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    **Musician Pub** V2 (Amateurs and Pros welcome)

    Alright, soooo.... I\'ve discovered that after thousands of threads, there are no threads about music (as in, making & playing music). So yeah, just a little place for any other fellow pro/amateur musicians (ANY experience counts )

    So let me start off first. I\'m a pretty good pre-college student violinist and I\'ve played for about 5 yrs, with lessons ranging from S. Korea to Indiana (current). I\'m now starting Bach\'s Violin Concerto in A minor (BWV 1041, and I\'m pretty sure this has been played a zillion times) . I participate in 2 orchestras (one of which, to be honest, stinks) , one double quartet, and a small ensemble.

    ...So yeah, that is pretty much my story. What\'s your story?

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    Re: Any fellow pro/non-pro musicians around here?

    I sing. More of a crooner-type. Been singing two years this last August. Love it.

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    Re: Any fellow pro/non-pro musicians around here?

    I can sort of play the guitar, but I really suck at it.

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    Re: Any fellow pro/non-pro musicians around here?

    Ah, where to begin...

    Without going too deep in my history, I started playing the silver flute (transverse/concert flute) in 2001. I love the flute. I love any flute, really. Quena, Ocarina... name it...

    My father started a youth choir in 2006 and I joined in not too long after as an instrumentalist. The choir recorded an album that was launched a year ago yesterday. Not only do I play on three tracks, but I designed and photographed the whole thing... but that\'s for another thread...

    [size=8pt]Warmup before recording my tracks for the choir\'s album in 2009[/size]

    Pretty much at the same time I joined the choir, I grew a strong curiosity for the Irish Flute that later transposed into a passion for the Celtic and North-American traditional culture as a whole. I started learning the Irish Whistle (Pennywhistle/Tin Whistle) not too long ago—which I\'m still working on. My inspiration is Brian Finnegan (Flook, Kan). That\'s the style I\'m aiming for, even though it\'s going to take many more years before I get remotely close to that.

    Finally, about a year ago, continuing on the path of traditional cultural curiosity (and filling the percussive gap the choir needed), I took Bodhrán classes. The Bodhrán is an Irish framed-drum played in many bands such as Great Big Sea.


    What I found fascinating learning the more traditional side of music is how much I need to break away from the classical school. I was formed by classical music and classical technique. But I realize how much the classical school often tries to hinder or repress "feeling the music". It\'s not an easy thing to breakaway from, though...

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    Re: Any fellow pro/non-pro musicians around here?

    I love listening to awesome flautists, but sitting almost right next to a piccolo last season, I\'m pretty sure I lost some of my hearing (I love the sound though, so it\'s a good tradeoff for me )

    The only experience I had with woodwinds in terms of playing it is that I was a decent recorder (nonononono, this recorder: ) player back when I was in elementary school. I probably don\'t even remember the fingerings for higher octaves anymore...

    For music on Youtube that made my day, ladies and gentlemen, the heavenly voice—nope, couldn\'t keep a straight face—of Florence Foster Jenkins:
    (and the worst part is she is like this ALL the time)
    "You'd better tell the Captain we've got to land as soon as we can. This woman has to be gotten to a hospital."
    "A hospital! What is it?"
    "It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now." - Airplane!

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    Re: Any fellow pro/non-pro musicians around here?

    Thank you for making my day.

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    Re: Any fellow pro/non-pro musicians around here?

    Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone... etc.

    I used to write my own music and I played one song I wrote at my graduation in front of about 3-4 thousand people. I played another in front of the entire school (about 1000 people) and did some solos in our marching band season.

    I used to play a ton back when I was in high school, but, since the instrument I play is about 20grand more than I can afford, I haven\'t been able to play. I would love to eventually invest in another instrument, however, bills are killing me and I\'m having to stretch dollars as far as possible.

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    Re: Any fellow pro/non-pro musicians around here?

    Very inspiring Cron!

    Love the pic

    Bringing the IG forums the real on MP since \'79

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    Re: Any fellow pro/non-pro musicians around here?

    Quote Originally Posted by LikeButta View Post
    Very inspiring Cron!

    Love the pic
    Cronzie\'s the man.

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    Re: Any fellow pro/non-pro musicians around here?

    You guys are all awesome. I played the trombone all throughout grade school, but have sadly given it up since entering college. I was never all that great at it, but I did get the chance to participate in several state-wide contests. Now my friend/mentor on the other hand, is absolutely incredible. He\'s currently studying trombone at the UT School of Music.

    I\'m already starting to miss making music, so I\'m considering picking up the piano. My Dad played keyboard professionally for years, so he could definitely teach me the ropes, I just don\'t know if I can put forth the time.

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