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    Piracy and buying back online?

    Would it be considered ok if lets say as a kid who pirated alot and later on in life i bought all back digitally, old games wether its pc, ps1/ps2 games etc which i pirated. Would a gaming company forgive people if they did it later? just kinda wondering?Considering i have somewhat guilt of just downloading games before without paying etc. Have bought most games i remember pirating, including some games that dont exist on ps1 store i have bought physical copies of PS1 games even though it doesnt support them by buying it from people i am somewhat atleast just paying for it in someway. The only thing i kinda hate is i have also pirated softwares. So i just will buy it from now on if i need it etc.

    But just wondering?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JulianC1991 View Post

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    TBH I don't think it matters that much. I don't think they really keep a tally on who pirated what game and when. If you buy the game eventually, what does it matter? They got the money.

    Software is a little more murky because of licensing and such.

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    I guess its the guilt feel. But true enough. I have plans on getting an original PS1 and PS2 once. But plan on either way to save money so i can pay off my debt more or less so that'll have to wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riggeh View Post
    I guess its the guilt feel. But true enough. I have plans on getting an original PS1 and PS2 once. But plan on either way to save money so i can pay off my debt more or less so that'll have to wait.
    Hi Riggeh, not sure what to say to make you feel any better about having pirated in the past, but I can share my own story on the matter. My post is not to promote pirating, rather just to appreciate your attitude.

    I used to be furious at people who pirated games back during the PS1 and PS2 era, mainly because I personally imported original games from Japan and, as you may know, paid quite the high price for shipping costs and import taxes. What made me really upset was that people would get access to games BEFORE the release date, getting the chance to enjoy them completely for free, while I had to wait additional days (with express 3 day shipping) before getting hold of mine.

    I used to believe that, even though you were not supposed to buy the game anyway, you were definitely not entitled to whatever you wanted in life. Either you pay for the game or you don't get to play it. However, my mom at the time was very angry with me because of my negative thoughts on people who bought pirated games. She claimed that the prices for games were WAY TOO HIGH in certain countries, especially bringing up Asia as an example. Due to the low salaries in some Asian countries, you just could not expect anyone to be able to afford original games.

    She hated my "elitist" opinion in thinking I was better than people who pirated, saying I was only lucky to live in a western developed country. I continued being irritated by the fact that people got games for practically free ahead of me, but the older I got, the more I realized that not all people can afford luxury items such as video games at all stages in their life. There may come a time when people's financial lives change for the better, and in most cases, once they can afford a better living, they will be able to pay the full price.

    Lots of my friends who used to pirate are better off now, and pay for physical or downloaded games in the majority of times. So my point is, not all people can afford certain entertainment depending on the stage in their lives. I therefore think it is very admirable of you to come forth and showing an interest in paying for games as soon as you are in a better financial state. A few might unfortunately never stop pirating, but it is encouraging to know that some have the positive mindset in wishing to contribute to game developers, once they are in a better situation.

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