refresh their browser and see what happens.

    if that doesnt work, do you know the specs of their computer?

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    Once I saw a Facebook game made by Insomniac Games I was overjoyed to play it. I understand that it is a mirco-transaction game that involves two types of in-game currencies, one to buy and one to earn in-game. Now that the output of the beast feeders is 1/4 of what it was not even a day ago. It will take 8 hours now to earn 100 in-game currency to earn for every single beast feeder. That's if the player can log on every 2 hours. Why was this changed?

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    late game was impossible not to be swimming in lunar. build more feeders or go out and quest. arena battle are the best source of income in this game and people rarely did arena battles. my guess is that this will help push people to fight in arenas and actually make people think about what theyre using their lunar on rather than just spend without discretion.

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