An update on R3 Beta, Matchmaking and Patch 2.01

Hey folks,

As you are by-now well aware, we hit a rough patch over the last week with the Resistance 3 Online Beta. The expansion to the hundreds of thousands of SOCOM4 users revealed some bugs that we’ve been rapidly working to correct on our side. We greatly appreciate your patience, and the way you’ve banded together to create private games via Twitter, Facebook and forums.

Rest assured, creating a world-class multiplayer experience is our top priority at Insomniac Games. Our team is meeting daily to discuss issues and address them, and we’ve been playing the beta each night at home to continue logging and checking issues. We are focused on creating an experience we are proud of and want to play ourselves, and we will continue to work and fix these issues in order to get it right.

Europe PlayStation Plus

Tomorrow (Wednesday), the beta opens up in Europe for Early Access to the Public Beta, starting with PlayStation Plus subscribers.  We’ve updated the package file on the PSN store to have the latest beta contents, meaning EU and future testers won’t need to download the mega-patch that our US testers did. This also means that everyone needs a small patch to ensure compatibility. You’ll see this patch required tonight or tomorrow, and it will be update 2.00.


In good news, we have sent a patch (Update 2.01) that addresses the matchmaking issues into final testing at Sony, and are hoping to have it up by tomorrow night UK time, so that you EU folks joining the beta should be able to matchmake. This additional patch will be required, and will allow us to re-enable matchmaking, which should again (hopefully) happen sometime in the late morning Pacific Time tomorrow. This should address the issues and allow you to use matchmaking to find games again, while also addressing a few crashes. Thanks for your patience while we developed and fixed the issue – and please continue to report any issues you find with matchmaking to us so we can continue to tweak and optimize. We will continue to update you on the status of the 2.01 patch as it gets through final testing, staging, and release in the next day or so.

Stats coming down again

Sometime this (Tuesday) afternoon, we will be bringing down stat progression again until further notice. We are moving the stat database and tracking to the servers where they will live for the launch of the final game (and before you ask, yes, you will have to start over in the final game). That said, we’ll be porting your current beta stats to this new server and getting it set-up as quickly as possible. We know this is frustrating to the new folks joining the beta tomorrow in that you will not be able to progress, but we hope to knock this out as quickly as possible so you can begin to work your way up to the beta level cap, and we don’t expect this to last more than a day or so. We’ll keep you updated when progression officially goes down, and when it is restored.

Outstanding issues

The matchmaking patch is a specific patch to deal with that issue (and a few crashes). We are also still testing a larger Day 1 Patch for the final game that contains fixes for many of the other bugs you’ve been encountering. Once we’ve gotten than patch through Sony final testing, we will then try to bring these fixes to the beta itself.

Some of the issues this includes are:

-Freezes/Crashes – particularly at the end of matches (though scoreboard crashes should be fixed in the 2.01 patch)
-Host/Party Leader rapidly changing between players
-Game has already ended errors when trying to join a game
-Lag issues with deployables and other players (though this should be improved at the moment, we will be adjusting our servers to continuing combating this)
-The Invisible Man glitch (both variants, where the Invisible player appears and doesn’t appear on the scoreboard) – we are still working to eradicate this – if you have a way to reproduce it, we are offering a bounty on info to help us eliminate it.

As you can see, we still have our work cut out for us, but we’re making progress. If you have feedback, please continue to post on the forums, send us replies via Twitter, or post on our Facebook wall. We’re all working hard to ensure Resistance 3 multiplayer is excellent, and your feedback is critical for that.


  • Tomorrow morning? Cool.

  • Paysin

    Sounds good. However much I dread day 1 patches, I’m looking forward to the game being in a more playable state when it hits retailers.

  • Awesome news.

  • VassiliZeitsev

    Thanks again IG. It’s clear you are working your tails off. I think I speak for everyone who stands by this franchise when I say thank you for your effort and continued updates.

  • Rike255

    Awesome news, great job IG!

  • soulslawter

    thanks IG, i havent been able to play yet but am looking forward to it so much, keep up the work

  • makarushi

    Cool, I got my answer.

  • DZormagen

    Keep getting this message: “Game has already ended (20000015)”

  • yup i do too

  • Vitti

    “Game has already ended” is a known bug. It states above that it is still an outstanding issue not fixed with 2.01. The newest patch is mainly for matchmaking and some other minor things. The goal is to stabilize matchmaking so we can fix the rest of the issues.

  • spawn issue even after auto countdown

  • Emperor_Smith

    when i try to start multiplayer i get a message telling me i’m not signed in when i am

  • Emperor_Smith

    error code is 20000005


    I keep getting a message saying 20000005 while I’m in the middle of a game