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    Would You Play A 2D Ratchet & Clank Side Scroller?

    Just out of curiosity. Me and my team are currently working on a game (refer to my avatar) in the spirit of the series (big guns, bigger explosions, comedic dialogue, etc).

    So my question to you is:

    1. Would you play this kind of game?
    2. Would you pay for it?
    3. If so, how much?
    4. What's your favorite R&C game?
    5. What do you think is most important in this kind of game?
    6. Why is the sky blue?

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    I already have played one, it's called Going Mobile.

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    Well, one that isn't a JVM game from a million years ago.
    Also, the other questions.

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    So, you are making a Ratchet and Clank game (Probably Flash game) and you want to SELL it? Interesting.
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    Ugg, no. A game IN THE SPIRIT. That's like saying God of War is a Devil May Cry game.
    Also, I'm using C#/XNA with FlatRedBall. Flash? I'm not 5.

    Also, sorry if I come of as a dick; I'm just like that.
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    So you mean Flash is for kids? Funny.
    Also, try to find out why I thought you are making a 2D RaC game? Maybe it have something to do with section you posted it? The lack of information you gave us? Ok, you are making a game fimiliar to RaC, but not RaC, ok, you dont need to say it like that, but you wrote it so unspecific, that I didnt know what the hell are you exactly making.
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    Yeah sorry about being ambiguous.
    DaXonomy: Weapons of Mass Detraction (Working Title) is a sci-fi adventure. The story is still, more or less, up in the air. But the dynamic is still familiar: Big guns, explosions, different worlds etc.
    We're developing in C#/XNA for PC/Xbox/Windows Phone.
    I'm trying to find out what gamers like the most from the genre.
    This is new IP, in the same genre (Sci-Fi Action Adventure)

    So my question to you is:

    1. Would you play this kind of game?
    2. Would you pay for it?
    3. If so, how much?
    4. What's your favorite R&C game?
    5. What do you think is most important in this kind of game?
    6. Why is the sky blue?

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    Yeah, I was actually going to work on something like that too in the summer, but more Jak and Daxter style (with eco powers and such, but... not eco). Shame I have no clue how to code, but I can do the art (like my avatar) soooo.... I dunno xDD

    I definitely would play it. However, for me to pay for it, there would have to be... something... that makes it shine. For example, I rarely buy games on the iPhone (I get the free versions because I don't have much money), but I brought all the Zenonia's because they really stood out to me. The colour was fantastic, the art, the sheer amount of stuff you could do... brilliant.
    Make it stand out from its genre. How much I would pay depends on the platform. People (including myself) don't usually want to spend much on something for the iPhone say, but are willing to pay more for something on the PC or a console. But yeah, it depends on the quality, and innovation of course.
    For example (about the innovation part), have you ever seen the game Ruff Trigger? Check it out. It is a complete and utter rip off of Ratchet and Clank, and even though it's quite similar, I would never play it nor would I enjoy it. It is awful xDD Learn from their mistake.

    Make sure the art is good, and not generic. Art is a huge thing for me, I've seen so many possibly good games that are ruined because of the (for want of a better word) amateurish art. Make it leap out and slap people in the face (not literally plz ;P).

    Wow this makes me sound like a jerk. I'm not, trust me xDD

    My fave game would be... well, all of them really. I'm mainly draw to Crack in Time because of the beautiful colours and vividness (although the bloom can be really overused and blinding at times). Not many games take advantage of colour these days... use that to your advantage ;P

    The sky is blue because of reflections from the ocean? You know, I totally can't remember. I used to know but... yeah haha.
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    Thanks, that was the 1st meaningful response I've gotten.
    We're using 2D art and hand drawn sprites etc btw, so as far as art, it won't be a big amazing blockbuster. I have no friends (except one) with exp in Maya/Max/Blender, so 2D is the way to go.

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    Ah no I wasn't talking about 3D art, 2D is really nice too when done right On deviantART, there is a projects forum where you can get people to help out with your projects. Don't go to the Job Offers forums unless you are offering upfront payment... projects forum is the best place
    Maybe you guys could do a demo/tester level we could try out as a PC executable (I don't know if that's possible)? You would get some useful feedback from that IMO

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