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  1. Thanks? I honestly have no idea what it refers to aside from the creepy raisin head.

    Much like my "Blazin_Raisin" title, the avatar just kinda magically appeared on my profile...
    < . <

    Don't worry though. Unbeknown to my oppressor(s), my newfound powers will be their downfall.
  2. LOVE your new avatar 8D
  3. OH. MY WORD.
    THAT ALBUM IS. FULL of so many happys I cannot count 0: Im also jealous btw :I I want a moustache yet I am the female of this species. Gawsgh.
  4. Heh, yeah it's pretty unbelievable.

    You know, I sometimes do crave, uh, myself? But it's always after I morph back into my human form. I don't think I've ever actually wanted to eat myself when I'm shifted though. I'm usually too busy worrying about getting eaten when I'm a food.

    It's not just edible though. I can become any inanimate object (you can see a few examples in my "Moustache Menagerie" album). I love just sitting around and trying all different types of things. Everything has a different feel to it, ya know? Ice cream is one of my favorites because you feel so energetic. All the molecules bouncing around creates this kind of tickling sensation. It's quite pleasant!

  5. gosh! 0:'re one of them! THIS EXCITES ME. YOU MUST GET URGES TO EAT YOURSELF.
  6. Ah, I see. I've been hesitant to share my story here out of fear of misunderstanding and judgement, but you seem to be someone I can trust. Perhaps this will provide some clarity on the matter:

    Are you familiar with the old Animorphs stories? You might find this hard to believe, but I share quite a similar tale. The main difference is, instead of transforming into animals like the kids in the book, I have the power to morph into everyday inanimate objects (e.g. Sandwiches and Ice Creams).

    Indeed, I am in fact an Inanimorph.
  7. I find myself baffled that you are a Magnum ice-cream with a moustache and monocle with the ability to talk c:
  8. I find myself baffled by your strange alien language.
  9. 8U
  10. OH MY GOSH! He' <3 I can't thank you enough 0: Our children are gonna look beautiful!
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