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    Resistance 4

    I know insomniac isnt going to be making Resistance 4. But if the game did come out i would love to see it set in a different time period ( 2000 years ) and be set in places like Africa, Egypt, Chile. what would you guys like in resistance 4?

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    Re: Resistance 4

    I really doubt it will be set in the 21st century. It will mean all of the characters will be dead and pleanty of crucial points in the timeline will be missed. Plus by then humanity would probably be driven to extinction or would have somehow killed the chimera.
    Anyway I hope Resistance 4 tells us more about the Chimera\'s origins, the pure Chimera and that red planet in the wormhole.

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    Re: Resistance 4

    I\'m pretty sure there ain\'t gonna be any more Resistance games.....

    Ring around the Rosie. Pocket fulls of holes. In what we fall down. Ring around the Rosie. What do you hold so close. In Darkness, in which we drown.

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    Re: Resistance 4

    Quote Originally Posted by AsheMagge View Post
    I\'m pretty sure there ain\'t gonna be any more Resistance games.....
    Why not...? I\'m sure they will... The Burning Skies is coming this year, and I\'m sure once SONY finds the right dev team they\'ll keep releasing more Resistances for PS3 (and 4). There\'s just soooo many things SONY can do with the series. Insomniac Games and Bend Studios barely scratched the surface.

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    Re: Resistance 4

    If Sony wants more Resistance, they\'ll do what it takes to get more Resistance. Just not from Insomniac Games.

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    Re: Resistance 4

    they should. there is still much about the chimera to know about and even though IG is leaving the story well unfinished (still think they were running out of ideas and know they painted themselves into a corner in R3) pretty much everyone who is a fan of the series wants those answers. Hell even if they don\'t make a game at least make a book series that explains it all. I would settle for that.

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    Re: Resistance 4

    I thought another company was handling R4 and not the one for PS Vita?

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    idk y isomniac would let a game like resistance die out i

    i believe that if they made R4 it wud sell good as long as it had all the following: more cool weapons both new and old all enemies from previous games(such as the Titan, howlers, menials, angels and the little titan that is only like 3 times bigger then humans t it wud need boss fights it wud need a co-op story and it wud need multiplayer both off and online

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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^

    What he said, and good advertising along with answering all the questions r3 left us.

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