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    I'm trying to send a PM but it isn't working I dont think the email worked neither...

    I've been trying for ages to get those items, nobody ever wants to ship to New Zealand XD heh.

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    You're not the only one. I'm a high R&C collector and saw that inflatable wrench on eBay ages ago but it didn't ship to the U.K. Plus, I wouldn't mind a Secret Agent Clank since I've been playing the game and really enjoying it.

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    I saw a SAC figure a couple weeks back for only $10, couldn't get it because of US only shipping (and I couldnt send a message to beg them)! And when I saw the wrench, I asked if they could please send to NZ, they said NOPE. Even if I would pay the full price. I call hax!

    Ahem, I'm getting some more of those Japanese R&C4 and 5 (Deadlocked, Size Matters) stickers and stuff soon though
    And I know a couple people here were interested... I sold 2 sets on Ebay already. They get snatched up within hours of listing! Even though they're just R&C stickers XD (but they are pretty rare I suppose)

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    Ah yes, I was interested in those too if you still have some spare please? Shall have to PM you or something for more details.

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    Sure, you can try sending me a PM (if it works, that is. I cant seem to do it). I'm expecting a few more of these next week. Might be the last ones too (here's an Ebay listing to show that I'm not kidding about them being sold quick XD. But the listing had a few extras...)

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    Okay. I got the private messages and email. I will be responding in a few minutes. Thanks!

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    wow, the unpainted maquettes are gigantically rare. Like, I don't remember the last time one sold
    James Stevenson
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    I suppose they would be more rare as they're like the 'prototype' but I personally still prefer the painted one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentRatchet View Post
    It amazes me how people try to rip others off. The game itself with the "super rare poster" is only 15 dollars! Like KBABZ I have 2 of them hanging in my room. One of my copies broke so I bought another. With the money he wants, I could by the Ratchet HD collection if it comes out. Which reminds me, They should have all the Manuel from Ratchet 1, 2 , and 3(4 if they include it). The poster/manuel does in fact come in non-black label boxes, mine is a Greatest Hits box.
    that poster just sold for $50 and another one got listed for $50 as well. crazy...i guess some people just don't know

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    Quote Originally Posted by lombax666 View Post
    I suppose they would be more rare as they're like the 'prototype' but I personally still prefer the painted one.
    for sure, was only thinking about pure rarity, not necessarily desirability
    James Stevenson
    Community Lead
    Insomniac Games

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