View Poll Results: Who's Your Favorite Character in Overstrike?

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  • Dalton

    6 33.33%
  • Jacob

    4 22.22%
  • Naya

    3 16.67%
  • Izzy

    5 27.78%
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    Re: Who's Your Favorite Character in Overstrike?

    what the games now even out yet lol

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    Re: Who's Your Favorite Character in Overstrike?

    Jacob is awesome, but they are all brilliant. Can\'t wait to play them!
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    Re: Who's Your Favorite Character in Overstrike?

    Naya! Stealth, especially when it\'s done right, looks great and one of the best strategies to use!

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    I didn't notice this before, but with the new forum update we lost the poll. So... Re-vote if you want!

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    I've noticed there's a lot of 'friendliness' in this game, I might be thinking about Resistance; but I think it would be better if there was more crunch rather than charisma.
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    I chose Naya because I love stealth characters, and she looks good (If you know what I mean ):P

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    This is silly, considering we don't know much about these characters, apart from the adjectives next to their names.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DualShocker92 View Post
    This is silly, considering we don't know much about these characters, apart from the adjectives next to their names.
    We know a bit more then that.

    We've got Dalton Brooks, who's an ex-mercenary. He's a bad guy turned good guy. The unit he's working with Overstrike 9 is dedicated to taking down the criminal organization that he used to work for. He's trying out this whole hero thing and seeing if it works for him, and his main weapon is the Mag-shield. It's both offensive and defensive, and what's great about all our devices is that there's a somewhat selfish usage he's going to put up the shield to protect himself, but it also has a selfless benefit, in that the other team members can get behind it and be protected by it. He tends to be a bit more brute force he's the one who pushes ahead, he's the tank of the group.

    We've got Jacob Kimball, who has the electric crossbow, which fires out electrified bolts that will zap enemies and flush them out of cover. Jacob's a decorated detective. He's an honest to god soldier; he believes in a code of ethics. He has honor, whereas Dalton does not, so the two of them often conflict.

    Then we've got Naya Deveraux who's a loner, and a master thief. She's used to operating on her own, so she's still trying to figure out how to work within a team and develop personal ties. Her main weapon is stealth, so she can cloak and become invisible, then sneak up and melee enemies. She also has a co-operative component to her gadget, but we haven't revealed that just yet.

    Finally, there's Izzy Sinclair who's a gifted young scientist. She's created a weapon that fires out this metallic foam that immobilizes enemies and then when other players shoot it, it will explode, destroying them. She's like the kid sister of the group. She's very ambitious, very impulsive, and the other members of the group have almost taken on a parenting role with her, trying to help her out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ktiger34 View Post
    We know a bit more then that.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I haven't read this article yet.
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