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    PlayStation Experience: Anyone Going?

    Is anyone planning on going to the PSX in December in San Fran? Looks cool, and I'd love to visit the city again.

    Also, for anyone who went last year, is cosplay okay there? I saw a few photos from the previous year and there were a small number of people in costume, but I can't tell if they were hired or they were cosplayers (a Spidey was playing a kiosk for example). If it's okay to do, I'd love to bring Ratchet and Clank out with me.

    Either way, hope to see some of you there!

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    Since I live there and I'll be back for the winter I will be going. My friend and I already bought tickets.

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    You know, I might look into it.

    I've only been to San Fran 2 times and it's been OUTSIDE of the city.

    But it's a 'I might' kinda situation...

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