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    Re: make new spyro game plz :)

    *sigh* If only.... Never had a game make me want to throw my controller at the screen as bad as the those abominations....
    and as a person who works in the field of 3D I was very sickened to see all of the nasty clipping and weird things that happen in the cut scenes.....I saw Ignis\'s eyes float off in different directions and sparks eyes sink back into the models head....

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    Re: make new spyro game plz :)

    Hey all here, I know Spyro seams like a dead corpse, but if Seirra decides it is a loss, and sells it for a very low price, them Insomniac could easily just remix the first three. Basically the same story, But Allot newer animation, Larger worlds, many new abilities, yet same personality as he originally is not like that TV shows die, have you not noticed all of those movies about old cartoons? If you people read my thread about my idea for a TV show, you might see some more point. But for now, I KNOW Insomniac has nothing to do with it, and has their hands full, but maybe a Newer company, that has the same ideals as Insomniac on Spyro, Could buy it and Make remix\'s.

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