A Totally Normal Trophy List


  • Evan Andre’ Williams

    Wait, that wasn’t very many trophies…
    Eh, don’t care anyways. Great trophies and great names. 🙂

  • Remy Quist

    Hahaa someone had nothing to do! Awesome adventure though!! 😀

  • Insomniac is truly the best. Their not boring and all professional like the other game developers. They actually go out of their way to give their things personality and to make things funny and creative. Thanks for being awesome and I can’t wait for Nexus. Ratchet and Clank is my all time favorite series and hopefully there will be more of it in the future.

  • wolverine81



    You finish reading a long, mildly ridiculous, yet wholly satisfying progression of pretend decision making. You then decide to scroll down to see what other random voyagers of the interwebs have concluded of the same experience only to find yet another overly long assembly of big words combined with little meaning.

    You question yourself. Do you continue through this clear waste of time and follow the path down the rabbit hole of letters? Or do you simply ignore it and progress with your life as would seem logical? Your decision grows more complicated; knowing full well that this post was made by an unknown source, you don’t feel the same guarantee of entertainment that you did whilst perusing the above script. Yet you do continue. Why? Because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this part, so it is therefor impossible for me to be wrong.

    At this point you realize that you are trapped in yet another word prison and are doomed to follow it to its finish. You only pray desperately that there is meaning to this comment and press ever onward.

    By now you are beginning to question your life choices, among which was the choice to continue reading this absurd amalgamation of typing. You desperately wish to stop but upon seeing that you are almost half-way through, you find yourself inexplicably drawn to learn the conclusion of this journey. You now merely hope that the past minute or so of your life will not be thrown away in vain.

    It is here, at the conclusion of your arduous and unexpected journey, that you are informed that there was in fact a purpose beyond attempted replication of humor to this comment and here it is:

    If you select “Robots don’t got feelings, so – No.” after you win the silver “Thug Rookie” trophy, you will find (on line four paragraph 3) there is a typo. The word written was “first” and the word intended was “fist”.

    “What????” your mind says. All of this for a simple grammar Nazi! You eventually scroll back through the trophy mini-game to verify that the typo does exist. If it does not then the designer/writer of this mini-game has removed it, meaning he/she has read this comment or has been told about, in which case they/you are feeling dejected at the revelation that their/your otherwise outstanding display of language manipulation has been underlined with a single, burning, grammatical error.

    If you are a fellow grammar Nazi, then you are wondering why I have typed the word “four” out above, but in the same parenthesis made an inconsistency of using the number representation of “3” immediately following it. It is here you learn that it was intentional and designed to torment you.

    If you are an innocent bystander of the grammar wars, then you have just lost many precious seconds of your life for nothing.

    In all three scenarios, your world fades to darkness. The lighting around you has not changed, rather it is the light in your eyes that have now dimmed….

  • abdulhamian

    LMAooo this was JOKES!! love insomniac!! 😀

  • Kevin Hendricks

    Oh you got jokes huh…

  • Hagane productio

    Wow, that was awesome! And kinda funny. Made my day.

  • Bakir

    haha got the game today you guys in America have to wait another week.

  • Asimb0mb

    More game developers should do this! That was fun!

  • Immanuel Monroe

    This made my day, you would never see any other companies out there having THIS much fun with their fans.

  • beege599

    the link to the cookie video is dead 🙁

  • ReakMayhem

    This was just a brilliant idea. This is why I love you guys.