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    is this game good?

    Is Disruptor good? Cause as soon as I get myself a new PS2 :carbanox: would like to buy it.
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    Re: is this game good?


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    Re: is this game good?

    It\'s a really good shooter. Was great for it\'s time, I picked it up after hearing good things about it in a Gamepro when it first released back in the day. Even the cheesy cut scenes rule.

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    Re: is this game good?

    I remember playing the Demo for this on Playstation 1 and thinking it was pretty decent fps.... if a little \'foggy\' lol!. I already owned Doom on Playstation which was excellent. Of course, I bought Disrupter and yup, it\'s one of the original Playstation games I\'ve kept ( along with Doom / Final Doom / FFVII etc ) so I guess it\'s a classic ! ;D

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    Re: is this game good?

    Disruptor was fantastic for its time. First-person shooters were really hard to make back before the dual thumbstick era, and Disruptor did a great job at balancing difficulty with the limited control scheme. I had a great time with it.

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    Re: is this game good?

    Yea, I\'ve got to echo what\'s said here. It\'s a classic FPS, so you\'re basically limited to looking left / right and moving foward / backward. Still, it\'s got some classic Insomniac stuff like interesting weapons and powers (Psionics, kind of like the powers in Bioshock, actually).

    Still, pretty cool game, and the super cheesy cutscenes are FANTASTIC.

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    Never played this game before but I really think to download and try it
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    This game is still pretty awesome. I envy you that you can play it for a first time

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