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    Quote Originally Posted by KBABZ View Post
    Also can someone change the thread title so that Qwark's name is spelt correctly?
    Oops sorry that was the stupid internet correcting me. I'll try change it cos it's different now. :3

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    Cannot believe I did not know about Qwarks B-Day. I have failed ye Qwark, I am sorry!

    This signature is brought to you by Frosted Qwarkios.. The choice cereal for Captain Qwark and... uh...hmm...umm...some other people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lombax666 View Post
    once again, it is copernicus leslie qwark's birthday...on april 1st!

    This is not an april fool's either hehe.

    I may pull a few pranks on my mates later if they work as it's past midnight here so i'll have to wait until the morning as it will be too obvious!

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