This week is all about your awesome creations. We’ve gotten tons of amazing stuff from y’all and we wanted to take a second to show off your goods! We also update you on the latest Individual Challenge. Hobey Ho, let’s go!

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Greetings, all!


As we wrap up bug fixing on Slow Down, Bull, we think it’s time to look over the past summer and think about how this experiment has gone.

In tomorrow’s devstream, we’re going to be talking about how our live streaming has been going, and we want feedback from YOU, dear viewers. If you’ve been following along the team’s adventures, please come to the devstream tomorrow (2pm PDT) so you can tell us about what you’ve liked about the project and what you’d like to see in the future. From there – more plots and plans!


Have you been drinking your OverCharge? Shooting OD with style and flourish? Impressing your friends with your sexy traversal moves? Then we need YOU for future episodes of Sunset TV!


Hi there! I’m Stephanie, one of the members of the awesome Community team at Insomniac. (That’s my Sunset Overdrive hero above!)

I am here to tell you we want your gameplay videos to use in upcoming episodes of Sunset TV. You know Sunset TV, right? You’ve been watching those every week, admiring Brandon and his chiseled chin, yes?

What’s really cool about Sunset TV is that those Sunset TV episodes play RIGHT inside the game on billboards around Sunset City! Because this is such a cool feature, we want *YOU* to become a part of the game by sending us your gameplay videos!

We want your epic gameplay videos of cool kills, sick tricks, sweet in-game looks, or whatever creative, awesome stuff you can make using the Xbox One’s Upload Studio.

In case you didn’t know, Upload Studio is built into the Xbox One and allows you to record, edit, add voice over, or even graphics to your gameplay recordings – and it’s super easy to use and send us your video so we can download it and add it to an upcoming episode of Sunset TV. You need to have the Upload Studio app installed on your console in order to edit videos! More info on that here.

How easy is it to make a video? Well, I made this quick little video containing a Sunset City Easter Egg so you can see how cool the videos look. [Warning, video contains a spoiler!]

Need help figuring out how to record your video or edit it?

Follow these instructions from the Xbox Support site to record your gameplay video.

Follow these instructions from the Xbox Support site to edit your gameplay video.

You can even send a video straight through Xbox Live to my profile so I can contact you, make sure we get your gamertag right and download your video to use in an upcoming episode.

How do you get in on this action? Just create your video, and then share it through OneDrive (make it publicly available!) and link us to the video on either the @SunsetOverdrive Twitter account, our Sunset Overdrive Facebook page, sending us an email with the link to, or send it directly to me, gamertag: Stephervescent via an Xbox Live private message.

If you need more help on how to share your video once you’ve created it, then follow these instructions from the Xbox Support site for help! 

Make some videos! Send them to us! Claim your place in Sunset City history!

The game is out! Maybe you should be playing it instead of watching this. No, that’s a lie – I want you to watch this and then play the game. Maybe do both at the same time! That would be exciting! Life is great!

One these week’s episode we look at how to replay missions in the game – and inform you on what the Community and Individual Challenges are. And there is champagne. So, it’s officially the fanciest episode, yet.

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Head out to these Microsoft Store locations *TONIGHT* October 27th, 2014 at 10 p.m.  to celebrate the launch of Sunset Overdrive with raffles, giveaways, and at the WA and CA events, members of Insomniac Games or Xbox will be on hand to say hello too!

The following stores will have the full Sunset Overdrive experience:
Bellevue Square (Bellevue, WA)
The Streets at Southpoint (Durham, NC)
Century City (Los Angeles, CA)
Dadeland Mall (Miami, FL)
Mall of America (Minneapolis, MN)
Metropolis at Metrotown (Vancouver, Canada)

We hope to see you there!

Fore more details about special offers happening at the events, please visit Major Nelson’s blog for more info.

Hey everyone!

If you missed last week’s live stream with special guest Ted Price, you can check it out here. We talk about bug fixing, company culture, leadership, and other such matters. As a reminder, there will be no stream this Friday, BUT if you tune in on Saturday, Oct 25, you can watch Insomniacs stream games to raise money for Extra Life. We should be playing all sorts of fun things (and I will reach that Nuclear Throne this weekend, if it’s the last thing I do!)

Also if you missed the stream, I’m happy to announce that we finally cleared the name you guys suggested for our possum friend. Meet Spike! He is super happy to have a name now!


On the production end of things, there’s a lot going on, but I’m afraid it’s not too glamorous to report on. Basically, bugs bugs bugs.

Our dedicated QA tester, Mindy, has been rocking it as far as finding bugs for me to fix, which is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because finding all those bugs is an important part of making the finished game a solid player experience. A curse because I HAVE TO FIX ALL THE BUGS! x_x

Here’s Esteban stuck in a corner, about to escape the level and run off into the sky:

Stuck Loop


Unfortunately for you, Sunset TV does not end this week. In fact, watch these week’s episode to find out how it evolves from here. It’s like a Pokemon. That you don’t catch and immediately put into Oak’s PC – forgetting its existence forever.

Also, get the low-down on the game’s dynamic music system, which plays into the momentum based gameplay. Ready for a little rock, anyone? I bet you are. And I’m not a betting man/woman.

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Get ready for a BOOtiful new beast! Creepy decorations! The spookiness has arrived in Outernauts with a haunting new update!


Download the update RIGHT NOW from the App Store! 

And if you haven’t downloaded the game before, this is a perfectly eerie excuse to play more games!

Here’s some more info about what appears in this latest update:

Update Content:

– Tournament Rewards Fixed

– Halloween Theme

– Ragnarot added to the Challenge Shop – He’s breedable too! Breeding some Rare beasts means you have a chance to maybe create him too!

– Halloween Decoration added to Shop

– Bug Fixes

Happy Halloween, Outernauts!

~ Stephanie

12 Days of… Sunset? Come sing along. Plus what’s cooler than a boat fort? More traps maybe? We have that too. You know what they always say? You can never have too many traps. We also discuss wall running and a cat named Dazzler. We can’t make this stuff up folks.

If you missed our Twitch stream of the first hour of gameplay, check it out. Spoiler alert! It’s pretty awesome. But, really, it’s also the first full hour of gameplay.

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Ahoy ahoy, humans! If you missed last Friday’s stream and have any interested in systems design, I’d highly recommend checking it out. Systems designer Liz England (@lizardengland) goes over her method for balancing and tuning the score requirements in Slow Down, Bull. There’s a lot of complexity for a seemingly simple game, and if you don’t let the spreadsheets scare you away, I think there’s a lot to learn.


Bug fixing continues to be the name of the game, but it’s always important to remember that even late in the project you still need to be playtesting your game with fresh new faces. I just had a new player playtest and spotted some important things that need to be adjusted that all of us playing at Insomniac probably have internalized by now. The playtesting cycle is neverending!

To give you an idea of the sorts of bug fixes and adjustments I’m making at the moment, here’s a list of fixes that just went in this week:

  • Made starting zoom further out and pushed out camera lead slightly
  • Slightly increased the amount of boost you get from bouncing off a wall
  • Directional arrows on warp holes
  • Cooldown visual on warp holes (drop opacity)
  • Moved level name text up slightly on map page
  • Removed the positional lerping of the bull after deposit but kept the rotational lerping
  • Removed level overview cam from very first level to reduce excess information thrown at the player
  • When you get caught by a bullcatcher, all other bullcatchers have their collision turned off for the cooldown to prevent stacking
  • Fixed several bad spawn grid bugs

Meanwhile, a new QA member has joined the team to help root out those tricky bugs that I could never find on my own. This is a wonderful help, but it does mean more work for me!

Current status:



~ Lisa