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    What are your favorite websites?

    Mine personally are:

    Science Download Organism genomes Scientific Journals CERN

    Comedy Cracked The Onion

    Development Android Development Windows, Windows Phone, DirectX, .NET, C#, etc. Development GitHub
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    My computer that I built.

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    Hmm... I guess Youtube and Neogaf

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    Insomniac Games - North Carolina - QA Lead

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    Also the HackBB TOR forums are a great place to get network penetration tools to test and improve (For fun and when I'm bored) my network security.

    My computer that I built.

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    Reddit and youtube. And of course wiki cause you can find there everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnum View Post
    Okaaaaaay . . .
    I'm a nerd when it comes to computers. I work on my own Network Penetration tools too in order to improve and test my programming skills. I don't release them for obvious reasons.

    My computer that I built.

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    I'm a big fan of Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter for keeping up with the latest, getting entertaining, and staying informed. During major events, I go crazy with news sites including CNN and BBC.

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    I forgot what websites I even visited before reddit.
    Apparently I'm a "Newbie" and "Forever Troll" since 2005. Yea buddy

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