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    The [not so] Top Secret [--Slow Down, Bull--] Project Thread

    Insomniac Games always has a bunch of amazing things going on. This is one of them.

    What is "Slow Down, Bull"?
    It's... an experiment...
    ...what, that's not enough? Oh alright.

    It is really an experiment, that's not a joke. "Independent" is not only one of Insomniac Games' core philosophies, but it's really stamped in the spirit and history of the company. As big as the company is now, the independent—"everyone contributes" spirit has never waned.

    "Slow Down, Bull" is the labor of love of five very passionate Insomniacs (wait, that feels redundant as they're all passionate... anyway). It's a little action game being made right now and you can tag along for the ride. That's right, Lisa (Wertle here on the forums) and her team will be streaming periodically on The first stream happened yesterday, but don't worry it's archived (link below).

    If you've ever been interested to see how games are made, if you have questions about the development process, if you're fascinated by the creation process in this amazing medium that is video-games, if you just love Insomniac Games—THIS IS FOR YOU!

    You can read more on the announcement blog post here. And be sure to follow the streams, or at the very least the archived streams.

    The team behind "Slow Down, Bull":
    • Lisa Brown, team leader and designer of fun;
    • Dave Cumbo, artist of general awesomeness;
    • Denae Wilkowski, mage of pens and pencils;
    • Lillian Yoho, programmer extraordinaire and master of all things Unity;
    • Alex Previty, responsible for ear-worms (audio and music)

    Blog posts

    Stream Schedule
    Every Friday at 2pm PST (5pm EST | 10pm GMT)

    Archived streams

    I guess this is really the official thread for "Slow Down, Bull".
    You can comment, ask questions, or even just lurk to know when the next streams are or have quicklinks to the archived stuff!
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    I like this project.

    If you remove the purple, I will not be pleased, though.

    Serious things I would like to say, though..

    I. Name the bull "Mauve", or something that sounds like it - and have the bull be the colour mauve.
    II. I would love lots of the items to be references to various other things.
    III. Would be fun to have spectators at the sides, who would be knocked away when Mauve rammed the fence - possibly throwing stuff at times at him, causing more stress.

    I still think the face of the bull in the UI somewhere, showing stress by steam and sweat is a nice way. I know it means people will look to that, but I also think to myself; if the game is so unforgiving, that you can't spare to look away 1 sec, is it fun then?

    Also, viking throwing pastry at (III) is a must.

    10/10 would buy

    Nothing educational, otherwise you get poor scores. So remember that.


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    Tiny Update
    At the end of the last stream, the team was sort of working an issue with the stress meter being a bit small and near the end there was a discussion to see if it was possible for an overlay on the Bull. Lisa posted an update about this on Vine. !

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    Any word on if they'll be streaming this week?

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    We're gonna do it on Thursday this week since we're on holiday on Friday (same time, 2pm PST). There should be a post up about it soon. We'll be doing half audio with Alex and half art with Dave!

    edit: and by "soon" i mean "right now"
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    I love this little project so much! =3

    EDIT: Please do post the Construct 2 tutorial when ready.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cron-Z View Post
    I love this little project so much! =3

    EDIT: Please do post the Construct 2 tutorial when ready.
    Will do! I need to watch through the whole thing one more time to make sure there isn't any secret information in there, but once I do that I will post it, maybe as a 4th of July present

    If you guys have art and audio questions that you want me to queue up for Alex and Dave, post them here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by franco View Post
    Excited to see next stream of this game.
    Soon!!! (As in, today! )

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