Frequenty Asked Questions

Can I QA test from home?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Quality Assurance process, and the fact that you would be testing some products before they are released to the public, testing needs to be done on-site. However, we do occasionally hire for these positions, so keep an eye out for QA Tester openings.

Do you hire a student straight out of school?

We do! We do! We are looking for talent, not just years of experience. So, even though you have only been tinkering with games in your down time, if you have the talent and drive, we do want to hear from you. We encourage students to finish their education and contact us when it is time to start paying back their student loans!

Do you offer internships?

YES!  Insomniac Games is offering Summer Internships for 2016!  Please check out our Careers page to see the full listings.  We look forward to seeing your application.  Please note that in order to be considered for our internship program, you must be returning to school in the fall.

Thanks and best of luck!

How long until I get a response? Should I reapply after a certain amount of time? How long do you keep my submission?

While we would like to respond to every candidate individually, it is just not possible. Once you have submitted your information and resume in our Applicant System, you should receive an auto-generated response. If your skill set is a match for one of our open positions, Insomniac Games will contact you directly. There is no need to submit multiple times. All submissions are looked at and evaluated.

I want to work in the video game industry- How do I get started? Where should I go to school? What classes do I take?

While we cannot advise you on what school to attend or which classes to take, we do encourage you to actually go to school…I know-it’s a drag. Most of our artists have BFA’s and our programmers have Computer Science or Engineering degrees. Your school’s academic advisers would be the best place to start for suggestions on programs. While in college or specialized Game school, another great way to gain real work experience is to have an internship. What better way to get “hands on” experience that you can put on your resume, than by having an internship or two to fill in with!

Another avenue to look to for starting out is our QA Testing Department. The hours are rough, but you get to see how the game works and how everyone works together to create the game. It’s a great opportunity to see the inner workings of the studio.

Should I work with a recruiter?

Really, here at Insomniac Games we see no advantage to working with a recruiter, as we are happy to have direct contact with our candidates. We find that it actually saves time and speeds up the process. If you are submitted to us through an agency, you will go through the same review process as any other applicant.

What should I have on my demo reel? How long should the reel be?

For your submissions, we recommend only putting your best work on your reel or link. While we appreciate your talent growing and maturing over time, we only want to see your most impressive work. Your reel should give us examples of your abilities and style, but not be your complete body of work. A shorter, more concise reel is always appreciated.

Why does insomniac only accept web links to on-line demo reels and portfolios?

We prefer to have links to URL’s due to the amount of paper, plastic, and postage it takes to receive and store a reel here. Since we are making strides to be a “greener” company, the idea of all of those packages and plastic elements being used bothers us. We would like to decrease our carbon footprint, and ask that our candidates do likewise. It is really a green response, as well as a space saving initiative that we are working on, and appreciate your help with it. Thanks!