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    PAX Prime

    Any of you going to PAX Prime and want a meet up? I'm planning on rebuilding Clank, working on a wrench, and I'll absolutely be there this year! I'd love to see some of you guys!

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    Bumping because Prime is 6 weeks away! Anyone going?

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    Quote Originally Posted by weasel188900 View Post
    Whoa, Divison's a FMC member.
    And I turn into a were-lombax at midnight.

    in all seriousness though, I'm trying to finish the Clank upgrades before the con. I'm working on installing some servos in his head so he can move and talk. It was pretty low tech before (puppetry via hidden cables theeaded through) as well as swapping out the heavy LEDs in his eyes for EL panels.

    if I finish before con, yes, you all can RC (or talk for!) Clank. KBABZ will be doing that for me during PSX. He's got a receiver in the mouth for audio. Clank, I mean. Not KBABZ, last I checked.

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