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Since the first Moonlighting was so successful, we decided to NOT take the holiday week off!  As originally planned, we’ll have our next session on Wednesday, November 26th between the hours of 1:30-2:30 PM PT / 4:30-5:30 PM ET.  Like last time, we’ll open the comments section a little early to allow you to get a jump on posting your questions.

Here’s a nice surprise… we have a guest! Jacinda Chew, our Director of Art and Animation will be joining us and we’ll be answering all of your burning questions.


Jacinda Chew, Director, Art

In order for you to get to know Jacinda a little better, she recently did an interview for the “Before Sunset” series.  So feel free take some time and read it before she comes to visit with us.

Jacinda will be subbing in for Kerri who will be out for this edition of Moonlighting, celebrating her birthday (Happy Birthday!).  But have no fear… Angela and Jacinda will be here… and then back to the two of us on the December 10th edition.


You’ve wanted it, so we’re delivering it: The Sunset Overdrive Soundtrack! It features the best tracks from inside the game. It comes out November 25th, but you can pre-order now.

Google Play

In the spirit of music – today’s show focuses on some of the collaborations we had in the game. Plus, get updated on the Weekly Challenges annnnd maaaybe get a snealk peak at a new Weapon coming next week to the Weapon Pack.

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A new Weapon Pack is coming out for Sunset soon – and today we’ve got a first-look at one of them: The Shield Buddy! It’s like buddy. Who is also a shield! That’s a pretty great buddy. My buddies could learn from Shield Buddy. (is something I would say if I had buddies :( )

And, of course, dive into the new Community and Individual Challenges. If you can dive, that is. I never learned. Which, was pretty disappointing to my parents.

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Hi. My name is Marcus. While not acting as Creative Director on Sunset Overdrive, I enjoy listening to music. One of the amazing benefits of this incredible job I have is getting the opportunity to work with artists I love. The music in Sunset Overdrive is exactly that- music I love. From the very early days of working out the rough ideas that would become the game, Drew (Murray, Game Director) and I would make mix tapes for one another to express our ideas tonally. We had a shared affinity for hardcore and punk rock, the music we’d grown-up listening to, but we’d also included styles that exemplified facets of the world that became Sunset City- from the strutting nature of Glam Rock to “classic rock” to proto-punk to electroclash to new wave to shoegaze and artists that defy genres. The point is, even before we knew what the game was, we were using music to define it. And one of the coolest things in the world is that we got to work with many of the bands that were on our original ‘inspiration’ list (created over two and a half years ago).

Audio Director Paul Mudra and I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect sounds to fit Sunset Overdrive. We worked with Pyramind Studios and Cutting Edge Group to locate the sounds that drive the action. As a result, Sunset Overdrive has a soundtrack made up of original songs created by bands Cheap Time, The Bronx, Dan Sartain, Bass Drum of Death, Meat Market, BOATS!, and Brenna Red. The bands created the songs incorporating story elements from the game and were edited to create “sub-mixes” that are layered in depending on the intensity of action in the game, so the more intense the action, the more full and intense the songs will be. These bands fit the tonal qualities that work for the theme and tempo of the gameplay and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Sunset also features great licensed tracks from bands FIDLAR, Cheap Time, The Death Set, Carbonas, The Glockenwise, The Blind Shake, Cerebral Ballzy, Bass Drum of Death, and Zig Zags. Everybody should go see these bands if they play in your town because they are all incredible.

And as if that weren’t enough, we also had a chance to work with Buzz Osborne. A while back, Jon Paquette (Sunset’s Lead Writer) came to Drew and I and said that he wanted to write a mission where the player had to put together a concert for a sick kid and asked who we’d most want to work with. It took me exactly zero seconds to reply with The Melvins. Buzz Osborne is such an incredible inspiration because he works incredibly hard and creates unique, relevant music. All hail King Buzzo!

Dreams really do come true:


Buzz Osborne (left) and Marcus Smith (right)

Timing is everything! Friends of Insomniac and contributing band The Bronx have a new album out now from their alter egos, ‘Mariachi El Bronx’ (“Be who you want to be!) Also go see them live at one of these upcoming events! You won’t regret it!


Welcome to the kick-off edition of Moonlighting with Insomniac, the twice monthly interactive blog where Insomniac HR and various guests discuss different topics and entertain your most poignant and burning questions! We’re here every other Wednesday from 1:30-2:30 PM PT / 4:30-5:30 PM ET.

So who will be answering these questions, you ask?? Angela Baker, our Sr. HR Generalist (CA) and Kerri Zinkievich, our HR Rep (NC) will be on hand. Also just to keep things interesting, we will have visitors pop on by every now and then filled with fresh opinions and different views.

Our goal for starting this interactive chat is to create a page that is an open forum/Q&A space for you guys! We want this to be a place where you can ask the questions that you may only get to ask at conferences or when you see us at a show. We’ll attempt to field your questions about recruiting, the games industry, what it’s like to work at Insomniac, pirates vs ninjas, etc, etc, etc… This is a chance for you to get to know Insomniac, our culture, the industry, and share some of our knowledge in the process. Please note – this is NOT to be mistaken as a space/blog to ask about our projects or games. To do that – just head on over to the Community forum or ask via Twitter or Facebook.

So without further ado… let’s get this show on the road! Feel free to post your questions below in the comments field and we will be answering them between the hours of 1:30-2:30 PM PT / 4:30-5:30 PM ET, starting Wednesday, November 12th! If questions are posted outside this time frame – we’ll respond by the next session, if we have time, but we make no promises!

We look forward to hearing from you, and starting this interactive exchange! Ask away – we cannot wait to hear from you!

This week is all about your awesome creations. We’ve gotten tons of amazing stuff from y’all and we wanted to take a second to show off your goods! We also update you on the latest Individual Challenge. Hobey Ho, let’s go!

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Greetings, all!


As we wrap up bug fixing on Slow Down, Bull, we think it’s time to look over the past summer and think about how this experiment has gone.

In tomorrow’s devstream, we’re going to be talking about how our live streaming has been going, and we want feedback from YOU, dear viewers. If you’ve been following along the team’s adventures, please come to the devstream tomorrow (2pm PDT) so you can tell us about what you’ve liked about the project and what you’d like to see in the future. From there – more plots and plans!


Have you been drinking your OverCharge? Shooting OD with style and flourish? Impressing your friends with your sexy traversal moves? Then we need YOU for future episodes of Sunset TV!


Hi there! I’m Stephanie, one of the members of the awesome Community team at Insomniac. (That’s my Sunset Overdrive hero above!)

I am here to tell you we want your gameplay videos to use in upcoming episodes of Sunset TV. You know Sunset TV, right? You’ve been watching those every week, admiring Brandon and his chiseled chin, yes?

What’s really cool about Sunset TV is that those Sunset TV episodes play RIGHT inside the game on billboards around Sunset City! Because this is such a cool feature, we want *YOU* to become a part of the game by sending us your gameplay videos!

We want your epic gameplay videos of cool kills, sick tricks, sweet in-game looks, or whatever creative, awesome stuff you can make using the Xbox One’s Upload Studio.

In case you didn’t know, Upload Studio is built into the Xbox One and allows you to record, edit, add voice over, or even graphics to your gameplay recordings – and it’s super easy to use and send us your video so we can download it and add it to an upcoming episode of Sunset TV. You need to have the Upload Studio app installed on your console in order to edit videos! More info on that here.

How easy is it to make a video? Well, I made this quick little video containing a Sunset City Easter Egg so you can see how cool the videos look. [Warning, video contains a spoiler!]

Need help figuring out how to record your video or edit it?

Follow these instructions from the Xbox Support site to record your gameplay video.

Follow these instructions from the Xbox Support site to edit your gameplay video.

You can even send a video straight through Xbox Live to my profile so I can contact you, make sure we get your gamertag right and download your video to use in an upcoming episode.

How do you get in on this action? Just create your video, and then share it through OneDrive (make it publicly available!) and link us to the video on either the @SunsetOverdrive Twitter account, our Sunset Overdrive Facebook page, sending us an email with the link to, or send it directly to me, gamertag: Stephervescent via an Xbox Live private message.

If you need more help on how to share your video once you’ve created it, then follow these instructions from the Xbox Support site for help! 

Make some videos! Send them to us! Claim your place in Sunset City history!

The game is out! Maybe you should be playing it instead of watching this. No, that’s a lie – I want you to watch this and then play the game. Maybe do both at the same time! That would be exciting! Life is great!

One these week’s episode we look at how to replay missions in the game – and inform you on what the Community and Individual Challenges are. And there is champagne. So, it’s officially the fanciest episode, yet.

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Head out to these Microsoft Store locations *TONIGHT* October 27th, 2014 at 10 p.m.  to celebrate the launch of Sunset Overdrive with raffles, giveaways, and at the WA and CA events, members of Insomniac Games or Xbox will be on hand to say hello too!

The following stores will have the full Sunset Overdrive experience:
Bellevue Square (Bellevue, WA)
The Streets at Southpoint (Durham, NC)
Century City (Los Angeles, CA)
Dadeland Mall (Miami, FL)
Mall of America (Minneapolis, MN)
Metropolis at Metrotown (Vancouver, Canada)

We hope to see you there!

Fore more details about special offers happening at the events, please visit Major Nelson’s blog for more info.