I was considering starting up a petition on the Lego site to make RaC lego (here is the link to petition area of the site: http://lego.cuusoo.com/). Would anyone be interested in supporting this if I did make one and design all the pieces and stuff? Would anyone like to help me design them and shoot ideas around for set themes? ;P

Also, more importantly, would Insomniac give permission for me to do this? Because I see plenty of Star Wars sets on there, amongst other copyrighted things which seem to be fine according to their rules.

"Original Model Ideas based on Licensed IP.
You will receive 1% of net sales if the model you submitted is based on third-party intellectual property (e.g. Star Wars™ or Angry Birds™) and is your original work."

I think this would be a nice lego set to have, a fun addition to the franchise for fans. I think you need 10,000 votes for it to be made, but I'm not too sure just yet.

Would love to get some feedback!