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    Virtual Reality Thread - Microsoft announces Project Hololens!

    Now this is cool:

    Microsoft just announced their take on Virtual Reality: Project Hololens! I was blown away by this announcement and thought to myself that "Hey, why not share this with fellow nerds over at Insomniac and hear what they have to say about it?"

    So I did just that! This thread is mainly for discussing the supposed future of technology, better known as Virtual Reality. Oculus, Morpheus, Glass, Hololens... Which will be the best way to experience other worlds within our own?

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    VR, huh, What better way to raise the ultimate soldier?

    I hope someone gets that...

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    Well, Back to the Future II and Dennou Coil (Coil - A Circle of Children) partially predicted the future. Scene I'm referencing in BttF is obvious, for Dennou Coil (anime): "In 2026, eleven years after the introduction of internet-connected augmented reality eyeglasses and visors."

    Sure, the video you linked is where Microsoft dreams to be with their AR tech, and right now it's nowhere near that, but I am glad companies are beginning to build toward the future in this way.
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    Meh, this will be another fad ala 3DTVs and motion-controls.

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    It remains to be seen whether the recent development trends in VR/AR, even Microsoft's attempt, will become a fad as there has been no consumer products yet. 3DTVs and motion-controls came about because of developments to TV technology and sensors made them cost effective to implement in products. The basis for that technology is still around and used. The surge in popularity of the Oculus Rift since 2012 probably made other companies less hesitant to show their developments on their vision of VR/AR technology. That vision is cost effective systems in VR/AR technology and generally, more development in that realm.
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    I think humanity isn't ready for MS' new toy. I know I'm not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeatherGrace View Post
    I think humanity isn't ready for MS' new toy. I know I'm not.
    All I really need is to know what it can be used for. You now, except for walking on the surface of Mars, playing with blocks in my living room and building 3D models. I am amazed by the technology, but as it is, I can't see a valid reason for me to buy the headset. But I do see a lot of potential, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this awesome piece of tech.

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