Hey Outernauts,

It is with sadness that we announce the sunsetting of Outernauts for iOS and Android. What does that mean? Starting today, we have removed all in-app purchases (IAPs) from the game. We have also dramatically increased the amount of free Star Gems in the game, so everyone should have a healthy supply of them. Then, on February 1, 2016 we will officially shut down all servers to the game and remove it from the app stores. At that point you will no longer be able to play Outernauts.

We would like to thank the millions of fans around the world who have played Outernauts since its inception on Facebook back in 2012. We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your passion for the game as it evolved onto Kongregate, and eventually Apple and Android mobile devices. We especially loved chatting with you in Global, and battling alongside you. It has been an amazing experience getting to know as many of you as we did.

The Outernauts universe has gone through many changes over the years. It has been a labor of love for us. We truly cannot thank our spectacular community of fans enough for helping us evolve both the browser and mobile versions of the game. Unfortunately, the current player count cannot keep up with the ongoing server costs. We hope you understand and it will be very hard to say goodbye. We realize there are still passionate fans playing the game daily who invested a lot into it.

Again, THANK YOU for helping us tame the galaxy. Outernauts HQ, signing off.



Why are you shutting the servers down?
The current player count no longer offsets the server and production costs.

How long do I have to play?
You have until February 1, 2016. At that point the servers will go offline.

Will tournaments and Alliance Challenges continue?
All Outernauts functions (except the IAPs via the Loot Shop) will remain until the servers go offline. This includes weekly tournaments, special tournaments and Alliance Challenges.

Will I be able to play the game if still installed AFTER it is removed from the app stores?
No. Outernauts requires a server connection. Once the game is removed from the stores, the servers and game will no longer function. You can remove the app from your device at that point.

I want a refund!
Outernauts was always free-to-play. We cannot give refunds for IAPs and we are giving those who have made purchases some lead time before the servers go offline. All refund requests must be directed to Apple and Google Play directly.

Not too long ago we introduced Special Tournaments (each Wednesday and Saturday). They are like regular tournaments, but… special. These happen at random and we cannot predict the exact tournament that will be active each week. Because of this, there is an issue with the error message you receive if you don’t meet the requirements. It is generic. We know that. We are looking into fixing it, but in the meantime, here is a guide to help you figure out what may be giving the error.

Tournament Info:

  • Beasts must be level 25
  • Beasts have to be the proper Rarity (and Type if applicable) as specified by the tournament type.
  • Only valid beasts will populate your spaceship for tournament registration
  • Just because you can enter the registration team selection doesn’t mean you satisfy the tournament conditions. For example, if you have one Snow beast and the tournament is for Snow beasts only you can still enter the team selection even though you don’t have enough beasts to complete registration.

Tournament Types & Conditions:

  • Team Size Restriction
    • Players can only register a team at the specified team size for the challenge. However, you may be able to get to your spaceship although you don’t have enough to actually complete registration.
  • Element Restriction
    • Players can only register a team of beasts from the specified Element types. You can still access the tournament spaceship if you have one beasts of the proper element but you cannot complete registration unless you have enough beasts to satisfy the team size defined for the tournament.
  • Starter Beasts Only
    • Starter beasts are the 6 beasts you can choose when starting a new game. These beasts are Chamopee, Pumaflar, Equifoal, Chimzee, Rokling, and Patchoo. You can still access the tournament spaceship if you have at least one starter beast but you cannot complete registration unless you have enough starter beasts to satisfy the team size defined for the tournament.
    • You do not need to have one of each starter beasts you can have all of the same kind if desired. For example, you can have 3 Chimzees and 3 Pumaflars.

We can also do any combination of those tournament types, for example a 3 vs 3 using Flame beasts only. It’s important that your team meets all requirements for rarity, team size, and element(s).

Thanks for playing! As always, if you run into an issue, please submit a ticket from in-game (under the Settings/Gear Icon and Email Support).


We are excited to announce that Outernauts is now live on Google Play, worldwide! You can now do battle and tame the galaxy from your Android phones or tablets. What’s more, there is cross play support with iOS, so you can battle your friends, join alliances, chat, and conquer challenges and tournaments no matter WHICH platform you have.

New to Outernauts?

For those new to Outernauts, please make sure you check out our comprehensive FAQ and join our forums to discuss any questions you may have. Or just jump into Global Chat in the game and ask away. Please read our Chat Rules first though.

Refer a Friend, Get Rewards

If you have completed the tutorial on any device you will get a unique Referral Code (under Settings menu). Give this to a friend who just started the game and you BOTH get rewarded as they level up. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer. Just make sure they enter you code after the tutorial is done. You can’t go back and enter it later.

So come on and join in. It’s free to play, so you have nothing to lose! Except maybe the amazing time you are going to be spending breeding, evolving, fusing, enhancing, and battling your beasts!


Hey Outernauts!

We have a spectacular new update that’s ready for you to download in the App Store!

Download the update RIGHT NOW from the App Store! 


Update 1.3.0 includes:

–  2 New Buildings – The Cosmic Forge and the Cosmic Dust Collector have been added.

–  Talismans – This is a crafting item that can be slotted to a beast adding a unique skill.  The Talisman themselves can be slotted with Crystals as well increasing their power.  Talismans can be obtained as a battle reward or can be crafted from recipes.

–  20 New Beasts – 20 new beasts that are more powerful and difficult to hatch than existing beasts.

–  Beast Cards – Players can create a beast card that is viewable and sharable on the web.  Show off your collection of beasts!

–  Precision Battle Mode – This new battle mode slows down the action by progressing turn by turn allowing for more strategic gameplay.

– Various Bug fixes

Get out there and explore this updated galaxy, Outernauts!


Hey there, Outernauts!

We’re always looking for new players to join our ranks, which is why we’re offering Refer-a-Friend in Outernauts!

Each time you have a friend begin their journey in the far reaches of the Outernauts galaxy, you (and your friend) can earn special bonuses and rewards – such as being able to get up to 1 million lunar, epic crystals or an exclusive epic beast!

How do you earn them?

First, get your Referral Code from within the game. Your Referral Code is located in the Options menu, that’s my -Stephervescent- Referral Code in the example picture below:


Give that code to a friend and tell them to download Outernauts! When your friend starts a new game of Outernauts and completes the main tutorials, they will be prompted to input their code into a special screen in the tutorial. (As the example screen below shows)


Once they’ve successfully input the code, you and your friend will start earning bonuses! The more friends you refer, the bigger and better prizes you’ll earn, and those prizes will go straight to your gift inbox!



Start referring friends, share the beastly wealth, and I can’t wait to see even more friendly Outernauts faces out there!


Get ready for a BOOtiful new beast! Creepy decorations! The spookiness has arrived in Outernauts with a haunting new update!


Download the update RIGHT NOW from the App Store! 

And if you haven’t downloaded the game before, this is a perfectly eerie excuse to play more games!

Here’s some more info about what appears in this latest update:

Update Content:

– Tournament Rewards Fixed

– Halloween Theme

– Ragnarot added to the Challenge Shop – He’s breedable too! Breeding some Rare beasts means you have a chance to maybe create him too!

– Halloween Decoration added to Shop

– Bug Fixes

Happy Halloween, Outernauts!

~ Stephanie

Hey Outernauts! 

Stephanie here, letting you know some VERY exciting news!

We have a new update that is available for you to download RIGHT NOW on your iPhone or iPad!

This update contains our new Arena PVP Tournaments!


New MULTIPLE Global Chat Rooms!

Plus a bunch of other new features! Wanna know what else it contains? Read the list below and I look forward to seeing you out and about in the Galaxy!

What’s New in Version 1.2.4

  • Trials
  • Fuel Efficiency Tech Added
  • Daily Gift from Outernauts HQ
  • Improved Announcements
  • Mod Support & Player Titles
  • Special Events
  • Crystals can be sold
  • Mute option added to global chat
  • Prismatic crystals added
  • Performance Improvements
  • Added minor UI improvements



Hey, Outernauts and Insomniacs! Stephanie here with a blog about a fun secret I get to share with you!

What’s a great video game without a few hidden secrets? Most call them “Easter Eggs,” we call them necessary, fun, and a part of the development process.

We’re lucky to be a studio with multiple projects and since we’re great friends with the Sunset Overdrive team, we decided to throw in a special nod to them as they make all their announcements at E3 this week. How do you add Sunset Overdrive to Outernauts? How do you show some appreciation to the adorable Fizzco spokesblimp Fizzie?

Well, Fizzie made us, I mean, WE decided to add a very special Fizzie touch to Outernauts by making Fizzie “appear” in Outernauts!

To activate the Fizzie Easter Egg, just change your beasts’ name to “Overcharge.” Then watch the next time you collect some Lunar. Magical Fizzie things happen… Go ahead. Try it. I’ll wait.

Now the question is, what could happen if you named your beasts different things… Will more secrets be revealed? Try some other names and maybe you’ll find more secrets!

Thanks for reading! Now go explore the galaxy!

Hey everyone! I am Stephanie, the Senior Community Manager here at Insomniac. (I am still sorta new here at the studio and this is my first post! No pressure!)

The studio is currently buzzing with activity, and it’s not just because E3 is right around the corner. We’re proud to announce that the very first Insomniac Games mobile title, Outernauts, has arrived in the App Store! Download the game in the App Store here.

As part of the launch of the game, we had Project Manager Ed whip up a blog post about bringing Outernauts to mobile devices.

Take it away, Ed!


Toward the middle of 2012 we decided to develop a mobile game, something we had no experience with.  This was a very exciting and daunting task because the mobile market is extremely different than the console market we are so familiar with.  However, the team was very excited to bring the characters and humor we love so much from the browser version of Outernauts to the mobile platform. We also looked forward to refining the gameplay to compliment the touch input on mobile devices and shorter play sessions common for mobile games.

Before we started on development, the team got together and discussed what we felt were the most fun elements of the browser game.  After much contemplation, many stare contests, and some heated breakdancing battles we decided to focus on breeding and battling. Building a customizable beast army to battle with is what we enjoyed most and what we felt our fans would want showcased in the mobile version.

We believe that the changes we made to battle not only allowed for quicker, more action-packed battles, but also has the potential for deep strategy.  For example, each beast has different skills that can be selected during evolution.  Depending on the skill selected it can be paired with other beast’s skills on your team to create effective combinations.  The placement of a beast in your team formation can also impact the effectiveness of your strategy.  Our mantra became “easy to pick up but difficult to master” and we are very excited to see what kind of strategies you, our fans, devise.  Our hope is to build a community of players that love the game as much as we do and feel like part of our team – sharing their stories, providing feedback, and making the game better and better.

We hope to see you form or join an alliance for some heated PVP rivalries, and maybe even show off your favorite beast in our forums. If you have any feedback on the game, please let us know too. We’re listening eagerly, including our new community leader, Stephanie.  Let’s get to it and tame the galaxy together!