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    2015 Gaming Predictions

    It's that time of year again!

    This is the place for you to share all of your 2015 gaming predictions, no matter how bold or safe, audacious or tame, or correct or erroneous.

    The format and rules will be similar to my previous threads:
    -You can't post something that we know will happen (such as, "Bloodborne will be released this year")
    -Only 10 predictions per member
    -If you get part of a prediction right (If you say a new Ratchet game will come out in September, but one comes in December), it will be considered half-right at the end of the year.

    At the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016, we will go back and highlight your Incorrect predictions Red, your Correct predictions Green, and your Half-Correct predictions Orange.

    What do you get for winning, one might ask? Well, nothing, except knowing that you're the smartest gamer on the forums

    Ag3nt Note:
    The 2013 Predictions (2014 skipped due to lack of interest! Come on folks!) can be found here:
    [2013 Video Game Predictions]

    I'll edit in my list later. Have fun!
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    I'm curious to see the old list. Maybe add a link to the OP? (did we not do one last year?)
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    1. Kindom Hearts III is announced at E3 with a 2016 tease.
    2. Half-Life 3 is announced, set for release in November.
    3. Sony teases Team ICO's The Last Guardian at E3, no release date is teased
    4. Oculus Rift Consumer version is announced at E3, set for release in October of 2015.
    5. The next Ratchet & Clank game is released in October after the September release of the Ratchet & Clank movie. It will be titled under Ratchet & Clank Beginnings: [Only so much I can predict...]

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    Half Life 3 gets announced and released and a load of Valve games get ported over to Source 2
    The Vita gets an overhaul with exclusives and actual good games
    Tearaway PS4 will release
    Another year another CoD/AC/BF/Nintendo IP sequel
    Watchdogs 2 gets announced and Ubisoft states that they're gonna release one each year
    Rayman reboot 3 gets announced
    New Persona 5 footage
    Planetside 2 gets released on PS4 a few months after BETA testing.
    Steam will add quality control
    Sunset Overdrive 2
    The Ratchet and Clank movie will make the series gain recognition and will get the series mainstream
    Sony announces a game dev kit purchasable from the PS store, will give the store more exclusives if the game is any good and gets approved by sony.

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    Strap yourselves in for this one folks. Going all in this year.

    1) The Year of VR:
    The first consumer Oculus Rift model finally launches in October and sells over 2 million units before the year's end.

    2) Nintendo Finally Stops Hating Money:
    Nintendo announces a Pokémon Snap remaster (similar to Star Fox 64 3D) for 3DS.

    3) They CAN Count to Three:
    Valve releases Left 4 Dead 3.

    4) Don't Stop Believin':
    thatgamecompany reveals their new game. It can be played across consoles and mobile devices alike.

    5) Shoulda Used Drivatars:
    The full version of Drive Club is offered free to PS+ members by the end of the year.

    6) LittleBigSuccess:
    Media Molecule's new IP will be released this year to positive critical reception (82-85 metacritic critic score).

    7) $2.5B Well Spent:
    Mojang announces new Minecraft content at Microsoft's E3 press conference.

    8) Pls Hurry Japan:
    The only reason Gravity Rush 2 doesn't win Game of the Year is because Sony decides to release it Spring 2016.

    9) Well There it is:
    Insomniac announces a game with dinosaurs in it. Bad dinos.

    10) It's Happening:
    The Last Guardian. On stage. At E3. *mic drop*

    *Bonus: Magnum continues to dominate Con in yearly prediction threads

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabid Moustache View Post
    New Persona 5 footage
    Pretty sure it's supposed to come out this year.

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    - The Last of Us 2 is announced.

    - Portal 3 is announced.

    - The Last Guardian and Beyond Good and Evil 2 are "still in development but with no set release date".

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    - Fallout 4 is announced, along with some gameplay footage. The fans will be crazy with joy. It will release early 2016.
    - Valve will announce a new game. It won't be Half-Life 3 or Portal 3 - It will be an original title.
    - Uncharted 4 will be well received, but not as well received as 2.
    - Rise of the Tomb Raider will release on PC (I'm not mad enough to predict a PS4 announcement).
    - Sony will revive Crash Bandicoot as a PS4 exclusive.
    - Star Wars Battlefront will have a lot of issues and server problems upon launch.
    - The new Zelda game will be underwhelming (I hope and think I'm wrong. But hey: Sometimes you just gotta go ahead and be a little controversial!)
    - No Man's Sky will blow everyone's minds.
    - The Uncharted trilogy will be remastered for the PS4.

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    1) Evolution Bites the Dust
    Starting off on a sad note, I predict the very talented Evolution Studios will not survive 2015 after the disastrous handling of Driveclub. Who else wants my prediction to be wrong?

    2) No Uncharted 4
    Uncharted 4 will be... Delayed into 2016. Drake will have to wait another year.

    3) Vita Woes
    We will see no triple-A Vita games or ports from western developers in 2015.

    4) Ratchet And Clank
    Now for some positive predictions! R&C will release in late 2015 for the PS4.

    5) Insomniac Announces a New IP...
    ...Published by Microsoft! It seems like Sunset enjoyed a decent launch, and I can see the relationship of these two companies continue in the future.

    6) Helldivers is Insanely Hard
    The Insomniac Community will not be able to complete Helldivers (I'd love to jump on with some of you guys and prove myself wrong!)

    More to come!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beast! View Post
    Pretty sure it's supposed to come out this year.
    Given how bad Atlus's release dates are in the EU, I wouldn't put it past them to release it in 2017 over here

    High Quality fake passports? How about a high quality ban instead.

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