Greetings Spellcasters,

As Season 1 draws to a close, Arcane Update 6.0 goes live!

You’ll display your prowess with the new Desktop Spectator auto-cam, etch your name in the eternal ledger with the Archival Leaderboard, and duel a more formidable Lenore. He’s waiting for you!

AND, you’ll wear a Mystic Crown–Season 1 winners earn headgear befitting an ascendant Arch-Mage.

Season 2 of The Unspoken begins on August 24th. The competition is fierce. But to the victors go the spoils! Play ranked matches to win in-game rewards. And don’t forget to sign up at ESL for the VR Challenger League!

Behold the wonders that await you in the Astral Plane!

Ever Watching,


Full Update Notes


  • Autocam: Stream matches like an Arch-Mage with the new desktop spectator features, available in the Options Menu.
  • Spectator UI: Matches are easier to follow with a new viewport-friendly vertical overlay.
  • Record your name in the Ledger: Archival leaderboards are viewable at the Chalkboard. Season 1 has officially ended, Season 2 will begin 08.24.17.
  • Wear the Crown: Season 1 rewards are now available at the Celestial Mirror.
  • Lenore difficulty settings: Hone your skills and practice to perfection with a new difficulty setting, accessible with the Solo Duel orb at the Map Table.
  • New Shield Behavior: High-damage spells will now travel through Gesture Shields to deal reduced damage to the player. Spillover damage has been removed from all Gesture Shields.



  • Fireball: Reduced the max charge time.
    • This change gives the anarchist a significant primal buff to make it more competitive with other classes.
  • Chaos Skull: Removed the speed increase for a Chaos Skull that has been split.
  • Pyrotechnics: Decreased the cast time.
  • Plate Glass: Decreased the max health.
  • Plate Glass: Increased the rate of shield health decay.


  • Celestial Dome: Decreased the max health.
  • Celestial Dome: Increased the rate of shield health decay.
  • Vermin: Increased the Vermin attack speed when targeting an Arena Orb.
  • Vermin: Added Immunity to area of effect damage.
    • Reduced the Vermin’s health to compensate.
  • Shatter Mine: Decreased cast time for the minimum charged mine.


  • Debris Scatter: Decreased the max travel speed.
  • Debris Scatter: Increased the pellet’s spread.
  • Debris Scatter: Increased the number of pellets created for both charge tiers.
  • Debris Scatter: Decreased the per-pellet damage.
    • The Debris Scatter now sits in a unique place as a formidable close ranged attack that’s less effective at long range.
  • Telekinesis: Overhauled object spawn locations across all maps.
    • This makes pickup times more consistent and makes it more reliable to find objects.
  • Telekinesis: Slowed large object spawn rate.


  • Lightning: Decreased the sustained fire damage slightly.
  • Lightning: Increased the damage of the overcharged shot.
  • Surge Protector: Increased the minimum size of the projectile.
  • Electrosphere: Reduced the size of the area of effect when a fully charged Electrosphere is initially cast.
    • The area of effect now scales up while the spell is traveling. This gives an opponent a moment to dodge a point-blank Electrosphere.
  • Electrosphere: Reduced the area of effect of a fully charged Electrosphere slightly.
  • Shock Sentry: Reduced the max health.
    • This allows push spells to destroy a Sentry of the same charge tier.
  • Shock Sentry: Reduced the max number of simultaneous Sentries to 2.
  • Field Generator: Decreased the max health of all the components.
  • Field Generator: Increased the rate of health decay.
    • Charging the Field Generator now reduces the rate that the health decays instead of increasing the max health.
  • Field Generator: Decreased the buff to the Lightning charge rate.
  • Field Generator: Removed the extra shots for the Lightning’s sustained fire.
  • Field Generator: The max number of simultaneous Field Generators is now 1.


  • Wildcards: Reduced the casting time.
  • Wildcards: Added gaze-based target selection.
  • Wildcards: Increased the travel speed and adjusted the flight path so Wildcards don’t arc as much.
  • Spectral Cloak: Muffled the directional sound of teleports from a player inside the Spectral Cloak.
  • Spectral Cloak: Added an HP buff for the caster’s initial Cloak Crystal.
    • The Spectral Cloak is now a viable reaction to incoming damage.
  • Spectral Cloak: Removed health decay over time.
    • Undamaged Spectral Cloaks will now time out after 15 seconds.
  • Spectral Cloak: Decreased the max health.


  • Spear Forge: Increased the time it takes for the hit marker runes to appear.
  • Aerogramme: Decreased the cast time.
  • Cthulhu’s Grasp: Removed the ability for tentacles to spawn on a Burner-occupied pillar.
  • Burner: Will no longer teleport to a pillar inhabited by Cthulhu’s Grasp tentacles.



  • Chaos Skull: Addressed an issue where players could teleport away from a skull that collides with them without taking damage.


  • Lightning: The Overcharged shot now has a sound effect.
  • Lightning: Decreased the visual intensity.


  • Infernal Contract: Addressed an issue where Infernal contract could cause future embers to not spawn properly.
    • Embers granted by the Infernal Contract will not be usable until the ember collection animation completes.


  • Collision: Raised the low point of player collision.
    • This improves the feel of spell reflection.
  • Matchmaking: Decreased the ping tolerance for matches.
    • This makes match connections more reliable.
    • Friends matches retain their current behavior.

The VR Challenger League is in full swing now with The Unspoken. Week 2 Cups are complete and the competition is heating up! So far, we’ve filled 9 cups with players from 9 countries. If you missed out, fear not–there is still plenty of time!

Week #3 Registration is open to everyone. Sign up now to start earning points towards a shot at The Unspoken Grand Finals in 2018!

North America Registration
EU Registration

For those participating or planning to participate, we wanted to give you some more details on how this first season will play out.

There are two ways to get to the Grand Finals:

Option 1: Win an offline qualifier

There are TWO offline qualifier events, one each in North America and the EU.

For The Unspoken, those events are Dreamhack Winter (EU) and IEM Oakland (North America). At the time of those events, the current Top 4 online players (based on total points) will be invited to participate in an 8 player tournament. The additional 4 spots will be filled via open qualification matches the first day of the event. These are open spots, so anyone who attends the event can try their luck at qualifying. The winner of the 8 player tournament will receive an automatic invite to the Grand Finals (regardless of their online points).

Option 2: Qualify based on points

Each online cup you play in gives you a shot at points. Cups run every week, up to the Grand Finals in March 2018. The more you play and win, the more points you earn! Offline qualifiers earn additional points and prizes, and open participants can earn points too. At the end of the final online cups, 3 arch-mages from the EU and NA will be invited to the Grand Finals. The 3 will be determined by total points. It could be the Top 3 players on the leaderboard or, if one of those Top 3 also won the offline qualifier in their region, the next player up would be invited. In the event of a tie, all tied participants will compete in a playoff to determine who moves on.

The 2 offline qualifier winners and the 6 online points qualifiers will make up the 8 finalists. All 8 Grand Finalists will then compete for the ultimate prize!

We wish you all the best of luck! As always, if you have questions please join us on The Unspoken Discord, ask us on Twitter, or post on reddit.

Ever watching…


Greetings Spellcaster,

We’ve observed your ascendance with great interest. You’ve felt the chaos of the city. Manipulated the unseen forces of movement. Flourished the precision edge of a ghostly blade. And watched the future unfold before your very eyes.

Now, reach out. Do you feel your hair stand on end? Hear the hiss of electric sparks?

That is the energy that flows all around you, through subterranean cables and overhead wires. Conducting these currents is the domain of The Electromancer!

This living battery taps into the city’s power grid to energize arcane constructs. These Primal Spells crackle through your veins:

  • Generate electricity, then discharge Lightning from your fingertips.
  • Absorb your adversary’s spells with the Surge Protector, and release their energy as a static charge.

Channel Embers to cast these gesture spells:

  • With a conjure gesture, assemble an automated Shock Sentry to electrocute your opponent.
  • With a guard gesture, construct a Field Generator to insulate yourself from your opponent’s attacks, protect your Shock Sentry, and quickly recharge your Lightning Primal spell.
  • With a push gesture, charge a high-voltage Electrosphere to strike your opponent from above with a rolling lightning storm.

Pace yourself. Absorb your opponent’s projectiles while your Primal Lightning charges, and then unleash an electrical barrage with both hands—you alone can dual wield offensive spells.

Deploy your constructs carefully; a Shock Sentry protected by a fully charged Field Generator deals much more cumulative damage. Multiple Shock Sentries can overwhelm an unprepared opponent.

Control your adversary’s side of the arena with the massive strike zone of a fully charged Electrosphere, but don’t discount the value of a quick cast to punish a moving spellcaster.

Feel the hum of your power. Your success depends upon the ebb and flow, the charge and the release. Tap the grid, hold back, and then explode.

Ever Watching,


Full Update Notes

New Content and Features

  • Electromancer: Added a new class! The Electromancer taps into the city’s power grid to energize arcane constructs.
  • Drifter: Primal and Gesture spells are now more potent in the duel.
  • Council Tribune: A cryptic newspaper reports the latest events and news for The Unspoken.
  • Hand Skins: Added two new hand skins: one each for mechanical and all-natural Casters.

Tuning and Fixes


  • Arcane Shield: Increased the radius of the perfect reflect area.
    • This makes attacks that hit the edge of the center count as reflects instead of deflections.
  • Chaos Skull: Increased targeting effectiveness during the initial speed boost.
    • Fast skulls are more reliable for close range direct damage.
  • Chaos Skull: Reduced the time the skull wanders if it has no target.
    • This improves the effectiveness of Chaos Skulls cast under duress.
  • Chaos Skull: Added latency compensation to the Chaos Skull.
    • Chaos Skulls will now persist if an opponent teleports in the instant before a skull strikes.
  • Chaos Skull: Minimum charged Chaos Skulls can now be split twice.
    • The Anarchist now has the final word on a minimum charge skull, reducing the risk of this spell to a mindful Anarchist.
  • Pyrotechnics: Removed the safe pillar functionality.
    • Now a single rocket will always travel to your opponent’s location. Other rockets strike a random pillar.


  • Shatter Mine: Moved the mine summon position to the front of the caster.
    • Choosing a new target pillar is more responsive and no longer resets the mine’s summon time.
  • Shatter Mine: Decreased the duration of the fuse.
    • Mines are less likely to be destroyed after the victim teleports to their position, and it’s more difficult to escape a detonating mine.
  • Slingshot: Added a third charge tier.
    • Heavy shots allow the Drifter to prepare a strong direct attack.
  • Evil Eye: Raised the position of the shield relative to casting hand and increased the radius of the perfect reflect area.
    • Foresight ability is easier to use, with no obstruction from the casting hand. The shield aligns with the primal attack center to make it easier to block while attacking.
  • Vermin: Decreased flight speed and increased dive speed.
    • It’s now more effective to counter Crows with an attack spell, less effective to counter with a teleport.
  • Celestial Dome: Removed damage spillover.
    • This should allow a Drifter to play more defensively if they so choose.


  • Debris Scatter: Added an aiming reticle.
    • This improves targeting clarity.
  • Telekinesis: Improved tracking for telekinetic objects.
    • Telekinetic objects will now hit unintended pillars less often.

Midway Pier Arena

  • Midway Spider: Decreased the Spider’s damage per second and search speed.
    • It’s now possible to anticipate the Spider beam, and its damage is more in line with other Summons.

Burnham Station Arena

  • Station Beast: Increased attack damage.
    • The Beast’s attack can now break hand shields.
  • Station Beast: Increased max health. Decreased generator count, health, and heal rate.
    • Increased health helps the summon persist long enough to be effective. Generators are easier to destroy, and provide only partial healing to the Beast.


  • Cthulhu’s Grasp: Added alternate glyphs and increased depth tolerance.
    • Casting the spell requires more awareness, less rote movement.
  • Aerogramme: Removed Primal shield deflect, reduced wandering distance.
    • This makes the Artifact a more effective choice for the loadout.
  • Aerogramme: Added latency compensation to the Aerogramme.
    • Aerogramme will now persist if an opponent teleports in the instant before an airplane strikes.


  • Round start: Increased the visibility of the pre-match barrier and synchronized the pillars with the round start.

5.0 Preview Stream

A rusty cast-iron mermaid drowns in lakeshore mud. Bleached wooden swings clack in the wind. A cracked neon sign snaps and hisses, but never illuminates. Are these relics from the park’s halcyon opening? Or are they tawdry reproductions from its doomed nineteen seventies remodel?

A voice cries out from beyond the veil. Pillars arise, and the council approves a new arena for the Duel! Introducing the Midway Pier, where Spellcasters clash in a vacant lakeside amusement park. The Pier layout is designed with a low sheltered home pedestal, two forward mid-height flanking pedestals, and two high-elevation pedestals. Skilled casters weave their spells through the metal scaffolds of dormant rides to banish their adversaries.

Night falls after the second round, and the park comes alive with novelties:

  • Moving obstacles. Attractions lurch and spin; the swinging ship creates dynamic cover for skilled magicians.
  • Neutral pillars. Two non-aligned purple pillars are accessible by either spellcaster. They offer advantages in the form of:
  • Mystic concessions. A strength game manifests offensive fireworks; a concession stand offers healing deep-fried manna.

As motors whine, the Summon Orb appears. Breaking it shatters the other-dimensional shackles that bind an ancient guardian to its Ferris Wheel form. The Midway Spider looms over the park, coating pillars in its sweeping spectral webs. It will drain your life-essence as it drains electric power from the grid.

Cheap flashing lights distract unworthy magicians. These amusements are fleeting, but the status earned here lasts until the slate is wiped clean. Maintain focus, and stay hidden!

Ever Watching,


In this episode we talk about the social culture of the studio – events, parties, holidays and perks… Oh My!

View ALL current Job Openings here!

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Arcane Update 4.0 introduces a new way to play The Unspoken: Spar Mode!

In Spar Mode, arch-mages battle for points in timed matches. Matches are unranked, so the stakes are lower. It’s a great way for new players to hone their spell casting skills, and a great way for seasoned players to experience a new facet of the Chicagoland underground.

We developed Spar Mode as a direct result of some great feedback from our community. We heard loud and clear that many players want a chance to learn the game in a more forgiving environment. That makes sense, because much of The Unspoken explores new ground—casting spells in VR is a brand-new player experience, and we’re learning the finer points of training a deep Touch game with a high skill cap.

You’ll perfect your technique in a deathless match, without the threat of near-instant obliteration at the hands of an ascendant adversary. You’ll earn points by targeting your opponent—or by targeting Orbs that spawn in the arena. You’ll auto-collect Embers, and you’ll gather Artifacts during the match by breaking Orbs. It’s a modified ruleset, built with the same fun interactions.

We set out to create a mode that’s inviting for players of all skill levels. A mode that helps new players close the skill gap and prepare for the ranked game. And ultimately—we hope!—a mode that gets high-ranked players into Duels faster by drawing from a larger matchmaking pool. We want Spar and Duel to enjoy a beautifully symbiotic relationship.

More modes are on the way in 2017, including the still-secret most requested thing ever. In the meantime, what do you think of Spar Mode? Let us know on our channels. We’re listening! And… Ever Watching!

Full Update Notes

Season 1: The slate is clean; the leaderboard is reset. Ascend the ranks–top players earn rewards at the end of the season.

New Content

  • Spar Mode: Battle for points in timed matches in this new unranked mode! Master the art of spellcasting with lower stakes and an all-new way to play.
  • Midway Pier Arena: Duel for supremacy in a long-vacant amusement park. The concession tents glow once again with electric light.

New Features

  • Tournament Cloaks: It’s time for The Unspoken Tournament at Microsoft Stores across North America! Celebrate with new crimson tournament cloaks.
  • Friends Leaderboard: How do you rank against your Oculus friends? Find out here!

Tuning and Fixes


  • Plate Glass: Increased the health of all Plate Glass charge tiers.
  • Plate Glass: Reduced the duration of a minimum charged Plate Glass.
  • Plate Glass: Reduced size of fully charged Plate Glass.
  • Chaos Skull: Added speed boost immediately after being cast.


  • Force Bubble: Added new behavior. Enemy spells entering the bubble now stop for the entire shield duration.
  • Mass Drop: Added new behavior. All cars now travel to where the player is looking if no car is already there.
  • Mass Drop: Added a Cooldown between successive volleys.


  • Disc of Blades: Reduced the max speed of both a minimum charge and curved Disc of Blades.
  • Disc of Blades: Increased the visibility of Disc of Blades.
  • Spectral Cloak: Increased the number of Spectral Crystals formed by a minimum charged cloak.
  • Spectral Cloak: Increased cloak health.
  • Wild Cards: Reduced projectile speed.
  • Spectral Knives: Changed the number of charge states to three.


  • Celestial Dome: Increased the health of a minimum charged Celestial Dome.
  • Celestial Dome: Reduced the duration of a minimum charged Celestial Dome.
  • Vermin: Increased flight speed.
  • Shatter Mine: Increased the health for both charge tiers.
  • Shatter Mine: Reduced the fuse time for both charge tiers.
  • Shatter Mine: Reduced the damage for both charge tiers.


  • Infernal Contract: Further reduced the health penalty for signing the contract.
  • Aerogramme: Increased the health of each plane.
  • Dispelling Censer: Reduced the size of the dispel AOE.
  • Dark Tag: Triggering Dark Tag no longer removes the other traps.


  • Map Table: Renamed tab headings for clarity.
  • Map Table: Added an arena selection context.
  • Primal Shields: Increased the recharge delay.
  • Primal Shields: Reduced shield damage taken from primals when blocked with shield center.
  • Voice Chat: Enabled voice chat by default.
  • Progression: Added checks to ensure that unlocked items remain accessible.

***Note: In the rare event that previously unlocked items are locked–and the game defaults to the starter loadout and Anarchist–please immediately force-close the game and reload. You MUST force close (do not exit via the menu) to avoid overwriting your save file. We are currently investigating this bug.

Have you heard about The Unspoken Tournament at select Microsoft Stores? If not, you can find out more information here. If you haven’t signed up yet… what are you waiting for?! Simply go here, find your local store and sign up! No purchase necessary and you have a shot at a trip to NYC for the finals, a PC with Rift + Touch AND cash money. Check your local store for practice times. Round one begins on Saturday, May 13th! Do you have what it takes to be the supreme arch-mage?

Join us in Durham

If you’re in or around North Carolina, we’ll be at the Durham Microsoft Store (located in the Streets at Southpoint) on May 13th! Matches start at 5pm EDT, but we’ll be there a little early to hang out– watching local participants play in the tourney, mingling with fans, signing autographs, and giving away some The Unspoken posters! Internet personality CaRtOoNz is joining us as well, so it’ll be a great time! Come join us. Play, spectate, chat or just hang out!

Can’t make it to Durham?

That’s ok. With local events happening at 80 Microsoft Stores around North America, you can still join in the fun. Select stores in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Seattle will also have some of our favorite streamers and internet personalities making an appearance. Stay tuned in to our Twitter for more details on that.


For those who have signed up or are waiting to sign up, we have some more details on the preset loadouts you can expect during Rounds 1 and 2. Remember, the Finals will allow for custom loadouts (limit one of each Artifact type–no duplicates!).

Infernal Contract

Dispelling Censer
Cthulhu’s Grasp
Clockwork Imp

Dispelling Censer
Spear Forge
Dark Tag

How are the 8 finalists determined?

Per the rules, the winners of each store (x80) will move on to Round 2. Round 2 will be structured into regions (based mostly on time zones). There will be 8 total regions and the winners of each region will be the 8 finalists flown to New York City for the Finals!

Here is a breakdown of the regions:

0001 – Scottsdale Fashion Square
0002 – Shops at Mission Viejo
0003 – Fashion Valley
0006 – Bellevue Square
0007 – South Coast Plaza
0009 – Century City
0013 – University Village
0015 – Valley Fair
0017 – Stanford Shopping Center – Palo Alto
0042 – Ala Moana

0030 – Corte Madera
0031 – San Francisco Center
0043 – Pioneer Place
0049 – Fashion Show
0062 – Topanga – CA
0067 – Los Cerritos
0069 – Chandler Fashion Center
0071 – West Edmonton Mall
0072 – Metropolis at Metrotown
0091 – Vancouver Pacific Centre

0004 – Park Meadows
0005 – Mall of America
0008 – Oak Brook
0011 – The Domain
0012 – Houston Galleria
0020 – La Cantera
0021 – City Creek
0025 – Oak Park Mall
0036 – Woodfield Mall
0074 – Chinook Center

0035 – Fashion Mall (EST)
0041 – Penn Square Mall
0047 – St. Louis Galleria
0054 – Stonebriar Centre Mall
0057 – Woodland Hills
0059 – Northpark
0061 – The Woodlands
0064 – Baybrook
0068 – Lakeside
0053 – Mall at Green Hills

0014 – Lenox Square
0018 – Danbury Fair Mall
0019 – Rockingham Mall
0022 – Bridgewater Commons
0024 – The Westchester
0026 – Walt Whitman
0027 – Florida Mall
0029 – Prudential Center
0037 – Burlington Mall
0038 – Beachwood Place

0034 – Kenwood Town Center
0039 – Dadeland Mall
0040 – Mall at Millenia
0044 – Roosevelt Field
0045 – Natick Collection
0046 – Somerset Collection
0048 – Willowbrook Mall
0051 – St. John’s Town Center
0056 – Perimeter Mall
0063 – Montgomery

0010 – Tysons Corner
0016 – Christiana Mall
0023 – Freehold Raceway
0028 – Fashion Centre at Pentagon City
0032 – Yorkdale Toronto
0050 – Westfarms
0052 – Walden Galleria
0055 – Garden State Plaza
0058 – Destiny
0060 – Aventura Mall

0065 – Streets at Southpoint
0066 – SouthPark
0074 – Square One
0075 – Toronto Eaton Centre
0077 – University Town Center
0078 – International Plaza
0082 – Town Center at Boca Raton
0083 – King of Prussia Mall
0084 – Easton Town Center
0085 – 5th Ave – NYC

This episode of Moonlighting tackles the question of education vs talent – which is more important.

View ALL current Job Openings here!

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We hope everyone is enjoying the latest Arcane Update 3.0! How are you liking The Drifter? Like we do each month, here is a look at when we will be jumping online to play Ranked with you all. Look for our “insom_” usernames.

April Play with Dev Events

Wednesday, April 12 @ 4 pm Eastern / 1 pm Pacific / 9 pm UTC
Thursday, April 20 @ 5 pm Eastern / 2 am Pacific / 10 pm UTC
Wednesday, April 26 @ 6 pm Eastern / 3 pm Pacific / 11 pm UTC


Our monthly livestream on Twitch will be before we are ready to go live with Arcane Update 4.0! Look for more info on that soon. Check out our last stream below: