A Message From Ted – Sunset Overdrive


At Insomniac, we’ve always been transparent with our fans. It’s important to us that our fans understand why we do what we do – it’s really the only way to build a meaningful long-term relationship.

In the spirit of maintaining that rapport, I wanted to take a moment and discuss our big announcement today. In case you didn’t see it, we announced Sunset Overdrive, our next big console IP. You can watch the trailer here and sign up to get more info on the website here. Here’s the official description of Sunset Overdrive:

“Sunset Overdrive is an always changing, open-world shooter set in the not-so-distant future. A catastrophic event has left your city overrun by mutants. While the majority perished or transformed, you flourished. It turns out your calling isn’t picking up trash or serving food, it’s mutant destruction. With an arsenal of kick-ass, overpowered weapons and a knack for traversing the city with hyper agility, it’s not the end of days for you. Your story is just beginning.”

It may surprise some of our longtime fans that we have partnered with Microsoft Studios to develop Sunset Overdrive exclusively for Xbox One. When we first began discussing this idea with Microsoft, we were initially hesitant to shift back into an exclusive arrangement. But as the Microsoft team began introducing us to the abilities and philosophies driving the development of Xbox One, we knew that Sunset Overdrive was a perfect fit. The Xbox One and Xbox Live will support our ambitions to create an ongoing two-way dialogue with our community. It will also allow us to have quicker production cycles, enabling timely content updates for new weapons, characters, storylines and even pop culture-relevant content like memes based on social commentary.

Many of you may be asking what this news means for Insomniac. What about Ratchet & Clank? What about Fuse? Others may ask why we have “abandoned” our PlayStation heritage. The truth is, not a lot has changed. Insomniac has been, is, and will continue to be 100% independent. We have treasured that independence for the last 19 years. It now allows us to own and control our IP, and find the most suitable partners to make those IP a reality. While we are excited about partnering with Microsoft on Sunset Overdrive, that doesn’t mean we can’t or wouldn’t make games with our longtime friends at Sony. That’s the magic of being an independent developer.

Everyone here at Insomniac and on the Sunset Overdrive team at Microsoft is pumped to bring the game to you. We hope you will sign up to get more info and join the S.C.U.K. For our local fans in Los Angeles, stay tuned to our Twitter (@sunsetoverdrive) as there will be some activities around town offering a chance for you to earn some of the first Sunset Overdrive swag.

Finally, next week we’ll be hosting a town hall style online stream. I’ll be joined by our Creative Directors on Sunset Overdrive, Marcus Smith (Creative Director, Resistance 3) and Drew Murray (Lead Designer, Resistance 3), and we’ll answer your Sunset Overdrive questions as best we can.

We can’t wait to show you more of Sunset Overdrive. Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think about the game and the news.

  • dividebyzero

    A message to your fans?? they’ve always been on playstation… I can really feel the love for your fans by making a game exclusively for a non-playstation console. Bravo

    • 40 Insane Frogs

      I couldn’t have said it better. Thanks for everything, Insomniac, but this is where we part ways. I can not support you any further, especially not if you’re making exclusive games for the DRMbone.

  • Redfrog Games

    I have been a die hard fan for Insomniac ever since Spyro. I have bought every one of your games without even thinking twice about it, and you have never disappointed me. I will forever wonder about this game. But I literally cant get exited for it let alone buy it. I’m personally not buying an Xbox One and I don’t think the majority of your fanbase will sadly. While I still support you, I don’t like where the future of my favorite Developer is going. I went absolutely batshit for ACIT (all time best game), I was exited about Fuse, and now I cant have any of these with this. A large portion of your fanbase probably also thinks this. I still have trust in you Ted. I hope this game goes well whether or not I will get to play it.

  • FGras

    Doesn’t insomniac know that their fanbase is placed on the PS3?
    Multiplatform okay, but now… What went wrong in your company?

    • sexbobomb91

      I think that this is all because of Fuse and EA. In order to recoup their losses, EA “sold” them to Microsoft.

  • Reeves

    I wish you the best of luck, but you have to take a long hard look at your studio and find your heart and soul again…you’ve lost something along the way and only you will be able to find it. Platform exclusives or not – I really do wish you the best of luck, you’ll need it when you alienate your existing fans.

  • This is extremely disappointing news.

  • Joey Woznicki

    As a Sony loyalist, who has never seen enough first party creativity to justify an Xbox purchase, this is disheartening. If more stuff on Microsoft consoles looked like Sunset Overdrive, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one, but they tend to lag far behind from an imaginative perspective.

    I respect your decision, even if I don’t like it, and wish you all the best, but this will probably be the first Insomniac title in over a decade that I won’t buy. Instead, I’ll be busy with Puppeteer, Knack, and Infamous, and awaiting anything you offer the Playstation community.

  • disappointedlombax

    Money talks! MS saved $1billion for things like this. Guess this was probably cheap compared to landing respawn.

  • Justin Havard

    What I do not get is how you are keeping with your fans when you switch from Playstation to Xbox because most of your games are Playstation exclusives meaning that most Xbox people have not played your games and are not the “fans” that you are talking to in this post. I thought it was weird when you went away from Playstation exclusivity but saw that it made sense from a business point. But to now go to Xbox One exclusively with this new games does not make sense to me at all. Your fan base is with the Playstation system not the Xbox so why go completely away from Playstation? I have always been a huge fan of Insomniac and will continue to be one but it seems like you are alienating your fanbase with this move because most of us will not get an Xbox One at launch or anytime soon.

    • Jeremy Filth

      It’s all about the money, Microsoft showed more bags of Money than Sony did.

  • mrcawp

    Pathetic way to treat your fans – develop a new game for the opposite game system. And just because you were paid. Money talks. I won’t be spending any of mine on Insomniac games for some time, it seems.

  • Guile

    I think this is great – I miss the days when developers would make games tailored to the strengths of certain hardware instead of dumbing down a port to the lowest common denominator. Unlike a lot of people who will cling to loyalties, I’m a fan of good games regardless of where they end up as long a steam pours their creativity, heart, and soul into a project,

    • dividebyzero

      so the ps4 will be the “lowest common denominator” in your opinion?

      • NightRiven

        Well it can’t possibly be so, because it has about 50% more “power” than Xbox One. At least according to various developers and such. I am really disappointed with Insomniac, but then again i probably wouldn’t buy it, like i didn’t buy Fuse. I am only interested in Ratchet and Clank by Insomniac, and as long as they don’t make an R&C game, count me out.

        • dividebyzero

          My point exactly, that’s why I was curious to hear his/her opinion

      • Guile

        Where did I infer that? If you were around for the Sega Saturn days you would know that some things Saturn excelled at and some things playstation excelled at. When games were tailo made for the systems (Sega Rally, Castlevania, Guardian Heroes, Metal Gear, etc.) they really shined. XBox One’s DDR3 memory does better with smaller textures and some supposed online processing whereas PS4 will probably do better in different areas.

  • Julian Celaj

    I am really disappointed at Insomniac, grew up playing all your games in all Playstation consoles and this happens. Ouch. Nice way to treat your PS fans, not sure if I will support any games on the PS3/PS4 that you will release from now on. Don’t care if games are multi platform but this is a bit low. Cue to money money money song…

  • Syraph Long

    Unfortunately, the game doesn’t exist to me due to it being only on the Xbox
    One. It just really doesn’t matter with their DRM policies. Many Playstation (and even 360/original Xbox) fans feel the same way.

    don’t get me wrong, this isn’t because you have switched over
    exclusivity to another company. If this game was exclusively on 360 or a
    Nintendo console, there would be no problems. Exclusive on the Xbox One
    is just not. Just the point of a view from a person who has bought and
    played nearly all the games you guys have created and owns multiple

  • Stephen Perteet

    I can only afford one console, and if I choose PS4 I can’t get this. :
    Kinda feel dicked by a company whom I’ve supported since Disruptor and Spyro, and have at times called my favorite developer.
    It’s been fun guys.

  • novanis

    I can’t clearly see why it is a Microsoft exclusive game (cloud usage?) … But one thing is for sure, I don’t saw it coming at the press conference, and it looks like a great Insomniac game. The crazy weapons, the art style … everything was so unique and nice to see. I was really like “Oh there is the old Overstrike gone.” =D

    It was one of the few announcements at the MS conference that I really enjoyed.

    But there-while I don’t see many reasons for a Xbox One right now and hoping thats changing in time.

    I am not disappointed that you guys gone the to another publisher, it even looks like you have more creative freedom that way. (Not like EA, cough!)

    Hopefully I can play it somehow in the future, really looking forward to it.
    And I know Ratchet & Clank is still in your hearts (2 spinoffs are the answer),
    it would be cool to see a big title with Sony in the making.

  • Alex Davies

    Pathetic way of treating your fan base. Nice going team.

  • Dan Steele

    If you truly listen to the fans like you say you do, make this multiconsole. I don’t hate Microsoft or the Xbox 360, just the Xbox. At least make it available for the 360

    • cell989

      overstrike looked to have so much potential and Fuse killed it

      • Dan Steele

        A sad but true fact, hopefully we all learn from our mistakes

    • Sam Morris

      Unfortunately the game is being published by Microsoft Game Studios, so that won’t happen.

      • Dan Steele

        One can dream cant they?

        • Sam Morris

          Yeah, one can. I’d rather spend my resources trying to forget that Ratchet QForce on the Vita ever existed.

  • Macedon

    Terrible news for a fan who has loved Insomniac and all their beautiful games on the Playstation systems. I even bought Fuse with the average reviews and many displeased people just so I could support Insomniac. But why should I be loyal to Insomniac and support their games when they obviously don’t care about their true fans.

  • Travis Hughes

    ” But as the Microsoft team began introducing us to the abilities and philosophies driving the development of Xbox One, we knew that Sunset Overdrive was a perfect fit. The Xbox One and Xbox Live will support our ambitions to create an ongoing two-way dialogue with our community. It will also allow us to have quicker production cycles, enabling timely content updates for new weapons, characters, storylines and even pop culture-relevant content like memes based on social commentary.”

    I read this as: “They gave us shit-tons of money, so we agreed to make an exclusive for their console.”

    Tell me I’m wrong?

    • NightRiven

      I don’t think you’re wrong. The reason? It makes zero sense to begin making a console exclusive game like this, when you’ve only just released your first multiplatform game, which got average reviews, and almost all of your fanbase is on PS3 and is not likely to buy the Xbox One, so you gotta build a whole new fanbase to even sell anything. Besides many of those who will buy an Xbox do it because of other more well known games, and a new IP like this couldn’t possibly sell well enough to make any profit. At least that is what i think. So when using my logic, the only way Insomniac would profit from making this exclusive to the Xbox One is if Microsoft paid the enough to pay for almost all of their development costs, so it wouldn’t be too much of a loss if the game didn’t sell well.

      Makes sense right?

      • mrcawp

        Bingo. And I guess I understand. From Ted Price’s POV, paying the bills is his first duty – making sure his staff don’t lose their jobs. MS must have given them so much money that even the chance of a greater success on PS4 wouldn’t matter. A chance of some money versus a guarantee.

        • mrcawp

          Still sucks. And is a shitty thing to do in this day and age, when fan loyalty is crazily difficult to generate and so very, very precious. This will kill a large amount of love for Insomniac. (If the strangely amateurish FUSE and last two NC Ratchets haven’t already.)

      • Travis Hughes

        Exactly my point. There’s no reason for them to shoulder this kind of risk without Microsoft having given them some sort of guarantee. It’s like when Quantic Dream decided to have Heavy Rain be a PS3 exclusive when originally it was meant to be multiplatform like Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit); Sony offered to pay all of the development, marketing, and distribution costs so that QD wouldn’t be on the hook for any of it.

  • Redfrog Games

    “Define Your audience, if you can define your audience you will have a better chance at doing one thing better than anyone else and making sure that fun comes first”

    -Ted Price

    If you can reply to me Ted, the game you are making looks like something very creative, and if I am correct in making this assumption how are going to access the needed audience on a Console that likes hardcore shooters. Again I really hope you do well with this game. I just hope that there are games waiting for me at PS4

  • gambolingman

    Insomniac just stabbed a knife in my back and then fired a black hole from its fuse weapon to trap me into an eternal pit of darkness for which my childhood is now trapped in…

    Still getting a PS4.

    RIP New Insomniac IPs on PS4
    Still getting the new R and C when that comes out in 2015 though

    • NightRiven

      U do know they’ve only confirmed the new R&C to be a movie right? However it’s a good guess to say there will be a new game along with it.

      • novanis

        But it would make sense to make it as a promotion for a new game or tie-in.

  • Max Arnott

    I have played and loved every Insomniac game since I started on Spyro, and it’s sad that you have decided to treat your fans this way. Given the inside information you must have had whilst developing the game, you must have known that an awful lot of people, including most your fans, would steer away from the Xbone for a variety of reasons, and I wouldn’t mind if it was multiplat but now most of your longest fans won’t be able to play this game which is a shame since it looks very good. But hey, I can’t say I wouldn’t have sold out if that kind of money was up for the taking.

  • Shaik Bajunid


    I’ve owned all Insomniac games since PS1 era and sometimes I bought them twice (like the HD remakes and also the digital downloads of PS1 Spyro games). I love Insomniac even when I don’t really like Fuse and even when I hate Facebook games I still gave your game a try. I’m okay if you go multiplatform since that’a the way most people go these days (look at Kojima Prod. for example). But to go exclusive with Microsoft? That’s it…it’s the end of the line.

    I’ll be unsubscribing to your podcasts and newsletters and etc just to show my dissatisfaction. It’s a shame really. Now I can’t play your games anymore since I can only afford to have one console and will most probably go with PS4.

  • Louise

    Insomniac = Sell out


      Don’t call them sell outs just because they are making an exclusive, They’re sales weren’t very stellar before and well, a company needs money, This is most likely a strategic move, even though I’m disappointed as well. Oh well, at least there is still Ratchet and Clank, I hope.

      • Dan Steele

        I agree fan with common sense

  • Christoph

    I used to love you guys for making some of my favourite games. I even supported you, although some of the newer games weren’t that as great as your older ones. But going Xbox exclusive really made me loose all my love and respect for you guys.

  • Trunks Brief

    This is sad.. Somewhere it just went wrong it seems. It was once my ambition to work at Insomniac, but now that I’ve seen how the company has changed the last few years, starting with the RaC experiments it pretty much went downhill in my opinion, this being the worst thing IG could do… 🙁

    • Guest

      I’m right there with you, it was my dream job. Not so much anymore. At least naughty dog is still putting out real quality work

  • kingrat2314

    If you guys had made this an exclusive for any other console, I would be happy for you guys. But with the Xbox One’s terrible policies, I really can’t believe that you guys would stoop so low. You really dropped the ball on this one, and I honestly hope you guys can stay afloat when the X1 is a failure.

  • Rani Ghawi

    Very disappointed… Not much more to say. I’ve owned both Microsoft consoles in the past and will not be purchasing the new one. This is one game that a long time Insomniac fan won’t be playing.

  • RatchetH22

    Oh yikes. I knew this would be a hotbed with the fans. Well, kudos to you guys for trying something new. I won’t be getting an Xbox-One, so it’ll be a shame that I can’t play it. With that said, I wish you guys the best with the new IP. It certainly looks fun.


    I guess this is going to be the first Insomniac Game that I won’t be playing since I’ve never been an XBOX user. I’m kid of disappointed, but I hope XBOX users can enjoy it.

  • Foxtail Boyd

    Wow, everybody’s doing exclusive game agreements these days, like how SEGA and Nintendo are going to do three Sonic games only exclusive to the 3DS, Wii and Wii U. I don’t really mind that y’all are working with Microsoft (I do think they’re a bit over-priced however) but I think you should somehow worm your way around so Playstation users could somehow get their hands on it. But, that’s just me and it’s easier said than done. Also, how the hell can you work with nose-in-the-air Microsoft and Sony? Don’t they hate each other?

    • itBourne

      They actually fit in quite well with M$, they are no longer the Insomniac of old and have not been for quite a while. Resistance Fall of Man was a great game, the two after that abandoned their fanbase and tried to be something else. The first two ratchet games for ps3 were amazing, the downloadable games and all for one were horrible. Fuse looked promising as overstrike, but what we got was another game that felt like it had no soul. They have been dying, and M$ will make sure they continue to do so just like it did with Rare and Ensemble among others.

  • Foxtail Boyd

    Ooh! You know who Microsoft reminds me of?

    • cell989

      dude you nailed it

    • Damien Johnson

      I find it hilarious that I was already listening to a Spyro 3 song when I read this comment.

    • Ratchet4ever

      This brings back memories

  • Limbo

    Sunset Overdrive was one of the few games that stood out to me during Microsofts conference…..still hoping for a PC version!

  • Dan Steele

    Make it for PC too!

  • b b

    plz port this to ps4 this looks awsome i know many of my friends want would like it.

  • Moe Elkewedi

    Ever since you started all this multiplatform development , and you guys couldn’t even develop a proper Ratchet and Clank game, ever since then, you keep releasing sub-par games for Playstation, and expect us to be happy. I supported you for as long as I could, hoping you would eventually get back to your old roots, the ones which made me fall in love with your games, but of course you guys were too busy, counting your money. So long, I have never been more disappointed during my 20 years as a gamer.

  • zaid mohammad

    Oh God, money eh. If you looked for quality, you wouldn’t have had to become so desperate. With your recent games lacking quality and your focus becoming wayward. I’m sorry but you’ve lost a hardcore fan. I’ll still watch out for you guys, but not with the same hype. I cannot picture you guys the same way I used to. However, I’ll gladly take an Ratchet Game you guys make. Just not with the same passion. I come around these forums, but knowing there’s going to be a split community, you can count me out.

  • itBourne

    They actually fit in quite well with M$, they are no longer the Insomniac of old and have not been for quite a while. Resistance Fall of Man was a great game, the two after that abandoned their fanbase and tried to be something else. The first two ratchet games for ps3 were amazing, the downloadable games and all for one were horrible. Fuse looked promising as overstrike, but what we got was another game that felt like it had no soul. They have been dying, and M$ will make sure they continue to do so just like it did with Rare and Ensemble among others..

  • togetamazon appstore

    well you lost a fan. i was with you from the start. even got fuse, played the damn facebookgame, and the last two ratchets (yes i fell they are not great games.. ).
    i was a safe “sold” for you. well no more. se’ya – hopes someone else gets to play with the ratchet ip – you are not worthy

  • Nick

    MS threw a pile of money at you, and you sold out, we get it. Many people sell their soul to the devil, but remember it’s gone for good, what’s done is done, and you will regret it one day. Enjoy your bags of money.

  • Eric Durwald

    Keep up the good work Insomniac, i for one am a multiplatform gamer so i will be getting is for sure, don’t let anyone tell you this was a bad idea being independent makes you strong. You still make PS3 exclusives and now you make Xbox exclusives as well as multiplatform games. I’m a loyal fan of you all so I’m beyond excited about Sunset Overdrive

  • Huh. This is going to be the first Insomniac game that I will not own. (Aside from Outernauts which you can’t own.) I don’t have any intention of supporting Microsoft’s consumer/gamer hostile ideas this generation.

    Though, this one might have fallen afoul of my “no zombies” rule in purchasing games anyway.

    Still looking forward to your Playstation games.

    • cell989

      same here man

    • Adam

      Microsoft are publishing, and since they think their DRM is a good idea, Insomniac probably won’t have much of a choice.

  • extermin8or2

    I just see this as a sell out, if you make a good ratchet and clank game i’ll buy it or another resistance but fuse is bloody awful, hat a festering turd that’s turned out to be and I refue to support Ms’s anti consumer tactics so otherwise. goodbye- shame it had to end with you chasing money more than quality.

  • s g

    oh man what to say, it was a slap in the face seeing you guys on that stage with an exclusive for Microsoft xbox one.
    have been a long time fan and bought most of IG titles and have enjoyed them all (more or less).

    i hope you guys didn’t sell out cheap, because you guy’s deserve top dollar.
    even more so when it m$ paying 😉
    wish you guys all the best and hope you will go on to sell many copies.
    hopefully we will have you back on PS platform in no time.

  • Meus

    Some of you are misunderstanding Ted. Insomniac will remain independent, so its likely that they will develop a game for the PlayStation platform(s) in the future. PlayStation fans may miss out on Sunset Overdrive, but it doesn’t mean they’ll miss out on everything Insomniac.

    Good luck, Ted

    • Neil Riley

      They’ve gone from PS exclusive to PS3/360 and now XB1…. do you see the pattern here? It’s really easy to spot!

  • Axe99

    The game looks interesting, and I have no doubt it’ll be all quality, but it’s not enough (no offence intended) to bring me over to the XB1 (assuming Sony don’t screw up). Deffo wish you Insomniac’s the best of luck with it, and look forward to your next game on a Playstation platform :).

  • barom

    Wow, highly disappointed in you guys (Insomniac). Glad you guys went multi-platform and all but to leave us loyal fans is a big fat slap to our face. You can be independent all you want but forgetting where you came from and who supported you, is plain stupid and I assure you it will backfire. Btw, you never went into specific why Xbox One is the “perfect” platform and all. What is it that Xbox One has that PS4 doesn’t? Transparent my ass.

  • A former fan

    Thanks for selling out to the worst guys in the business.

  • Sirynx77

    “But as the Microsoft team began introducing us to the abilities and
    philosophies driving the development of Xbox One, we knew that Sunset
    Overdrive was a perfect fit.”

    My guess is that this is when Microsoft flopped lots of briefcases full of money on the table. Then Ted and his team said “Yes Master…:.

    I truly hoped that Insomniac would have been stronger to resist going to a one platform again(even if it was Sony instead of M$) and stayed true to their independent status. But… money talks and everyone even Ted Price and Insomniac Games are weak to it.

    You lost points with me Today, Insomniac.

  • Luka

    This is truly hardbreaking. I own every Ratchet, Spyro and Resistance game and I’m going to pick up Fuse soon. I don’t want to have to chose between Naughty Dog & Sucker Punch, and Insomniac. Wow this is just really heartbreaking. I hope you come to regret that decision

  • cell989

    Open letter to my fav Developer;
    It broke my heart when I saw Ted(coolest guy ever) at the XBONE’s press conference, but the pain couldnt prepare me for the worst news ever as a gamer. Insomniac going exclusive with Microsoft 🙁 I dont understand what exactly does the XBONE has that the PS4 doesnt to make this game for us PLayStation fans. I still wish the best to my all time favorite game developer, Ive purchased every single game you guys have made since Disruptor, but this new game as much as I d like to try it, does not merit the purchase of a $499 cable box. I will be patiently waiting for your next MultiPlat or exclusive(doubt it) project when ever if ever happens. Just really got to point out how mind boggling this was to me, abandon Playstation in such fashion? it is what it is I guess.

    • It’s just one exclusive game. Could always be more that are either playstation only or cross platform.

    • Courtney Gears

      They are desperate for money! Sad but true… Would you betray your childhood friends for income?

      • cell989

        tough question, but my friends would surely help me out in harsh times, just like we fans could have with Insomniac

  • Jonathan Abbey

    Good luck with it, see you for whatever you produce on PS4.

  • Aristides

    Sorry guys, you’re great developers but really good luck establishing a brand new fanbase over at MS. The great majority of your fanbase is the Playstation Hardcore, myself included and well we’re not planning on supporting MS any time soon.

  • Anthony Hall

    If its Xbox one exclusive T_T Ima miss you guys. Ratchet and clank, resistance, spyro, you guys was the best. I understand that you guys make multi platform games but that never restricted me this time it does. Welp T_T good luck in life and your business. PS4 FTW .

  • klyonawesome

    I’m sure there’s some reason behind this exclusivity you can’t publicly say, but it truly saddens me to see this game only on Xbox One. If this were an Xbox 360 exclusive I would buy it in a heart beat because I love the games you’ve made and continue to make. The 360/PS3 have been out for so long, have become more affordable and have such a large install base I would understand if this were a 360 game. Because the Xbox One is 499 dollars, I assume a similar price for the PS4. Because of this I won’t be able to own both for many years, if ever. I would think based on previous comments this applies for many other people as well. You’re truly shutting out the fans that made you what you are today. If you think otherwise you’re foolish. I understand multi-platform, you’ve earned that. It’s not not a matter of entitlement, it’s the matter of 500 dollars. My 500 dollars is going to Sony because they’ve supported games from developers like Insomniac for a long time. Wish I could play, but not now, maybe not ever. Thanks.

    • cell989

      mind you it will only be 400 WITH ps4

      • klyonawesome

        True I wrote this before the announcement. I’m actually starting to feel bad about he amount of backlash their getting. I’m also concerned that Xbox gamers have a bad taste in their mouth from FUSE. Hopefully it sells well, I just don’t think it will.

  • Courtney Gears

    I’m so disapointed… My favorite company became the biggest backstabber ever!

  • Durodes Duvo

    ….. Yes, I know you guys are independent and all, but how much did Microsoft pay you?

  • merlotc

    Looks like a lot of fun. Looking forward to it.

  • DuckDude

    The announcement that S.O. will be XBOX exclusive puts me
    in the awkward position of having to choose between the two companies whose
    games I grew up playing: Sucker Punch and, of course, Insomniac.
    Barring some amazing news regarding the prices of the new consoles or XBOX’s
    other exclusives, I think I’m going to go with SP.

    Which is a shame, because SO looks like it could be fun
    (assuming I ever got an internet connection stable enough to let me
    play online games.)

    I can understand that Insomniac is trying to find itself,
    trying to follow up on its past successes, trying to break new ground with a
    new hit, and that such experimentation will lead to less polish, and
    occasional stumbles. I wish you luck on that, and when you make
    something catches my attention (and that I’m able to get), I’ll be sure to
    get it. But for the moment, I’ll stick with the
    well-written, story-driven, single-player games that made me
    a gamer. Multiplayer has never been my thing (admittedly largely due to
    the aforementioned connection issues).

    Best of luck for
    your continuing journey, I hope to see you guys again, someday.

    • I say go with Sucker Punch, and hope that Insominac’s next Playstation game comes out soon. 🙂

  • Giba Hoffmann


  • Guile

    @dividebyzero from below: Sorry I was away for most of the day.

    Anywya here is my response about you asking if I thought the PS4 was the lowest common denominator regarding ports:

    Where did I infer that? If you were around for the Sega Saturn days you would know that some things Saturn excelled at and some things playstation excelled at. When games were tailo made for the systems (Sega Rally, Castlevania, Guardian Heroes, Metal Gear, etc.) they really shined. XBox One’s DDR3 memory does better with smaller textures and some supposed online processing whereas PS4 will probably do better in different areas.

    • cell989

      I dont think so, the fact remains PS4’s Ram is leaps and bounds better than XBONES

      • Guile

        Both systems have strengths and weaknesses. If both systems do well and stay close, then gamers win. Sony will try harder and vice versa if it’s a close race this next generation.

    • PS4 actually pulled something really impressive off this generation. Not only are they the most powerful of the 3 consoles, but they’re the easiest to work with and have no odd wrinkles in their hardware. Xbox One is almost as easy, but it has that quirky ESRam which is tougher to work with, and is only about 66% as powerful.

      Even if you optimize for the XB One, it’ll be hard to come close to the performance of a lazy port of the same game on PS4. Their only hope to reach parity is that cloud computing thing, and it’s going to be laggy and troublesome for most of the country. This is an reversal of the PS3 and 360 situation, only the Xbox is in worse shape than the PS3 was.

      • Guile

        Well I would say it’s early to say they already accomplished this. And it can be debated whether their system is the most powerful ( a lot of other factors come in to play like first party developers sharing their program libraries and system tricks early in the life cycle with second and third party developers. They don’t have a history of being the easiest to work right out of the gate in that regard. I don’t know where you got that 66% number; one can argue that DDR5 ram is more error prone (and you can further conjecture this was the cause of the multiple freezes of their games during the conference) and that DDR3 ram is better for more numerous smaller textures. I’m sure both systems have their strengths and weaknesses.

        Which brings me back to my main point: I wish most consumers recognized and commended developers on tailor making certain games for certain systems and harnessing the strengths specific to that system. Examples Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown, Princess Crown, Nights into Dreams, Metal Gear Solid, Mario Kart, Sega Rally, Tekken, etc. etc. (specific games tailor made for specific system strengths.

        That’s just my opinion. If Insomniac wants to make a game that takes advantage of a certain system’s strengths, why should be not encourage them? I feel bad that not everyone can afford all systems and play all exclusives but brand loyalty makes me laugh. It’s competition after all that will make both companies raise their game. Just look at the lack of evolution that is Madden to see what happens when there is a lack of competition.

        • 66% comes from the fact that the Xbox One has 12 GPU compute units, while the PS4 has 18 GPU Compute units of the same generation.

          The multiple freezes of games is most likely due to them using prototype dev kit hardware for the presentation, and because of early production software. The actual PS4 hardware in the shell was brand new, and there weren’t enough of them to use for all of the demonstrations at the conference.

          Ted Price can attest to the problems of running early demo software at a conference. He mentioned on one of the Full Moon Show episodes how Resistance 2’s demo at an E3 had a bug in it that required him to get through a particular section quickly on the game would crash.

          GDDR5 is not inherently more error prone despite what many MS FUD artists have been putting forth. The only way DDR3 is any better is when you’re using ECC memory, which doesn’t seem to be the case for the XBox One. (ECC is generally only used in servers where a bit error could mean serious problems with financial transactions and the like.) GDDR5 is used for serious calculations every day now that OpenCL GPU computation has taken the supercomputer market by storm.

          If there’s one thing I’ve learned from 25 years in the computer industry, it’s that when someone is competing against Microsoft, you can never trust any negative information about them in the press as it’s most likely their attempt to sow Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt in the press and consumers. That’s how they’ve killed so many of their technologically superior competitors over the years, from the Amiga, to WordPerfect, to OS/2, and many others.

          The only thing that I can imagine the Xbox 1 being better in would be motion gaming, voice controls, and TV Overlays. It’s significantly less powerful, has significantly lower memory bandwidth, less memory available for games, and it doesn’t have a dedicated unit for video compression. It’s using virtualization to do most of its fancy features, which means the system will be even slower still than running on bare hardware, and they’re going to need to reserve computing capacity for the OS. They’ve already said they’re reserving 3 gigs of memory, they haven’t told us how many of the 8 CPU cores are being peeled off from games and reserved for the OS, nor how many of its 12 GPU CU’s will be dedicated to the OS. It’s also going to be harder to develop for because of its ESRam buffer that you’ll have to use if you want quick access to anything from the GPU.

          The PS4 has 2 more gigs available for games, as well as having a separate processor handling the background downloads and video compression so that the APU is dedicated to the game.

          • Guile

            Hmm my message disappeared or got deleted; I’ll retype my response.

            If you compare the gpus and ram specs/usage solely then yes, the ps4 definitely edges out the processing power of the Xbox one. However, the hardware is always half the equation. A big part of the answer lies in the software developers and their skill. If developers harness the power of the 32 gb high speed sram and/or utilize cloud computing in an effective way (perhaps to do non realtime processing like lighting, volumetric fog, off screen simulation for sandbox games or mmos) then there is a possibility that some games on xbox one may be perceived as having more “power”. In addition, combining accessories such as the oculus Rift and Kinect 2.0 can probably produce some really interesting stuff (the mind boggles if you thing about a first person soul calibur/jedi lightsaber game or head tracking mech multiplayer battles). Xbox one has a lot of potential (most notably their networking backbone advantage).

            My original point – from which I’m, straying too far from when talking about metrics – is that I miss the days when developers were patted on their backs for tailor making games specifically for certain hardware with a game plan to harness that system’s strengths. We shouldn’t tear them down for that. I agree that it’s sad that in this economy not everyone can afford both systems and enjoy the cream of the crop regardless of where it lands. But to be negative because one’s purchasing choices are limited seems petty to me.

            The other point that a lot of people seem to forget is that when there is close competition, there is a lot of evolution and society/consumers reap the benefits. Nintendo and Sega needed each other to push the envelope. IOS needs Android to keep a fire under them Sony needs Microsoft (and vice versa). Without competition, evolution and innovations lags (see Madden).

          • I think your other comment was awaiting moderation.

            The cloud processing isn’t an exclusive feature of the Xbox One. It’s something that any system could do as long as it had an internet connection. It’s also a feature that the PS3 was supposed to have had back when it was first demoed, and a feature that didn’t pan out for various reasons (like it was too hard to use, there weren’t enough systems for people to use it with, etc.) Back then it was called “Cell” processing that would utilize many cell processors all networked together, locally and through the internet.

            Sony could probably get by just with Nintendo, PC, Android, and iOS as their competitors and still keep pushing forward.

            Even that 32mb (not gb) of ESRam is not going to be as fast as the 8gb of GDDR5 ram on the PS4. I think the figures were 166gb/s transfer to and from that 32mb, compared to 176gb/s for the PS4’s main ram. That also adds more complication and difficulties for the developers, just like the cloud computing thing does. The Xbox One is the PS3 of this generation in making life harder for developers, and thus ports to that system will be inferior. Unlike the PS3, it’s significantly worse off than its competitor so that even highly optimized games won’t be better on it.

            With the PS3, you had more overall processing power, but it required a precise mix of compute loads to make full use of it. There were separate specialized shaders in the PS3 vs. general purpose shaders on 360. That meant if you were using all of one type, or all of the other type, the 360 was the faster system hands down. In this case, they’re using the exact same type of GPU cores, but one system just has 33% fewer of them. No way to optimize it in such a way to make the game better. Similarly, you needed compute loads that could be split up 7 ways to maximize the PS3 CPU, if you didn’t have that many separate threads running at full capacity, you had less power available to you than on the 360. This time they have the same CPU, but part of that CPU will be carved off and dedicated to the OS, and some of the rest will be slowed down by the virtualization involved. There’s no way to optimize it so that it will be faster than the PS4, because it’s just a cut down version of the same hardware. It doesn’t even save them money to have cut down the GPU cores because their dies are still pretty much the same size due to the ESRam. Heck, if MS doesn’t have redundant fuse-able components on their chip, their silicon may even be more expensive than the PS4’s APU.

            Still, the one strength that they have is the Kinect now that it has its own processor. Any camera based stuff on the PS4 will need to use the system’s CPU and GPU, and that will slow it down. There’s the force feedback on the triggers, which isn’t a bad idea. There’s also that HDMI input port that might find some use for a game. I can’t think of any other concrete advantage that couldn’t be replicated on the PS4 hardware.

          • Guile

            Thanks for clarifying (re:moderation). But unless Microsoft is lying about the 300,00 servers they have at the ready, I see an infrastructure there to take advantage of cloud computing to some degree out of the gate and more significantly down the line – especially for persistent games. Sony may have had the theory to do this, but they have always been a step behind with their network infrastructure and unless they get a large infusion of cash or enormous amount of psn+ subscribers, I don’t expect this to change – I could be wrong but I doubt it.

            In the next several years, I hope the broadband availability and speeds and latencies continue to improve to further bring the potential of remote/distributed/cloud computing along. As far as unique experiences, what Remedy is doing with their episodic games/seasons using digital body doubles for multipple branchign story lines and leveraging the multimedia strengths of the system to tell immersive stories seems interesting. If the Walking Dead games had this tech I think it would be pretty cool. Remedy has a strong enough pedigree that I’m willing to give them a chance to produce something better than night trap. Anyway, we’ll have to agree to disagree on the weapons Xbox can bring until we see the proof from the developers in the first few years.

            I assume you agree with my main two points (competition and commending developer focus to extract the maximum out of specific hardware).

            by the way, thanks for the civil and informative discussion/debate/discourse! You are well informed and astute when it comes to the technical aspects and metrics.

          • Yeah, this has been one of the more interesting and civil discussions I’ve had on consoles specs. Thanks! 🙂

            The thing is, they’re just talking about their Azure cloud in general, which wasn’t made for gaming but rather just general purpose cloud computing. You could drop in the Amazon libraries into the PS4 and have a(n arguably larger) similar cloud from them. There’s also IBM, Rackspace, and many other companies that provide similar services. There’s really nothing special about Azure aside from the vertical integration aspect (locking devs in with the SDK,) and the fact that MS has already abandoned their broadband challenged consumers which means you can be more reliant on the connection being there for the audience that remains.

            I certainly agree about getting the most of the hardware, it’s just that I don’t a whole lot they can squeeze out of the Xbox One that couldn’t also be done on the PS4. It’s different if you have similarly powerful but different hardware like the last gen. Instead, we have similar hardware that is differently scaled. I’m interested to see if they manage to do anything that isn’t being done on the PS4 by the time it’s released.

  • Tyler Brogna

    Insomniac, I’m still with you. I’ve played every one of your games. I defended Fuse at the second reveal. Ratchet & Clank has inspired me to go to school, learn programming, and become a game developer (looking for internship!). Resistance 3 was a triumph, and Up Your Arsenal was perfect. I think you can take any game and make it magical, this one included. But for philosophical reasons, I will not be able to play this game. It looks creative and exciting and everything I’ve ever wanted from your top studio, but I won’t be buying an Xbox one. I will buy the game, support you, cuz you’re the best game developer ever, but I cannot play it. I’ll see you next time!

  • dapoktan

    Haha.. rough fans here Ted.. dont worry.. I’ll be looking forward to some new Ratchet and Clank adventures in the future!… I’ll simply have to hope that Sunset Overdrive hits PC’s at least sometime.. cuz that game looks great!

  • Will Baer

    Sorry, but like many here you have lost me as a fan. It’s not just this, ever since you announced you were going multi-platform you’ve released a couple mediocre R&Cs, the underwhelming Fuse, and now you finally announce a game that would have me excited again, but it is only on XBox? All the other game companies I have grown to love are on Sony’s more impressive, less restrictive, cheaper console. I’m not gonna miss whatever Naughty Dog puts out next.

    This is really rough, most of your fans were Sony fans. I don’t think you have many followers among the XBox crowd. This is just a huge bummer. Good luck, I hope you bring something awesome to PS4 in the future, but until then you can count me out.

  • OnlyWar

    Ted Price = Backstabber

    Insomniac sold their soul. I’ve lost all respect for Ted Price and the Insomniac team

  • Nicholas

    Well, in the big scheme of things this isn’t such a big loss to PlayStation after all. While both Uncharted 1 and Resistance 1 started as promising new IPs for PS3, the sequels diverged completely. While Resistance 2 was doing it’s very best to alienate Resistance 1 fans, Uncharted 2 became the top tier AAA PS3 franchise. And the last game made by Insomniac? Fuse. Metacritic – 61. The last game by Naughty Dog? The Last of Us. Metacritic – 96 and being talked of a a favorite for GOTY awards over Bioshock Infinite. Enough said. Wish you guys all the best.

    And now we know what happened to Overstrike. XBONE happened.

    • cell989

      its so true how ND and Insomniac were always toe to toe since the ps1 days; Crash and Spyro, Ratchet&Clank and Jak&Daxter, Resistance 1 and Uncharted. Thats where it stopped, Insomniac decided to go the generic FPS route and ND stuck to their guns, now look they are one of the best devs in the world, while Insomniac is still stuck trying to find their true identety, c’mon guys get back in the game IG!

  • Jake Payne

    Ted, with all due respect, your running Insomniac Games into the ground – leave a dedicated publisher like Sony, release a sub-par game, and then completely contradict yourself by going XBone exclusive after repeatedly stating that the only reason the studio went multiplatform was to reach more gamers.

    I hope Sony laugh and close the door on you when you go back after another disaster.

    • DuckDude

      Now that is just mean. Do you honestly want Insomniac to close down, putting the people who brought you Spyro, Ratchet and Resistance out of a job? And remember, without Ted, none of Insomniac’s previous games would exist at all. Yes, Insomniac seems to be struggling now, and yes has made some baffling decisions recently, but we should be hoping that Insomniac makes it through this, and regain their strength, and not pissing on them while their down. Apologies for my course language.

    • cell989

      no I dont want them to close down, and I dont want Sony shutting down the doors on them, I want them back. I want the old Insomniac back, theres still hope we’ll get some of their creativity on PS4, eventually

      • I still think part of the problem is a distinct lack of Mark Cerny in their recent games. Looking back on Insomniac’s best games, the only three that didn’t involve Cerny were Quest for Booty, Crack in Time, and Resistance 3. All of the rest employed the consulting services of Cerny Games.

  • August74

    More Fuse please.

  • manky_

    Gutted that I won’t get to play a game that involves Marcus and Drew. But I’m not buying an XBox. I’ll be back when you decide to do a game in the style of Resistance 2’s co-op

    • cell989

      I loved Resistance 2 coop mode, so addictive a real hybrid of what we see now in days, even Destiny reminded me of R2 coop

  • zaid mohammad

    “At Insomniac, we’ve always been transparent with our fans. It’s important to us that our fans understandwhy we do what we do – it’s really the only way to build a meaningful long-term relationship.”

    I’m sure for some of us, 3 generations were long and meaningful enough. Not sure why you want to destroy that. Sad to see this was the developer that stood neck-in-neck with Naughty Dog, and I had always sided with you guys. I can only see you guys falling from here.

  • zaid mohammad

    And good luck building a new fan-base. You might as well start all over again from scratch, just like the good old spyro days right?

  • Korbei83

    Welp. That’s a shame.

  • Neil Riley

    Ted, I bought Disruptor on PS1, Spyro on PS1, Ratchet & Clank on PS2, RFOM, R2 and R3 on PS3 so yes, I think you can say that I have been a loyal fan. By Loyal I mean that I believed, defended and bought into you. Now, I didn’t buy FUSE, there is something not quite right with it, It had potential but it has no personality, a bit like a certain other console manufacturer!, and now I see you are developing for the XboxOne and the game is looking like a decent one, a game that FUSE could of been, Ah, I see now why FUSE feels unfinished and empty. So, I just wanted to reiterate what others have said, which is, Good Luck with your new venture and when you decide to remember your long term fan base – by long term I mean fifteen years or so – and develop a game for the PS4 I’ll be first in Line, Until then, you are history to me, sorry!

  • Andreas-2502

    I have rarely felt so disappointed, so back-stabbed and so let down as I am now. The PS-fans have supported you all these years, bought almost every game you guys ever made, and been on your side in every single discussion. And this is how you thank us?

    I recently commented on a forum saying that you were the only developer I could trust 100%, but I’m not sure about that anymore IG.
    I’m sorry. Or in fact, YOU should say sorry to all your fans. But I guess this is what you have to do to earn the most possible money these days… :'(

  • Y. L.

    “But as the Microsoft team began introducing us to the abilities and philosophies driving the development of Xbox One, we knew that Sunset Overdrive was a perfect fit.”

    What? WHAT? The development philosophy of Xbox One so far has been, ostensibly, “Let’s shove everything in the living room into one box.” There’s nothing groundbreaking about the advancements in the gaming aspect of the Xbox One. I’m sorry, but this is a misstep, especially in this situation where PC, PS4, AND XB1 will share the same main architecture. And I’m a guy whose earliest memory involves the second R&C game dubbed in Korean.

  • Kevin Xavier

    I’m disappointed

  • David Wood

    I agree with everyone else who is disappointed.

  • kyle walker

    i sincerley hope you all get your mojo back as you all have created truly great experiences that i have enjoyed. i will hope to see you support a truly great game again on a sony platform, and i hope you find your way back to excellent game making. until then good luck.

  • Richard Walton

    Transparency is indeed good so why not drop the nonsense of “abilities and philosophies” as reasons for developing exclusively for the Xbox One. It comes down to the money, right? fine, that’s business. Just say as such; to say otherwise is an insult to our intelligence.

  • DeeBG

    Well I’m not going to be as critical as some, although I do think having EA as a publisher may have had more than a little bit of something to do with this (also perhaps the issues with FFA’s delayed release on the Vita was a final-straw kind of deal). I do not feel betrayed, although I would have appreciated a bit more of a shout out and commitment to the “Playstation Nation” instead of just basically just saying; hey we are independent, we will throw you guys a bone when we feel like it.

    Also, you guys may have started out as independent, but since 2001, Insomniac Games has been seen as a 2nd party developer (and one we as Playstation users loved and could always rely on), if not on paper, at least in the hearts and minds of gamers and to the public. I kind of wish the people with multi-platform (or non-PS exclusive) ideals left when High Impact Games broke off (still love you guys BTW), but this comes from Ted, who is IG, so I’m sure this reaction comes as no surprise. Looking forward to your first PS4 title!

  • Sam Morris

    >Exclusively on Xbox One

    Sorry, this looks really awesome but I cannot support this project further. Good luck with it, though! I hope at least the game does well, even if I have a personal thing against the Xbox One as a concept. I’d rather have you in business with the Xbox Division still around than have you go under with it.

    Even if I’m not ever going to get an Xbox One, I will say this: Sunset Overdrive and Titan Fall were the only two highlights of that conference for me. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays, even if I won’t be buying the system that it runs on.

    • DeeBG

      Just to play Devil’s Advocate, you said you cannot support it “any further”. I haven’t seen the Microsoft Press conference and I was busy in another part of the convention center at the time (also half asleep from still being on EDT time), but I assume the title was announced as an exclusive at the press conference itself, possibly even before the trailer was shown (also the trailer linked to by Ted starts off with “Microsoft Studios Presents an Insomniac Game Productions”… that doesn’t scream “multi-platform” although like others, I hope it makes its way to PC as it looks fun).

      On behalf of Insomniac Games I want to express my disappointment in no longer receiving your support but want to say that we enjoyed the 30ms of time we had together (lol the real IG obviously doesn’t even care for your 30ms though since they decided to partner with Microsoft exclusively on this one). Oh and please don’t send me your hatemail, uneaten pasta salad, etc – this post was created to be humorous (actually I could go for some pasta salad). I’m very curious to see where IG goes from here though. Also, am I the only one surprised that IG put up with the notoriously hard to program for Playstation consoles for years but then when an x86-based system comes along they seemingly jump ship?

    • DeeBG

      Sorry I wanted to reply to what you said but can’t since it’s sitting in moderation queue, sorry for the visual confusion of this post.

      lol no need to defend yourself in the least bit, I just took advantage
      where I saw an opening =p, however I do agree with you on all points.
      My main post a bit down goes into my personal methodology/thinking/”how
      did we get here?” questioning. Also yeah, the Vita is a dream (I made a
      demo specifically for the Vita using the free PSMobile tools – awesome
      that Sony even removed the $100 publishing fee – and handed it over to a
      friend that works at a mid-size Japanese developer; he shows me
      beautiful screencaps running on a devkit Vita but I don’t know if they
      will take it to market). I’m actually surprised that a lot of
      developers haven’t seemed to be able to figure out what to do with the
      Vita yet (esp. considering that the PSP had one of the best launch
      line-ups ever, handheld or otherwise). Hopefully the PS4 will help
      things along in that case.

      I’m actually sitting down at lunch
      right now at E3 (well a few blocks away), being very rude to the people
      around me by typing on an iPad, but talking about how the PSP came out
      and even though there was some interaction with both the PS2 and PS3 (I
      love Kojima Productions for coming up with the word “transfarring”), I
      don’t think a lot of people knew what to do with console/handheld
      interaction. Things have gotten much better with the Vita and PS3,
      however the PS3 was not built for the Vita or even with it in mind, so
      inventive ways had to be developed (I think cross-buy, cross-play, etc
      are all great concepts, esp. when executed properly and for the right
      titles). With the PS4 though, owning a Vita is going to open up so much
      more. Bleh I wanted to say more but a friend reminded me that my fish
      tacos are getting cold (never had them before I visited the west coast a
      few years back; truly awesome). Typed but not read (or likely typed
      that well).

      • Sam Morris

        This generation will be interesting for Sony and Nintendo, and possibly fatal for the Xbox Division. All three are going for the “games but also on another screen” audience, and I honestly think that Sony and Nintendo are the only ones that will pull it off well. Sony have the advantage of using an actual handheld console, and Nintendo have the advantage of the screen being the controller.

        It’ll be cool to see how this is used to enhance games – though all I can see Microsoft doing for the next 5 years is faltering. Their strategy is extremely thinly spread, overpriced and relies on things that most don’t own. Who owns a Windows 8 tablet? Not many.

        If the strategy for Microsoft works, it’ll work big-time. But if it doesn’t, it has no backup plan. If the multiscreen strategy fails for Nintendo or Sony, they have the gamers to fall back on. Microsoft has almost entirely lost the core gaming audience in a matter of weeks.

        Still, I really do want to see this game in particular succeed, even if I’d prefer if the console went away. I hope that this makes Insomniac some money so that they stick around – I’d be quite sad if such a good company went under because EA dicked around with a game or its marketing *cough*oddworldstrangerswrath*cough*

  • Bryan McKniff

    Well I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. Sunset Overdrive looks like a lot of fun, but I just can’t get behind the Xbox One. Unless they somehow course correct and fix the issues with the policies, I don’t see any reason to support that system. Hopefully Insomniac will come back to Playstation, and if that happens I’ll be happy to purchase any of the games you put out. Until that happens, I hope something great comes from your time with Microsoft.

    • DeeBG

      To be fair they never said they left Playstation (they left it very open-ended in fact, which just leaves some of us to imagine the worse). Microsoft is very smart, and has already talked about how some “features” can be disabled if they cause problems for the masses (i.e., if they don’t sell enough units, which will be interesting to see as the PS3 was able to undercut them in price and they are very similar in performance… with Sony selling more and more units in the last year I think a lot of sales are going to be based on price and brand recognition alone).

      I personally see the PS4 doing much better in European markets (a lot of those fancy TV features Microsoft talked about a few weeks ago will take some time to roll out among hundreds of different providers if it happens for some at all), Japan/Asia is an obvious lock for the PS4 and so really the only battle will take place in North America (from what I can tell).

  • I think this game needs more Mark Cerny. Oh, wait… 🙁

  • Michael Jones

    I’m not mad at Insomniac for making a business decision and trying something new. If stabbing your core in the back is your thing, then XBone is where you belong anyway. Because that’s what Microsoft did with their over-priced, intrusive DRM infected, game playing cable box.

    Congratulations, your game will never be passed down to sons, younger siblings, or friends to fall in love with your company or new franchise.

    I shot my son my old copy of RnC, and he has basically demanded every other RnC title all the way up to FFA. This scenario will not be played out with this game for many years to come.

    • My 4 year old did the same thing with R&C. He’s deaf, so his sign for the games was “airplane” because of the loading screens between planets.

      He doesn’t play it though, just watches me play it. We’ve done 1-3 together already. I should go and replay Deadlocked so he can watch that one.

    • cell989

      you know what, you bring a really good point, I dont have kids of my own, but all my little nephews and nieces are in love with Ratchet and Clank because I introduced them to the game

  • Battalia

    I’ve loved all your games (minus fuze and SO, havn’t played them yet) but I agree, something feels empty from you guys recently. You weren’t world renown for making smooth and flawless games, you were known for how alive and vibrant and connected those worlds felt. You say you are an independent developer and I think that is great, and you shouldn’t be chained down by any one console or company, but I don’t think your “partnerships” are doing you any justice either. I don’t know if it is a cost saving decision or just a way to offload some of the work, but if it isn’t broken…

    I hope SO is well received on the Xbone but I don’t think I will get the opportunity to enjoy it.

    Enjoy the used game revenue 🙂

  • Durodes Duvo

    Ted Price.

    I’ve always seen you as a cool guy, even when you were doing FUSE.

    You said that by going multi-platform, you hoped to reach more gamers, now this.

    What the hell.

    Come clean, Price… tell us the real reason you guys have basically stabbed Sony fans in the back… this is downright adulteration for people who have already decided to buy a PS4 this holiday.


    I know you’ve been getting a lot of hate lately, but this time, it’s justified.


  • jryi

    I was quite surprised to see Ted in Microsoft press event. The whole evening was quite underwhelming, like Adam Sessler said, except for a couple of points. As a long time Ratchet&Clank fan it was curious to see Insomniac on stage. The game looked fun.

    Unfortunately I am against Microsoft’s DRM policy, and there’s rather a lot of speculation about the hardware being sub par, so I’ll pass the console for a couple of years, at least. If it manages to survive its particular RROD phase, I may consider picking it up, and at that point I’ll probably remember Sunset Overdrive, as well.

    But, as you can see, I’ll be skipping this for now. Sorry ’bout that.

  • Steven

    Left4Dead + mirror’s edge + insomniac = sunset overdrive
    Doesn’t look half bad 🙂
    I’ll be sure to keep my eye on this

  • Jorge Manuel Coelho

    I’ve been a fan of Insomniac since the beginning. Sad that you are now working just for Microsoft…

  • Aaron Kelly

    Guys… I really don’t have anything to say except I am disappointed… You pumped out so many great games in the past and I swallowed up every one of them… but now you’ve just stabbed us all in the back… I’ll be waiting until you return to your former glory… or IF you return that is.. until then guys.. good luck.

  • Josh M

    At this point I’m more angry that IG is lying to us by saying they are doing this for the fans and because the xbone has the capabilities they need for the game. Their fans are o HB PlayStation and they know it. As for the system, well from what I can tell the PS4 seems better. So by all means make a game exclusively for the xbone, that’s fine, but don’t lientonyour loyal fans in the process. Give us the truth…

    • Hynad

      Worse in this is that he talks about being transparent, yet he lies throughout this while trying to sugar coat the message.

      The truth is that MS gave them a paycheck they just couldn’t refuse. Integrity, when you hold them… not.

      Tim Price, you need to recheck your definition of “being transparent”. People are not as gullible as you think. Your message here is an insult to everyone.

  • edgar

    if it’s xbox one exclusive you will lose sales. Mine specifically.

  • RobB

    As a PlayStation gamer, if Insomniac had decided to make an Xbox 360 exclusive title then I would have been annoyed, but I would have accepted it without complaining. However producing an Xbox One exclusive is extremely disappointing, not because I won’t be able to play it (though of course that is also the case), but because the policies of the Xbox One with regards to things like online check-ins and used game restrictions are so dreadful for consumers and potentially damaging for the future of the industry that Insomniac (a company I normally respect and admire) apparently supporting them is extremely saddening to see.

    This sentence in particular: “But as the Microsoft team began introducing us to the abilities and philosophies driving the development of Xbox One, we knew that Sunset Overdrive was a perfect fit” is deeply worrying. If you’d said “Microsoft offered us a good financial deal in return for an exclusive title” then it would have perhaps appeared disappointingly mercenary, but I’d rather see Insomniac make some poor decisions to stay in business than to disappear completely as so many high quality studios have in recent times. However to me the core “philosophies” of the Xbox One are the erosion of basic consumer rights and a lack of respect to people with poor (or non-existent) Internet connections and if Insomniac honestly find those to be a “perfect fit” to any of their titles then that gives a very negative impression of how you see your customers and fans.

    I’m sure you’ll get a lot of hyperbolic statements about how you’ve “betrayed” people or saying that they’ll never buy your games again, but that’s not how I feel. I look forward to seeing Insomniac working on PlayStation in the future, but I would be lying if I said that my positive view of the company has not been seriously damaged by this news and I cannot in good faith wish you luck with this new partnership.

    • Durodes Duvo

      I always had Insomniac’s side, ALWAYS.

      Until now.

      The discontent is TRULY justified this time.

  • Hacker2021 .

    Insomniac, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You keep going on about being independent and controlling your own franchises, and in the process you disregard the people who actually want to play your games. You messed up.

  • Andrew

    I must say this is a sad and dreary article for me to read that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I’m not sure how you could be “doing this for our fans” when you are releasing it exclusively on the console of a company that you have released ONE game prior. I have loved your games, but the exclusivity of one of your titles will not sway me to purchase an xbox one. I do hope, should you ever deign to work with your “friends” at sony, that you will show the legions of fans you are currently turning your back on how much you supposedly value us.

  • Durodes Duvo

    I’ve never been so disappointed in a developer… I can’t even put it into words!

  • Dave Jowen

    Very sad that I won’t be able to play your game, the Xbox One is not for ‘gamers’ but rather the extremely casual crowd.. Oh well.

  • RenegadeRocks

    Xbone is against consumer rights ! I abandoned it the day they announced the DRM checks. Sorr yo tell you Ted, I am a gamer who owns his games. I won’t be playing your game, and its not my fault. Will miss you guys terribly cos you were my inspiration behind my game desing career. My ehtics won’t let me bow to those Draconian DRms

  • Former Insomniac Fan

    Agree with Hacker2021 “Insomniac, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You keep going on about being independent and controlling your own franchises, and in the process you disregard the people who actually want to play your games. You messed up.” Probably all about the money. 🙁

  • mike

    I have a feeling you will find your stream to be hostile. Also this is what we think:
    ……. |

  • Former Insomniac Fan

    Sounds like EA really didn’t get on well with you guys. That’s a shame. Something else EA has ruined for the world…

  • kaoz

    disappointed but oh well. hopefully a game that is on ps4 as well isnt that far off

  • Guest

    Sounds like EA really didn’t get on well with you guys. That’s a shame. Something else EA has ruined for the world…

  • Anthony

    I add my disappointment to everyone else here. As someone else said I could understand you going with a 360 exclusive, I could understand you going for the money that Microsoft would pay but I can’t understand you wanting to tie yourself to Microsoft’s current philosophy which is rightly receiving everything it deserves. This isn’t just its anti consumer policies but also its policies which will hurt independent developers.

    I’m sure you have herd of the triple bottom line. Consumers have expectations which aren’t just about price anymore. Ethics are important too and in this case its ethics about the way Microsoft treats consumers and the small studios

    BTW I learned about Ratchet and Clank because I played it at a friends house, I also bought my first R&C second hand. Because of that experience I bought every R&C game you have produced, I bought a PS3 just to buy more R&C games but I wont be buying the new Xbox for this game because I care about consumer rights and I will have to think twice about even buying your next PS34 games when you finally produce them because of your support for Microsoft’s polices

  • Artboy

    The issue I’ve got is you picked a system that is happy to tell us what to do with our product, a product that’ll cost me £429 or $671.

    And their message has been “Why live there” “Backwards compatibility is for the backward” “want to play offline, buy a 360”

    You made that business decision. And like my now enforced boycott of MS, any dev that wants to go exclusive on a system like that, I cant support.I’d morally feel wrong putting any of money into that kind of ecosystem.

  • Disappointed in Insomniac. First Fuse, and now a game exclusive to a platform that your core audience does not want to support. At what point did you start listening to the suits and not to your fans?

  • CEP

    I gotta say, Sunset Overdrive looks to be the most interesting new ip Insomniac has done sine Ratchet in 2002. The game looks beautiful, that’s what I want from my Insomniac experience; lots of charm and unique visuals, also cool guns. Best of luck with the title guys and though I am not yet convinced on XB1 I am sure the title will find a thriving community for it.

  • OneManLaptop

    This situation reminds me somewhat of Hello Games’ Joe Danger release on PS3. It launched to much fanfare and was highly regarded as a great PSN exclusive. Then came the 360 port. The Playstation faithful who had championed Hello Games as a great example of Indie developers doing well on Playstation, generally felt that their goodwill had been misplaced. Whilst Joe Danger did very little for Xbox, it was a blow for Playstation fans, and I think the disparity in sales speaks to that.

    By the time the sequel was released, the damage had been done and based on leader board activity around launch, it was clear that Playstation fans had largely turned their back on both franchise and developer.

    Ted, if people are angry, it’s generally not because they don’t respect your desire to remain independent, control your own IP or even enjoy success outside of Playstation, it’s because we are disappointed that a developer we cherish and who is so linked to the Playstation brand, has chosen to bring their content to a platform many of us don’t support, and in light of the recent DRM announcements, don’t want to have anything to do with.

    For the past 15 years, Insomniac have been a prized Sony developer and you have cultivated a fan base amongst Playstation fans, many of whom are fans – perhaps unfairly – of Playstation Developer: Insomniac Games, and not: Insomniac Games.

    Being involved with the creation of my own comic book, I fully appreciate the desire to own your IP and to be able to step away from the sandbox of publisher mandates, but in my opinion, the Insomniac brand was/is too ingrained with Playstation to be able to not only step away from that association, but to actually go a step further, and release a game exclusively on ‘the’ rival platform.

    I’ve always loved Insomniac games, I have a room full of R&C merchandise and I rated Resistance 3 my 2011 game of the year, so when you put out a game for PS4, I’ll be there, but to know that – as a Playstation fan – I’m locked out of playing Sunset Overdrive, (one of the best looking games of E3) well that stings.

    Maybe the best way to take this backlash is not as the bare faced hate which much of it must come across as, but as a sign of how much you were valued on Playstation. All The Best!

    • DeeBG

      I didn’t know that part of Hello Games’ history. Heh, I only have Joe Danger 2 because it was free for PS+ members at one point.

  • Joe

    Noooo Insomniac you were the chosen one! it was said you would destroy Microsoft not join them! I loved you… :'(

    • Giba Hoffmann

      LOL, this is the winner!!

  • spoonikle

    Its ok, we still love you guys. Sunset Overdrive looks amazing.

    Yet I think Microsoft Pulled the wool over your eyes with a wad of money if you think that Xbone would help you better realize your creative vision.

    I think this generation is going to be the first where I dont own all the major consoles.

    • DeeBG

      Same. I think I’ll be rolling PS4/Vita (and of course PC) only from the looks of it. The Wii U is interesting and has/will have some titles that I’m sure I would enjoy, but I’m not interested enough to invest (this is about the only thing I miss about dorm room life; if you couldn’t find a console/game to play in one of the common areas, it was likely that someone in your dorm did and would like to play for a bit).

      Same with the 3DS, some really amazing games from some of my favorite developers, however when they didn’t add a second “circle pad” and just did the XL move, it was a disappointment; I still might break down and buy a used handheld some day (esp. if they can work out a flash cart system =p).

      As far as Xbox One (that name still bugs me since I still have a chipped Xbox hooked up to my entertainment center, although I don’t think it’s been turned on in a couple years), the pre-E3 press conference was enough to turn me off. I’m sure it will have great titles, some exclusive and maybe I’ll get a chance to play them one day, but not in the foreseeable future. Also I’m not saying that PSN is free from idiots/hackers/annoying kids/etc, but I never felt part of the Xbox Community like I do with Playstation, and I think a year of attempting to put up with other users over Xbox Live didn’t help.

  • Durodes Duvo

    Insomniac needs the Microsoft money to stay in the business, that’s all you had to say, Price.

  • EMT0

    Methinks MS money blinded you. Saying that you don’t want to be exclusive anymore, then jumping into Microsoft’s bed? Really?

  • Jessica

    Ted Price you son of a biitch! How dare you switch from PlayStation to Microsoft?! You Obviously dont care about the millions of fans on the PlayStation side ,but you seem to like the few thousand gamers on the MS side. Go ahead and join the dumb MS family ,and i hope you miss the PlayStation Family…cause your no longer apart of it.

    • You shouldn’t be name calling people like that. It’s best to stick to addressing the concerns involved. They’ll be more likely to take you seriously if you do that…

      I think if they’re welcome back is more a matter for them and Sony to discuss, rather than us.

      • Jessica

        I think sony would see what they did as a slap in the face. Don’t forget they were supported by sony for 2 decades.

        • Go listen to Podcast Beyond’s E3 episode. They ask Shuhei Yoshida about Insomniac. He’s obviously not burning any bridges in his answers.

  • Jessica

    Ted price…You bring shame to the world of gaming.

  • kylebarrett

    Dear Ted,

    I just wish you guys had gone in a different direction…

    You staffed up, and became capable of multiple AAA developments. And now you’re part of that AAA ecosystem, where you’re creating games for the sake of it. Not because anyone wants them.

    Who was FUSE for? Why does this game exist?

    It’s all for you. They are to ‘broaden’ your audience. They are to pursue independence. They are to own your big IP. They are strategic pieces of software.

    (Heck… Who was Resistance 2, and those ridiculous Ratchet spinoffs for? It doesn’t feel like it was for your fans. I loved R:FoM, I drew fanart.)

    I just dream of the day you guys wake up, and go Double Fine. Ton’s of smaller 3D titles, and browser stuff.

    Who cares if you don’t retain talent, cut your overheads. Keep the people who enjoy the small quick turnaround. Let your creative people take small creative risks. Stop relying on this stupid fan-based identity. Because there’s not much left anyway.

    Stop being part of the AAA problem, creating titles for the sake of it.

    Anyway, what do I know? Have fun guys, hope this game keeps the studio going.

    • FUSE was for EA’s favorite market to try and usurp, the Call of Duty people. It was focus tested for such… Insomniac obviously started making it for their traditional audience and was swayed by the focus tests to change it. (The audience CoD is for? Those who are trying to be so adult and so mature that they consider humor beneath them and something that only kids want.)

      Resistance 2 wasn’t a terrible game, but wasn’t their best game either.

      Not all the spinoffs were bad. I thought Quest for Booty was quite good.

      • kylebarrett

        Well then FUSE was not for fans. They need to stop relying on that conceit.

        If they want to create games for themselves, they need to do smaller games.

        If they want to create games that are financially viable they need to do smaller titles.

        Anyway, I wish them the best of luck with Overdrive. I don’t think I’ll be playing it.

  • Kor3986

    All i will say is that yes, this news has left me feeling a little heart broken, however this onl damages my view of the company ever so slightly. Hell, Sunset Overdrive is just about the only reason I would ever consider buying an xbox one. I only request two from Insomniac, 1st I request that we someday either see Sunset Overdrive one the ps4, or maybe even a new IP instead(though please give us a great single player campaign and make the multiplayer come second). And, more importantly, my 2nd request is that you don’t stop competing with, how I’ve always seen it, your brothers over at Naughty Dog.
    And if this a case where you need the cash in order to stay in business as I have heard then fine, it is a nessesary evil and I hope to see more from you guys on the Playstation.
    I don’t care what anyone says, you guys will always be titans in my eyes and i hope you never have to close your doors.

    • Curtis Latimer

      I have to concur with this statement I’ve always acknowledged and enjoyed the indirect rivalry from naughty dog and insomniac over the past 15 years, albeit of late its just been naughty dog consistently acing any insomniac effort. Picking up last of us tomorrow and most likely any future title they make, cant say as much for insomniac…

  • Curtis Latimer

    Hey there Ted this is my first time commenting here but I’ve been following you guys since spyro and I’d just like to say please let me play this game, via pc or ps4 it looks kind od intersting. Why you would think all your fans suddenly only play xbox one is beyond me but hey you know best. Feels a littler bad as well since i brought all your ps3 titles personally.

  • Juan Salas

    Well i was looking For a good reason to get a xbox one so thanks Insomniac i’m gonna enjoy playing Sunset Overdrive looks like a Fun amazing game cant wait

  • UsedTolikeTedPrice:(

    I must be honest. I have supported Insomniac since the days of Spyro. But lately it seems that your focus is more on making money, than making quality. I can understand multiplatform development, on the grounds of reaching as many gamers/consumers as possible. But unless Sony has screwed you over in some respect, your fan base has been, and is firmly established on sony consoles. To make an exclusive title for another console is a cold slap in groin to many of your loyalist. I know hind sight is 20/20, but I must respectively disagree with your actions. I think this may be a regrettable decision in the long run. Fans are what drive your business. Fans make or break your games sales. So, why let them down? I, as well as millions of others, appreciated all the released ip’s you created on Sony consoles. But, as of now, you have begun to tarnish your image and make it stained with lackluster multiplatform games, and less then stellar exit with your latest ratchet and clank games, as well as resistance 3. I mean, it’s if you forgot who you make games for, instead of who is allowing you to publish it… 🙁 Well, one day, maybe you will return to your developing greatness. I hope that’s some day soon. I used to respect the development team at insomniac, but I don’t even know who you are anymore.

    I hope the money you may, or may not, receive from fuse or sunset overdrive was worth it in the long run. If it isn’t, you can always chalk it up to always being an independently owned development studio for 19 years.

  • Johnnyboi11

    Hate to say it but Insomniac going from Sony Exclusive to Microsoft Exclusive reminds me of Factor 5. And we all know what happened there.

  • Aaron Rocco Piniewski

    Done with you Insomniac.

  • Bsneider

    I disagree with most people here. I’ve been a fan of Insomniac, as I grew up playing ratchet and clank on ps2. I’m completely ok with you guys making a game exclusively for Microsoft. Business like this is an integral part of the game industry, By making deals with new partners Insomniac will be able to pursue new types of games and grow as a company. That being said, why are all of your recent games shooters? you should go back to your platforming roots and make a new platformer ip like spyro or ratchet and clank for the xbox. I used to think you guys were ps2’s answer to gamecube’s mario.

  • Voice O Reason

    Thank you guys. Thank you for the memories. Ratchet and Clank series was, and still is very dear to me. The humor, the story, the gameplay, the characters, the groovitron. I was really hoping to see what you guys could’ve done with the PS4 with it. I was hoping for another Resistance even (more like R1 though).

    I understand you guys wanted to expand, own your own IP. You guys said you wanted to “expand your audience”, and that’s what got me. Sure, Fuse didn’t work out well, but you tried to expand your audience putting it on more platforms. But then you come out on stage Ted and announce an exclusive for the Xbox One? How is that “expanding your audience”. Now I have to say I feel like it’s all about the money for you guys. You can’t “expand your audience” by making an early title for a new console, and a console that’s getting torn apart right now by the gamers and mainstream media. One that was designed as a slap to consumers faces. Not cool.

    Anyways, thanks for the memories. I hope whoever carries on your baby for Sony (RnC) does the series justice for you guys, your fans, and RnC lovers everywhere.

  • Upset Fan

    Upset and disappointed is all I can say. After the disaster of Overstrike or Fuse (or whatever the hell you want to call it now) I was anticipating the new game you guys were making, hoping it would be multiplatform so I could buy it, and so you could get more fans. However, no, instead you fucked every fan over, really, that’s what you did. OverStrike looked like a great game that I know I would enjoy the hell put of, it reminded me of why I loved Insomniac Games, but then you decide to make it an Xbox One exclusive, after saying how you would stick with your fans, and continue to make games for Sony. But no, you clearly lied to your fans, and now you’re ball shitting us saying it could only be done on the Xbox One. So upset is all I can say, I would have bough this with no problem, but I cannot and will not agree with the stupid policies of the Xbox One, so I will not end up getting this game. Maybe in the future this will come to another console so I can actually buy it, but until then, I never will.

    Screw you Insomniac Games, seriously screw you!!!!

    – From a pissed of fan. (A fan that was with you until the PS1 days, but not anymore).

  • zaid mohammad

    You know something, I just want to mention one last thing. While your games were one of my favorites, they weren’t exactly my favorite overall. But Insomnian Games were my favorite developer. That was only because of the commitment you guys had for your fans, heck you guys had done a co-op game even though it wasn’t very good, but you did it because that fans had requested. You always responded to our comments on the blog, or on forums. Talked to us on personal levels like I had never seen from another dev.

    But this was shocking for me, it shows that you guys have been mentally affected by your recent games’ performances that you did not know what do do anymore. You made a radical move, which made you loose what you had for me, which was love for this dev. Even if your games sucked I would buy all of them, only because I wanted to help you guys. But this shows how much you guys have lost your way over the past couple of years. It’s just sad the reason I loved this Dev, is the exact reason why I would be so turned off from it. The fans were who you guys always seemed to care about, but recently and especially with this, it turns like you guys have turned away from your roots.

    Really disheartening.

    I”ll be still looking for Ratchet and Clank, but that’s perhaps it, until you go back to your roots. Once you ‘two game’ deal is over with Microsoft, I’ll be waiting to see if you’ve gone back to your roots. But please, don’t crumble and die by then.

  • Aaron Rocco Piniewski

    For the right PRICE, Ted Price will betray his fans.

    • Durodes Duvo

      Microsoft probably gave them millions.

  • Kris

    In contrast to many on here, I say congratulations and good luck! I’ll still be looking forward to what ever you guys announce as coming to PlayStation.

  • Agent 47

    This really hurts guys, the Xbox One is the most “fan” unfriendly console ever released, and you make your title exclusive to it? I hope all those “philosophies” and that hand sliding a fat wad of cash in your back pocket work out for you. Because it looks like you chose the loser anyways. Your fans will be waiting for you back on PS4, but don’t expect a welcome return. Losers.

  • Youhavebeenwarned

    Dear Insomniac

    Be warned, if this MS deal blows up in your face and you go back to Sony and try make some quick cash by dragging the R&C franchise through the dirt with games like FFA and All4one, Sony probably wont let you, yes Yoshida(Sony WWS President) is positive about your Xbone deal as “part of growing up” but Sony has so many eager studios willing to full your position. If Sony suddenly pulls the rug from under you its because Sanzaru, Sony BEND or Ready at DAWN are now developing Ratchet and Clank or Resistance instead of you. Look what MS has done to their studios, Lionhead is ruined and Bungie PAYED Microsoft for their freedom. You have been warned!

    I will not be buying the Xbox One(you can guess why), however I hope Sunset Overdrive does well and I wish you guys the best of luck!

    • The developers of Limbo, Castle Crashers, and Braid also apparently paid MS for their freedom too.

    • cam

      Insomniac just alienated 99% of their fanbase. They can stay away now. I wont forgive them for this.

  • SoliderPenguin

    You have betrayed all of your fans! Why would you want to program for microsoft’s spy box 1? When you could be programing for the most epic of all consoles ever, obviously I’m talking about the ps4 . Why would you break away from your fan base? I haven’t even owned a 360 for years because of how crappy Microsoft is. Don’t even get me started about windows 8! If you go through with this mistake I will no longer support any of your previous or future games! I also completely agree with the comment “You have been warned”.

  • Sander Jansen

    God shut up!! I don’t like the Xbox One but TRY to support them. They are trying something new. And heck, maybe the return for PS will be good. So Yeah.
    Just sayin :I

    • cam

      After this they deserve no support. Due to being PS exclusive their entire existence till last year, this just alienated 99% of their fanbase. This is outrageous!

  • SoliderPenguin

    Its not that I really have a problem with them developing for Microsoft but its the blatant lies and the exclusive bullshit. Anyone who has compared the XBO to the PS4 knows that the ps4 completely crushes the XBO in every way, so why is it that XBO is the “only” counsel that can run it?

    • Kris

      Hyperbole much?

  • Daniel E. Walsh

    This is garbage. Just tell it like it is: “Microsoft gave us more money in order to keep it exclusive.” Just so you know, this is going to end up failing miserably for both parties as they have a vastly inferior console and you decided not to develop either multiplatorm or with Sony.

    • Kris

      “vastly inferior”…your ignorance is amazingly pathetic. And I’m a PlayStation guy through and through. Don’t be such a robot.

      • Just curious, but aside from Kinect, DirectX, and the force feedback on the triggers, name one way the Xbox 1 is superior? 🙂

        • Kris

          Did I say that it was superior, Mr. Redclaw? I just don’t play into the whole fanboy flamming. The PS4 does have the slight edge, at least, according to most sources, but all of those sources also indicate that the XBox One isn’t really that far behind. So, to say “vastly inferior” is silly and I called this guy out on it, because this is 2013, time to stop being robots screaming and yelling and making claims that just aren’t true. Its more of a semantic issue, I guess, but, still, time for fanboys and girls to grow up into more adult gamers.

          • So, 50% faster GPU and 3x the memory bandwidth is “a slight edge” eh? You’re right about the processor, but the processor is less and less important these days.

          • Zephiroth

            You Xbox One has ESRAM that makes up for the bandwidth deficiency and actually gives the Xbox One more total system memory and faster speeds than the Playstation 4. Also, don’t forget about cloud processing on the Xbox One.

            Watch all about it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLBVHZokt1Q

          • The ESRam was a serious tactical mistake on MS’s part. It’s taking up 30% of the surface area of their chip. If they hadn’t added that in they would have had GPU parity with the PS4, or a chip that was much cheaper to manufacture. They literally wasted 1/3rd of the GPU capacity on something that is mostly useless.

            The ESRam bandwidth is lower than that of the PS4’s main memory (it’s about 60% as fast) and it’s going to add difficulties to the development of the system by forcing developers to figure out what 32mb of their graphics assets are most used and stream them in. That means the Xbox One, because of this and the focus on Cloud gaming, is going to be the hardest console to develop for, and it won’t even be able to reach parity even with all that difficulty.

            Even with that 32mb extra memory, there will still be significantly less memory available for games on the system. 5 gigs and 32mb on the Xbox One, 7 gigs on the PS4. That’s because of the Hypervisor and second OS on the XB1 requiring 3 gigabytes of memory vs. the 1 gigabyte of Sony’s much more efficient and smaller OS.

          • Zephiroth

            You really think there’s going to be games using 7 gigabytes of memory? Look at how much memory high-end PC GPU’s use. Games are barely pushing 2GB. Get real.

          • You know why games aren’t pushing 2gb? Two reasons. A. 32 Bit Windows has not been eradicated and is still a significant portion of the gaming market so games CAN’T use more than 2gb and B. most games are being made for consoles first, and consoles usually have less than 450 megabytes of total memory available, so you can’t use significantly more than that and still be easily ported back to consoles.

            PS4 and XboxOne will free them from restriction B, and once you have games that use 5-7 gigs of ram on consoles, it’ll give people a reason to upgrade off their crusty old Windows Vista 32bit and Windows XP 32 bit systems.

          • matthew tripoli

            i couldnt have said it better myself. Funny thing is microsoft knows this themselves and thats why they still have yet to mention or show the gpu or esram officially on any spec list. I knew the rumors were true about the microsoft console having weaker specs when they showed the hardware list at the reveal and it was so vague and left those two key pieces to the puzzle out.

          • Kris

            No, I would not qualify 50% as vastly superior. That’s 3:2 in favor of the Ps4…again, I am a PlayStation / Sony fan at heart…PS1, PS2, 3 PS3s, Sony Bravia tv,..but again, childish comments like the one originally posted by who ever it was HURTS the reputation of more mature, less ignorant gamers like you and me, if I may include myself in there. The Ps4 IS more powerful, but not leaps and bounds, and in all likelihood we won’t see much difference between multiplatform games. PS4 Exclusives should look amazing though, but so to will some Xbox games. Visual fidelity is somewhat subjective.

          • I see we have differing definitions of vastly. What about the 200% increase in memory bandwidth?

          • Kris

            lol, I don’t deny that there is a wide gap between the PS4 and XB1, but the language I was commenting on was chosen as if the writer was comparing the PS4 to the N64. There is a difference between the PS4 and XB1, clearly in favor of the PlayStation, but the two remain comparable, and on the same playing field, even if the PS4 would beat it in a race every time. That was my point.

        • matthew tripoli

          Is directX really better when with ps4 the devs can write code straight to the hardware or use opengl. . with xbox they will be stuck with microsoft tool sets, not the case with ps4 at all. force feedback is a rumbler in the triggers with a fancy name

          • I honestly don’t know. DirectX is more popular amongst many programmers than OpenGL, but I had heard that Sony had a new toolkit that was more advanced. I was giving microsoft the benefit of the doubt on that one. 😉

      • Youhavebeenwarned

        The Specs. Every aspect from the CPU, GPU and RAM are superior.

        • Kris

          Notice I quoted “vastly inferior”. Not just inferior, which, technically speaking, might be the case. That qualifier vastly makes a big difference. However, the idea that the PS4 is “vastly inferior”, is ignorant of the actual technical specs and is clearly and little kid’s fanbot comment. Time to grow up. They are pretty close overall spec wise, though yes, the PS4 does have the slight edge. Maybe if Danny the fanboy had said, “The Xbox 360 is vastly inferior to the PS4.” I would completely agree. However, these two next gen systems, while different, are mostly in line.

          That’s not even to mention that practically, as in, for multiplatform games, we’re most likely not going to see any benefit from the PS4s slightly better hardware. Only in 1st party games. Again, I am 100% Sony, but Im also not an ignorant fanbot.

          • David Wood

            Not quite the tiny difference you make it out to be, the PS4 is over half has powerful as the Xbox One, plus the Xbox One uses 3gb of ram for the operating system, as opposed to the PS4’s 1gb used. This will be significant, because it determines how much information the console can load at once (to put it simply), and a 2gb difference will be noticed. That coupled with the inferior CPU & GPU will make a difference.

          • Kris

            Not one that will be noticeable for the end user. Again, this is an issue of semantics I guess, but I still call for you and others who use similar descriptors and hyperbole to settle down with the fanboyism. You just sound ignorant when you spew one-sided comments all over boards.

          • matthew tripoli

            I agree they might the differences wont be very noticble at first if at all but teir will come a point when the ps4 shines over the xbox one . I dotn think any games will use even 5gb of ram for awhile ut eventually it will happen and in ps4 case go beyond 5gbs . I suppose thats why microsoft scrammed for an answer with “the power of the cloud”. i like how they say games for xbox one will only be possible with the power of the cloud , games like titanfall , yet respawn dev already said the game is possible on ps4.

          • matthew tripoli

            100% sony yet you think the 360 is vastly inferior to the 360 b/c it was harder to develop for. Sounds like you are a xbox fan boy in disguise. By the way most experts say the ps4 has 40% more raw power. thats almost vastly.

          • Kris

            How dare you! lol. PSN KMOSE734…playing the Last of Us right now, well, technically on a short break. Anyway, take the time to read what I wrote, because even though you made a typing mistake, I think you took it wrong. I said the XB360 was vastly inferior to the PS4. Now that comparison would allow me to qualify the PS4 as vastly superior, or that it “crushes the 360 in every way”. No arguing there. The PS4 is something like 16x more powerful than 360/PS3 depending on what you read. That’s a VAST difference.

            50% is not vast when comparing PS4 to XB1, why? Because it won’t really mean clearly obvious differences between XB1 and PS4 multiplatform games. That’s not to say we should ignore that gap, but its not a difference that is going to really make much of a difference visually…again, with the exception of 1st party Sony titles.

          • Anthony Hall

            multiplat games are normally made on the weaker and easier system then ported over. M$ probably also paid developers to make it on the xbox first so it would look better.

          • matthew tripoli

            the problem with that is the ps4 is the easier system to develop for this time around. First i heard microsoft paid to have the games made first. Some games looked better simply b/c the ps4 was hard to develop for, very hard. Most of the time you really most on the gpu to create a game . When it came to the ps3 You had to really heavily on the cpu and it was a strange knew cpu architecture that drove devs nuts

          • Ippoletta

            Yes, we all know microsoft is rich and has money up the ass. but seriously shill, they dont do everything with their money ok. stop saying they pay people for every f*cking little thing. it’s getting really pathetic…

          • matthew tripoli

            The last of us is awesome. I agree that its not going to be a huge different like ps4 compared to 360 or ps3 but 2 to 3 years in the new consoles are going to smoke the old ones n ways we cant imagine right now. That wont be the case with the ps4 and xbox one but the better specs , ease of development(might be more important then the specs) should make a difference down the road. The fact that they are similar when it comes to architecture and ease of dev. may favor the ps4 when it comes to third party games b/c it should mean a ton more production costs to optimize the game for the ps4. I think that was mark cernys strategy when he decided he wanted the devs to be able to code to the hardware instead of having to be stuck with tool sets from the library. not all devs will take advantage of that but devs that do could look and play better on ps4. Think about it A developer is making a game for both systems . they have to use microsofts tool library for the xbox one but then with the ps4 they choose to create their own code, then you tie in the fact that many devs say its easier to develop for, that said game could turn out better on the ps4. If it does it wont be mind blowing or anything graphically but if it plays smoother i am all for that.

          • Youhavebeenwarned

            No, I am not ignorant but I see what you mean.
            68gb/s>102gb/s on Xbone 5 gigs DDR3 RAM vs 7 gigs GDDR5 176 gb/s on Ps4
            18 CU cores on Ps4 vs 12 on Xbox One
            1.23 teraflops on Xbox One with a Cboat a reliable insider who even tipped off Insomniacs deal with MS on Neogaf says they are underclocking the Xbox One by 200mhz vs 1.84 teraflops on the PS4. We do not know much about the CPU of both consoles but we know they are both 8 core with the Ps4’s one rumoured to be clocked around 400mhz faster. The hardware is notably better. They both share similar architectures so the difference will be apparent.

      • matthew tripoli

        vastly superior is a bit much but it is the stronger console hardware wise amd sony has the insomniac fans. O dont think the money part is a bit much though. Probably right on point

  • J.

    Well, this was uncalled for.

    That said, I’m still with Insomniac Games. When you come back home on the PlayStation, be sure that most of us will be there waiting for the next title from the studio we learned to love.

    All the best to you guys. Shame I won’t be playing your next game, ’cause it looks awesome.

  • Bank Alexander

    i actually understand why its exclusive. i dont see this as a sony game and im definitely not interested in it. the xbox market has noticeably different gamers.

    i believe only concentrating on the xbox one with this game is the only way to go for a small game like this. hope you come out with a big ratchet and clank for the ps4 later on insomniac

    • matthew tripoli

      a small game liek this. wat makes you think its small. Also If anything tis game would be better as a sony exlusive b/c that is where most insomniac fans are. One word .Cash

    • cam

      How can you understand why its exclusive? This game very easily could of been a PS4 game. Ted Price is just losing his mind. R&C FFA flopped, Fuse Flopped, now he is just getting crazy.

  • Jordan

    I understand the business aspect when insomniac decided to go multi. I also understand that they are 100 percent independent, however the years of trust and fans they developed over the years with Sony is something insomniac decided to risk. At face value it seems alright, but insomniac is risking alot as very few fans is gonna sympathize with them, especially since the quality of there titles haven’t been very good since their partnership with ea (including their recent r/c titles). I always considered insomniac to be a premiere developer in the likes of bungie and naughty dog, but the last couple of titles is unacceptable and top of it all they are putting there full effort on a platform with least amount of there fans are on. Multi is one thing exclusive is another im afraid, at least in the eyes of most of their fans. I say good luck to Mr. Price and the crew of insomniac, I wish nothing but the best,however ill be avoiding the platform they decided to release there game and probably skip their titles on playstation as well.

  • Anthony

    After asking for feedback I wonder if we will see a response from Ted though I can’t of anything he could say which would fix this

  • Kit Fowley

    Ted, the game looked absolutely stunning. Absolutely. Like Team Fortress 2 and Tank Girl got mixed together in a radioactive blender. Probably the best game I saw at all of e3!

    I’m sad that I’m not picking up an Xbox One, because of the game sharing thing and the online requirement and… Kinect, you know… Otherwise, this would be a system-seller I’m sure. But any way you publish this, I’m just glad that games this stylized and fun looking are being made, and I hope that everyone who does plan to get an Xbox One will pick it up. n.n

  • Zephiroth

    You Sony fanboys mad? Insomniac, I can’t wait to play Sunset Overdrive on my Xbox One. 🙂

  • boob

    I agree with Kit here. Sunset Overdrive captured my attention more than any other game in Microsoft’s ring. This is just a cinematic trailer, but the tight animation (wonderful weight on the main guy), the colors, the fun vibe, the name, the song – it was all working and I have confidence that it reflects the end game accurately.

    Unfortunately, like others, I’m very much NOT in Microsoft’s camp in terms of what their new system offers/doesn’t offer and their general attitude toward their consumers. We’re not blind to the fact that exclusive deals are made to win “votes” (it’s an election year for consoles! Let the war begin! I love it!) but Microsoft has quite the attitude when in comes to their PR and business strategies. And in some regard, the developers and independent studios like yourself, lose gamers based on some of these decisions/statements. I know you know this.

    So my advice is to roll with the punches. Invest some of that sweet, exclusive Micorsoft $ into a new PS4 IP – ha! ;p

    Good luck to you and Sunset Overdrive! Lookin’ forward to great Insomniac things on PS4.

  • Retroact1ve

    Retroact1ve • a minute ago −
    I seen this game on microsofts conf. I hate cartoonish games, normally. But the art in this and the shades of colour reminds me of smoking salvia 20x and the colours I’d see. It’s like surrealistic with a hint of cell shading. Love it. Having said that you chose the wrong horse to back. This game is not a console seller. I don’t think the xbone will have a console seller. How can you sell a console that all gamers I know personally are diametrically opposed to. Good luck with that though, Microsoft will have to con a lot of people as for me I think for myself and refused to be used an ad revenue stream, no thanks.

  • matthew tripoli

    I am a huge insomniac fan but I feel like this was simply was about the money and this game could have been made for either system. If I am wrong about that I would love for someone to explain to me why the ps4 could not support a game like this . They have online gameplay they have social media and I dont see how xbox one will be able to make production faster. If the answer is power of the cloud or 24 online check in then dont waste your time b/c the first one would probably make development longer and second one makes no sense b/c ps4 could connect ever 24hrs to just isnt required to by sony. when the word is that ps4 is easier to develop for. I hope insomniac does still make games for sony as i wont be getting a xbox one not even to play the game I liked most at e3 sunset overdrive.

    • Joe_HTH

      ” when the word is that ps4 is easier to develop for”

      Straight up fanboy BS, since they both have the exact same x86 design.

      • captcrunch88

        I would have given you arguments but you wouldn’t believe it since you denied the person above. I would rather suggest you to go and check tech sites where they will explain it to you in detail without you being paranoid of fanboyism.

  • direx

    From R&C I was there… on XBOne… I hate you:)

  • direx

    BTW Spyro… awe… FU Insomniac, I hate You right now!

  • direx


  • direx

    For (all) of Us I hate You!

  • Andrew Mack

    I had so much faith on insomniac that i was expecting the next badass R&C or something new for the PS4. but you went to microsoft. I’m sure you had your reason from a business point of view, but I fell betrayed until your next major PS title goodbye. 🙁

    Also I herd it was easier to develop on the PS4 than the Xbone so I don’t get the easy development thing.

    • matthew tripoli

      nobody does. I am pretty sure its being read off a card microsnot gave them. also thats why it says production instead of development.

  • curly.nige

    Thanks for the great games you have made for the ps3, jumped out of my sink lots. Of times paying resistance . I under stand you are spreading you wings to other consoles, can’t wait to see what you have to offer for the ps4 🙂 Thanks

  • Savas

    I think your sales are gonna suck with Microsoft..

    They already have failed in everyway… Good Luck “independent” from MS money Insomniac!

    You talk about your fans??? You have no freekin fans in xbox!!!

    Don’t bullshit us with all this crap! Microsoft payed well and thats it!

    oh! and FU!!

    • Joe_HTH

      Do the world a favor and get chemically castrated? The world is already filled with too much stupidity, and we don’t need the likes of you spreading your seed.

      “They already have failed in everyway”

      LOL! Is that why Microsoft makes 7 billion dollars a quarter in profit while Sony bleeds money from every orifice like it’s going out of style? In the dictionary under the definition of failure is a picture of Sony.

      • Savas

        do you get payed from Microsoft or something to defend the console?
        Do you have any stocks from Microsoft?
        Don’t you have anything better to do?
        You wrote some million posts here…

        I only wrote a comment and you just keep writing to everyone.

        Buy your console man! Enjoy it! and lets everybody else be!

        • Ippoletta

          I disagree fanboys like the sony trolls that keep leaving the same dramatic comments need to be exterminated, it seems some of them cant handle the truth either. lol they think thumbing me down will effect me.

  • David “The Body” McVey

    Thanks for all the R&C games, loved them all. I hope your Xbone game doesn’t bomb too badly.

  • cam

    Sorry insomniac, but this is the worst stunt you ever pulled. Goodbye.

    • Joe_HTH

      Not nearly as bad as the idiotic and butthurt fanboy posts on this site. You people need to grow the hell up.

      • Ippoletta

        I know can you believe this crap dude? ive never seen so many drama queens in my life. i left a nice comment for the majority of these losers because honestly that’s what they are.

  • cam

    Just to answer something as truthful as possible:
    “Everyone here at Insomniac and on the Sunset Overdrive team at Microsoft is pumped to bring the game to you.”
    Yea, to us? Since 99% of the people here are buying PS4, that alienates us. So it looks like Insomniac is the next RARE. Got suckered into Microsoft. Shame. Lets see how long this scheme plays out. I 100% bet you money this game WILL flop.

  • Emanuel Miranda

    I bought every Ratchet and Clank game, every resistance game, i been buying your games since the ps2 era, and this is how you repay your loyal fans? by making this game exclusive to xbox one? what a disappointment, i hope you have success, you give us great games, but i will never ever buy another game from you even if you make games for the ps4

  • Ridiculous Zombie

    Was (semi)watching something on tv whilst surfing the web and the only thing that caught my attention on the E3 Overview was Sunset Overdrive. Before today…. I was 100% sure about ditching my 360 & PS3, and just buying a PS4… After seeing your game trailer…. *mind-blown*, for a few moments, I thought about buying an xbone JUST FOR YOUR GAME!!!! but, I probably wont… Can’t believe you made a gem like this an exclusive. Could have been cross-platform online multiplayer (game’s lifespan would have been a lot longer too)… oh well.

    It’s a shame… I do hope the sequel will be cross-platform…

    It is a huge shame… I may see if I can borrow an xbone one day, just to play Sunset Overdrive, but it won’t be something I will purchase.

    I look forward to your PS4 games. Having grown up with Disruptor, Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, and recently Resistance, I look forward to your PS4 releases but please don’t make the mistake of backing Microsoft again.

    I wish you success with Sunset Overdrive (but if it does flop, know that it wasn’t the game’s fault.. it was the platform)

    Lifetime fan,

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    Sorry Insomniac, I can’t support your games if they’re exclusive to the xbone-DRM machine.

    I bought and support all your games ever since the mid 90s – I own all the Ratchet and Clank games, all the Resistance games. Fuse is where I cut ties with you. But this is a line I won’t cross. I hope you find success in your future endeavours.

    Ex-Insomniac fan

    • poop

      Exactly. Terrible decision. Ted Price needs to somehow back pedal out of this exclusive deal, and fast. Before he gets in too deep. Already the entire fanbase of this company is pissed. Not at all good.

      Goes to show: Dont go exclusive to a revival company of PS, which, 99% of this companies fans exclusively game on.

    • Joe_HTH

      Again, nobody cares what you support, so shut up.

  • mcxtricity

    Aww I was hoping this would be cross platform like Fuse.. the demo looked awesome! As a longtime PS fan since Disruptor ..you guys are my fav dev. I will be getting a PS4 .. hope you make some games for PS4.

  • Fite2live21

    Im a Xbox fan of insomniac and I think they are going to do just as good as they would before

  • poop

    Traitor. You just alienated 99% of your fanbase. No offence microsoft fans, but they JUST started releasing games on your console with Fuse. You are the 1%. Everyone else is PS fans. They just literally killed off their fanbase. Screw ted.

    • Joe_HTH

      ROTFLMAO! You people are pathetic and need to get laid. God forbid you ever have serious problems to deal with, because you obviously aren’t emotionally equipped to deal with them. This outrage over video games.

      • Ridiculous Zombie

        We need to get laid? This coming from the guy who gets so laid he has gone back to every single correct opinion and flamed the posts. Good game Joe the guy who gets laid…

        You moron, crawl back to your shell and try confronting people in real life.

        You may not have noticed but we are all talking to the developers, not flaming other gamers.

        Grow a pair of balls and take your cyber-hardass elsewhere.

  • poop

    Oh and one more thing: you downright refuse to work on a new spyro title, but team with 2 of the worst companies in the US? Microsoft and EA? WTF is wrong with this picture!?!

  • b-wrekless

    Don’t worry guys, insomniac will be exclusively making mobile games in 5 years. Nice knowing you Insomniac.

    • Joe_HTH

      LOL! Another butthurt corporate buttmunch for Sony.

      • symbolset

        My, aren’t you charming.

      • Upset Fan

        Are you one of those Microsoft PR doing damage control that I’ve been hearing so much about? I bet you are.

      • Nettacki

        Takes one to know one.

  • jgmuscle

    Ted thank you. As a supporter I always buy my games new and always buy online passes DLC etc to ensure developers get their share. I am a fan of all systems and play them all when I have time. The Xbox one I will definitely be getting with a PS4 as well. The reason I am getting an Xbox one is specifically for what it is. An awesome always connected everything device. Most people complaining do not fully understand the policies, and I encourage you all to actually read for yourselves. The 10 family & friends sharing is quite an excellent feature, and the log in like Steam capabilities are similar, yet improved. Developers deserve to be paid so before you hate on Xbox One and the developers review the last ten years and think about some of your favorite game studios that are no longer with us. Used games that pay the developers I am 100% supportive of and appreciate the decision MSFT has made. Change is a good thing and in due time most of you will start to see the benefits. Trust me and trust Ted with his amazing studios Insomniac games.

    • Anthony

      what? you mean like the microcrap policy specifically banning small studios from self publishing on the xbox equivalent of PSN forcing them to either go through microsoft themselves or to go through a publisher like EA. Yes that is DEFINITELY pro dev isn’t it

      • jgmuscle

        Yes as a supporter of indie developers I agree with you. I understand the business decision they made making it mandatory to have a publisher, and hopefully that will change. Afterall xbox live and the PC were a huge driver of indie developers originally. I do however support their plan on used games and the always on DRM. I see it as a way to drive down piracy and I for one buy all my games so have no worries by verifying my system. Like I mentioned very similiar to Steam on PC now and I love Steam.

        • Anthony

          Piracy? Yes that is such a HUGE problem that its worth driving your fans away from your console isn’t it. Amazon did a survey ps4 vs Xbone. 1600 responses (which is a reasonable sample size. 1500 voted PS4.

          I work in a supermarket, we have issues with theft, on a daily basis we find things stolen, do you think the best approach would be to treat all our customers like thieves and strip search them as they leave the store? No that would be a stupid idea because the best thing we can do to discourage theft is actually customer service because people are less likely to steal from companies they like and respect with staff who are friendly and helpful. Sure we will lose a little from theft but over all sales go UP.

          Entertainment is no different, the SMALL amount of piracy loses companies no where NEAR the amount of money microcrap have just lost by forcing people with unstable, or 3G internet, a SIGNIFICANT portion of the worlds population to buy Sony or Nintendo

          In fact lets quote the president of Nintendo:

          Reggie had this to say, “The best way for console makers to deal with the used games market is to ensure their games are so good that people don’t want to trade them in.”

          Used games are not a “blight” on the game market, they are not theft. They are supporting new titles the same way that used cars do because not everyone can or will afford $100 for each new game. So they will buy second hand sure, and where does that money go? EB discourage people from taking the money out of the store by increasing trade in credit for those who use it in store and if its to a preorder then the credit increases even further. Publishers base there revenue from a game by first week sales therefore the preowned game market DIRECTLY benefits those new games in there first week because people trade them in and can buy new preorders as soon as they come out. If they couldn’t do this they are more likely to wait till the price drops or not buy it at all.

          If you focus on Customers then customers will reward you, if you treat customers like criminals then they will punish you.

          Oh and just because someone pirates a game you think that gives microcrap the right to put a spy camera in my lounge room and set it so if I disable it the console stops working?

          There have been reports that Microsoft intends to use the kinect to ensure people don’t have to many people watching there movie in the lounge room and that the person playing the game is the one who installed it. You think THAT is justified too?

          Lastly do you own an original xbox (How stupid was it to name the new one the “one” when that is how people refereed to the original console), PS1, PS2, SEGA or any other older console? Use them at all?

          I do, these old consoles have nostega value and some of the best games ever made. Pity Microsoft are specifically ensuring the Xbone will never have this. Once its superseded Microsoft will turn off the servers eventually and without the servers you will lose the ability to play the games you PAID for, not to mention the console itself. It will turn into at BEST just a blue ray player.

          I still play my R&C games on PS2 because I love the series, unfortunately the same wont be said in 20 years for this game because Microsoft will have turned the console needed to play it into a brick

          • Joe_HTH

            Dude shut up. If you don’t like what Microsoft is selling, don’t buy it. I susect you’re just another Sony shill. You’re not forced to use an Xbox One, so why are you so bent out of shape about it.

            Go buy a PS4 and be happy.

          • Robert Masterson

            Not like some of us have a choice. Plenty of people want to like the next Xbox, but they cant even fuckin play on the damn thing due to their location. Only 21 supported countries and even then you could be in a part without hispeed internet. Wake up, tool. Not everyone is as privileged as you are.

          • Ridiculous Zombie

            Oh and another thing shitbrain, we’re not fanboys… we’re merely expressing our disappointment that the game hasn’t come to the PS4. None of these comments would be here if the game was cross platform. So take your Micro$hite backing ass and go sit on Gates’ cock.

    • captcrunch88

      You sound very much like a Microsoft shill undercover of a fanboy.

  • Robert Masterson

    “But as the Microsoft team began introducing us to the abilities and philosophies driving the development of Xbox One, we knew that Sunset Overdrive was a perfect fit”

    So… how much money did they throw at you? Well, best of luck either way. You guys bet on the wrong horse and there’s now zero chance of me being tempted to buy this game.(sorry, but I am NOT going to buy an Xbox One after all their BS policies were made clear)

    • Joe_HTH

      Nobody cares what you buy or use. So spare us the your purchasing decisions.

      • Retroact1ve

        Yet in some of your other comments joe you talk about your windows 8 phone. You’re a hypocrite. By the way windows phones do suck. Had a friend at work just last night have me recharge his phone in my office. He told me it dies after only two hours, whether its full use or half use and sits in standby the rest of the time the battery just drains. Ive also messed around with his phone and the OS is schizophrenic. It feels unnatural and looks just as terrible. Windows 8 was a bust on many fronts, and you are shilling for it. There goes any credibility you had calling other people ‘fanboys’ you have been fanning it up for any and all microsoft products.

  • OnlyWar

    I’d rather have my integrity and self respect than a boatload of Microsofts money.

    Ted Price is the opposite. He stabbed his loyal fans in the back. He also lied about why Insomniac was going multi platform a few years back.

    I’ve lost all respect for Insomniac.

    • Joe_HTH

      Oh Grow up you worthless fanboy. Insomniac is a business that employs people trying to feed their families. The fact that you’re incapable of removing your head from Sony’s butt, is not Ted or Insomniac’s problem.

      The game and concept looks great Ted. Looking forward to it just like Resistance and Ratchet and Clank.

      • Ippoletta

        Amen Joe. some of these posts make me sick to my stomach. i’m glad i’m not the only one in here with common sense.

    • Guest

      I’m sorry but you sony drones are sick in the head. and if i was ted. id tell you all to kiss my a**. you think he has to cater to you idiots? nope. he decided to take Microsoft’s money and make a cool looking game. what the f**k is your
      problem? this man and the rest of his team has a family to take care of.
      you dumb asses act like it’s a crime to take money and make games for
      people. lol… i guess it’s because sony’s in debt, you shills act like
      making money is a bad thing.

      they’re a flipping company for Christ sakes. you should be glad
      Microsoft threw money at them so they can make more games. but i guess
      my ranting is pointless because this place is filled with a bunch of
      childish, rabid sony shills with no flipping morals. most of you should
      be ashamed of yourselves. they made how many games for sony???? and they
      make 1 little exclusive game for Microsoft and you people act like they
      killed your damn family members. i mean honestly…

      i’m so angry and appalled by all of the BS some of you so called
      insomniac fans are writing. are you people paying them to make this
      game? no… so why the f**k do you care who they make it for? it’s
      nobodies damn business, they could have gone to Nintendo for all i care.
      are you people really that blind and childish? i swear sony fans are a
      bunch of flipping selfish hypocrites. loyal to a piece of freaking
      plastic and metal. i feel sorry for some of you. not just you drones,
      but all fanboys in general.

      to all that has a problem with what they are doing, you’re all
      pathetic… truly. and i dont give a damn what any of you ignorant
      shills have to say so dont bother.

      all of you pathetic children harped about how the xbox360 had no
      exclusives, and the freaking instant they get some sony kids are all
      angry and want them. but it pleases me to know this game or anything
      Microsoft publishes wont go to the PS4. and dont tell me about mass
      effect because EA bought the series.

      TL;DR go to h*ll.

      Rant over.

  • Joe_HTH

    You people are beyond pathetic. There are people dying in the world from war and starvation, and you idiots are going ballistic over a damn video game. You people need to get your priorities straight.

    Ted and Insomniac are doing what’s best for them. They don’t exist to cater to the whims of blind, pathetic fanboys too stupid to find their own backside.

    • mipom

      If you care so much about starvation and war then what are you doing trolling a videogame comments section?

    • captcrunch88

      You are beyond pathetic to be bringing up this discussion in a gaming forum. The entire world has some problem, one or the other kind. This does not mean we all quit living our lives happily and mourn for the rest. Those who want a better life should help themselves rather than depending on others.

      People can relocate to next neighbourhood where there is water and start farming. This solves the hunger problem.

  • captcrunch88

    So basically what I got from this is that Sunset Overdrive is coming to PS4 later. Microsoft paid money to say that Xbox’s online feature helps constant upgrades (which means an always connected system btw). He seems to have ignored the fact that Sony’s PS4 is as capable, or rather more capable, than the Xbox One.

    I bet that Sunset Overdrive is coming to PS4 later than Xbox One….. 100% sure.

    • Actually, that’s incorrect. Insomniac is independent of both Sony and Microsoft and owned by nobody but Ted Price. They’ve had a long history with Sony platforms, but were never owned by Sony. They haven’t said anything at all about bringing SO to other platforms, just that they can make other games for other platforms.

      • Retroact1ve

        Right but did the makers of TitanFall give out any information about their exclusive deal? No they never said it would come on anything other than PC or Xbone…. yet it got out that it was a timed exclusive, 1 year and that deal is over. It just stands to reason that TitanFall may see a release much later on PS4. However by then it would be played out as I will be using it on the PC. It just seems like a timed exclusive, but to me who cares because a company that sells out their original fanbase is sure to fail.

    • Ratchet4ever

      Don’t be so shure.

    • Ippoletta

      Microsoft published and funded it, PS4 aint getting it.

  • chamber25

    Wish you guys no ill will but your decisions were just confusing. I totally respected the fact that you have guys wanted to go multi-platform, cause every independent developer has that right to do what is best for their company and multi-platform opens you up to a wider market. This way you open up your market without neglecting the fans that built you guys up. Now to throw it in your hardcore fans faces and totally cut them off seems just ridiculous, personally and financially.

  • Matt Wix

    Just make a new Ratchet and Clank afterwards, give us a massive free roaming Metropolis hub, give us 60fps, give us SFX better than Infamous: Second Son, give us the classic R&C gameplay and then maybe we’ll forgive you. Who am I kidding, we’ll DEFINITELY forgive you.

  • Shreyas_M

    When this was first announced, at their conference, I literally could not believe it. I have been a fan since the start, till the very end. Even got the admittedly mediocre Fuse! I’m sad that I’ll not be able to play this game, as I’m only getting the PS4, and I can’t just get a Xbox for playing your new game, although you guys are one of my favourite developers. I’ll still wish you the best of luck, because I could never see you guys burn. I’m just sad, that I won’t be able to play it..

  • Why are there so many negative comments just because Insomniac is appealing to the audience that isn’t jumping on the Microsoft hate wagon?
    I have played a vast majority of the games made by Insomniac and was thrilled to see them developing a game for Xbox One so that way I will actually be able to play it. They have a market of customers whom aren’t buying the PS4. Who are you to dictate which market they can or can not develop for?

    • Retroact1ve

      I think people are just pointing out that the real reason was money, not any of the PR bs he gave. Another reason for these negative responses was because of the crap they spouted at E3 saying this game was only possible on the xbone. Thats ridiculous since the console is less powerful, by a larger margin then any multiplat devs will be willing to say for fear of pissing off ms. One more reason is because any dev that supports a company to the degree of giving an exclusive deal to a console that has many anti consumer measures built in says a lot about the developer. It says they don’t care about their original fan base, and that they dont care if people get screwed over as long as they can get those sweet sweet bags of money.

      The MS spin machine has been out full force. People waiting in the wings to claim even the PS4 will have anti used game measures, when in fact it doesnt. No system wide DRM, no publisher can block used games and in fact the only option they have is to initiate an online pass… but thats something we already have current gen like BF3 for instance (until EA did away with them thinking they had the new shiny MS DRM across all consoles, but they jumped the gun apparently). Another is the mandatory kinect, it has to stay plugged in even if you are not using it… even if you are just watching a movie or playing a game that doesnt use it… strikes me as odd and intrusive especially taking their smart ad patents regarding tagging people’s emotions and targeting ads using that information. Which means microsoft selling off information garnered through the kinect about people’s behaviors, no thanks ms no thanks.

      Insomniac backed the wrong horse and they wont make near as much from sales as they are expecting.

      • I hope they’re getting enough of that 1 billion that MS is setting aside to buy exclusives that the sales won’t matter to the company’s future health… I really like Insomniac and want more of their games, and if their upfront pay from MS isn’t enough to keep them afloat, I’ll be sad.

        • Retroact1ve

          This is one of those decisions that can make or break a company and their reputation. I personally feel they made the wrong decision. Not just because they went exclusive for Microsoft but because it was with a console with so many anti console consumer measures. Also so many greedy measures people haven’t even learned about yet. When people realize its more about Microsoft using people as a test group for ads and other things for them to profit than it is about games for ms they will be really pissed.

      • You do realize how mis-informed you sound, right? 1. Sony released a press release the day after their E3 presentation saying that, in fact, yes third party developers and publishers will have the freedom to put in restrictions and all the DRM they want. 2. The Kinect can be turned off into a low power state while you use the console if you are using a feature that doesn’t require it-that was confirmed like 2-3 weeks ago. 3. As far as games only running on the Xbox One, that’s because the Xbox One will have the Cloud at launch to be used for the physics calculations and other such things so that the game itself can run on the console itself, so yes they are less limited with the Xbox One than with the PS4 -at launch-(Sony said Gaikai will be available sometime in 2014). 4. The Xbox One has long since surpassed the 360 in pre order sales, and those numbers continue to grow even as most retailers run out of pre orders due to the few that haven’t so there wont be any shortage of a market for Xbox One exclusives. 5. How could it possibly negatively impact you if a game gets released on the Xbox One? It’s the same lack of logic that I’ve seen from people raging over KH3 being multi platform because it just grinds their gears to see it on the Xbox One for no adequately explainable reason, because it apparently makes perfectly logical sense for a company to not target a demographic of gamers when they are a gaming company?

        • Retroact1ve

          Actually you are misinformed: “Rather than speculate, we went directly to Sony to find out what’s going on. Turns out, it’s a very similar system to what’s in place on the PS3 now. According to Dan Race, Senior Director, Corporate Communications for Sony, Tretton’s statements were referring specifically to playing used games online”

          Only Drm that publishers will have available in regards to the PS4 are ONLINE passes only. The same thing EA used for BF3 thats it, stop spreading lies. Everyone who decided to already preordered the ps4. If you want to try and trick people into trying to go with something less consumer friendly go ahead. Just dont accuse me of lying.

          Kinect can only be ‘turned off’ via a software switch and if you know anything about webcams or electronics that is not the same thing as a physical switch or unplugging it. It can still be activated by itself with its own software, or remotely for that matter.

  • carl

    Hi Ted

    I’m hoping you are reading this. I have played every single game developed by insomniac from R&C 1 to fuse(witch reeeeaaalyy dissapointed me). i know how you guys want to create your own IPs. i realy have respect for that, but fuse was just bad, mature version of All4one(in my opinion) and Sunset overdrive is cool, great but it’s only on XBone WTF!!!

    and where is resistance 4? i know that the story ended, but it was way better than other FPS’ on the market, and try to return serius ratchet. Present ratchet from A4o and the movie is just baby face and ratchet from deadlocked was AWESOME.

    I just hope that you come back to Sony and create Awesome games for everybody.

    Rebember your rule, ‘fun HAS to come first’

  • Nettacki

    In other words, it’s just about the money, right? Ted, you don’t have to lie to us. It’s ok to be upfront about the fact that companies like you need money to survive. Everything else you said was little more than a PR coverup.

  • Emezie Aneke

    Insomniac games i i have played Resistance 2 and Resistance 3 and loved those games. I will be even happier to play Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One when it releases next year. Do not be intimidated by the mob of sony fanboys spreading hate about Microsoft and their partners.
    I am glad that i am now part of the Xbox ecosystem because the Sony community is Poisnous. Sony’s community are not gamers, they are haters. These same cry babies harrassed Sony when a Picture of Justin Beiber was put on the XMB to advertise a game i believe was called singstar. Sony buckled as usual and removed it. There is no end to their horde mentality, they are goverened by the mentality of ‘Monkey see monkey do’.
    I am glad that we have companies like Insomniac and Microsoft to continue pushing the boundaries of video games. Stay strong and ignore the hive. i cannot wait to continue supporting you

    • I’m betting you weren’t hanging around on the internet and forums back around the PS3 launch. The Xbox 360 fans were so poisonous back then that even on the Sony official playstation forums there were massive numbers of them. A bunch of us PS3 users actually setup our own forum just to get away from the vitriol of the Xboxers on pretty much every forum on the net. ( http://www.gamesey.com, no longer active now.)

      • Emezie Aneke

        Are you sure about that because i remeber it differently. Sony fans were trolling websites saying things like

        “as soon as PS3 releases, Xbox 360 Sales will dry up”

        “DVD will be obsolete in a few years”

        ” Xbox is no match for the power of the cell”

        ” PS3 will dominate again like the PS2 era”

        ” PS3 can play games online for Free”

        ” The cell is like a super computer”

        ” PS3 graphics is much better than Xbox 360″

        ” No PS3 exclusive can run on Xbox 360 because Xbox 360 does not have the power of the cell”

        ” Haha, PS3 has inbuilt Wifi, Xbox does not”

        ” PS3 has HDMI and 1080 P while Xbox still use’s yellow, red and white analogue cables”

        ” Xbox does not even have built in Hard Drive”

        ” Xbox 360 does not have PS3’s sixaxis Motion controls”

        There are more to share but these will do. I would know because i even used to believe in “Teh power of the CELL”

        • I believe we’re both right. I didn’t hang out on xbox forums, so all I remember are the Xbox trolls coming in and talking about “George Foreman Grill”, “PS3 is too hard to program for”, “Symmetric analog sticks are stupid” and so forth. Also calling anyone who supported it an idiot. I’ve done my best over the last 7 years to forget all that nonsense though.

          The funny part is, most of those statements you posted are factually correct, or at least fairly close to correct. Some of those they probably believed because of the Dreamcast effect.

          So, the moral of today’s story… Don’t judge a console by its rabid trolls, as both sides have rabid trolls?

          • Emezie Aneke

            haha, i think it is safe to admit that gamers as a whole like to test the will of others and start a console war.
            Although i have noticed that Nintendo fans don’t involve themselves in such trivial matters.

            What is clear is that Sony has the most fanboys and these fanboys are like the most wanted of the gaming industry. They will fall on their Sword to defend Sony.

            Here is an interesting opinion of someone who has experienced both sides. Owned a PS3 for 5 years and owned an Xbox 360 for 6 months.

            I switched to Xbox 360 in November 2012 when Halo 4 released.

            After playing Uncharted 1, 2, 3, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 2.

            I have to say that none of those Playstation Exclusives looked as good as Halo 4. Halo 4 simply blew me away both at a graphical and technical level.

            This came as a huge shock to someone who always believe in the ‘power of the CELL’ until he tried an Xbox 360 exclusive.
            Games like Call of Duty Black Ops 2 etc all run and look better on my Xbox 360 too.

            Also, Gears of War Judgement looks as good if not better than Halo 4

          • Of course COD/etc run better on the 360. The cell is a nightmare to optimize for. Most developers of cross platform games don’t even bother. The only cross platform game that I’ve seen that was better on PS3 was Saboteur. (Which is an excellent game, btw.)

            On the other hand, I’m sure Halo 4 is good, it’s a guaranteed seller so they likely sunk 100 million+ into its development and getting the art assets just right. Any system can look good if you spend enough money throwing artists at it and brute-force your way into good graphics. PS3 exclusives look darn good, but I can guarantee that none of them had the budget that MS put behind the Halo series.

            On the gripping hand, The first and biggest block of games that I want to play are much more likely to come out on Sony and Nintendo platforms. Atlus, NIS, etc. I’d take Persona 5 over Halo 4 any day. Heck, Persona 5 over all of the uncharted, god of war, and killzone, gears of war, AND halo. MS has stopped even trying to compete in the Japanese market, so it’s a pretty safe bet that the games I want to play will not be on the Xbox One.

            My second biggest block of preferred games is indie and small developer games. MS has pretty much ceeded the Indie market by remaining stagnant in their indie policies this generation. (Before, this was the only block that kept me playing PC games)

            My 3rd block is still 75% on Sony platforms. (the Naughty Dog/Sucker Punch/Insomniac/Mark Cerny block, with a minor addition of High Impact Games, Ready At Dawn, and Sanzaru.)

            Arguably, Insomniac used to be the strongest of the 3rd block, but they’ve been losing their mojo for some time and there’s been a whole lot of middling titles from them lately. I hope they manage to turn this around and get back to something in the vein of Ratchet and Clank Future. For me, SO looks interesting, but not enough for me to declare it to be as good as the R&CF trilogy.

            4th block is Nintendo first party stuff, which I still have to buy their consoles for. 😉

          • Emezie Aneke

            yes the cell is very difficult to develop for but i dont agree that developers of multi platform games dont bother. It is more to do with over exageration of the capabilities of the cloud.
            if you look around the internet for Hideo Kojimas response after the release of MGS 4. You will here him say that he was dissapointed with the PS4’s power. Sony gave Kojima false promises of the power of the cell and he too was hypnotised this marketing talk just like the rest of us.
            On the other hand My taste

          • Ridiculous Zombie

            Wait… let me get this straight… The games are evolving?!


          • Skymarshal Jones

            Dude you talk about how Sony has the most fanboys and is trolling everyone while you are doing the exact same thing.

    • Retroact1ve

      What are you going on about? A good portion of people who are talking out about the xbone are currently 360 owners. The more vocal people I know about this mess are xbox owners. Ms is alienating them and then telling them to stick with their 360s.

      Once they heard I’m sure they start doing some digging then realize other things about it that will become even more unpopular. Just wait and buy one experience it firsthand just don’t cry about it later on YouTube with all the other ‘happy’ xbone buyers.

      • Emezie Aneke

        When i say Sony fan boys i am also refering to those vocal Xbox 360 players who say that they are switching.
        There is nothing like an Xbox fanboy except for a few. This is because the majority of us grew up with PSOne and PS2. It is only natural that we all feel nostalgia towards the Playstation brand and want to go back as soon as a competitor slips up.
        Most of those Xbox 360 players who are going to Switch to PS4 came from playing PSOne and PS2. Playstation is not foreign to them because they had great experiences with the PSOne or PS2 during their child hood.
        This also applies to nintendo, most of use have nostalgia towards their platform with characters like Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Donkey Kong and many more. This is why i considered buying a Wii U but now Xbox One has been anounced, i have to postpone it until christmas next year

        • Ippoletta

          A lot of them switched back when they removed the DRM we have nothing to worry about. but i must say the sony shills are incredibly insecure aren’t they?

      • Chris Milford

        That one guy said if your in a cave or under a rock and have no internet then you can stick with 360, but since they backed off the DRM, and 24 hour check in that statement is a mute point. I would also wager to bet 90% if not more of current xbox 360 owners (people who actually play it regularly) will own buy the XBOX One. Most of the people I play with have 50+ friends they play with regularly on XBOX Live, so they are not about to ditch and go wade through a plethora more morons to try and make all new friends. A nice example would be the millions of people who go online and bitch about Call of Duty day in and day out and how they’ll never own another. Come November guess what, the sell more copies than last year, rinse and repeat. People just like bitching, very rarely do they stick to there guns. The ps3 was 499.99 at launch, people (yes even Sony sycophants) freaked…. Didn’t stop them from selling. A year from now everyone will love the crap out of both of them a no one will give a shit about any of this for another 5-6 years.


    • Skymarshal Jones

      Are some kind of paid Microsoft executive or are you just retarded?

  • Stephen

    All of this ‘fanboy’ crap (from both sides) aside, this is what I’m most concerned about as an INSOMNIAC fan.

    I love this studio. I’ve been playing games from you guys since the PS1. I was a lot younger those days and it’s been fun playing your games as I’ve grown up through the gaming generations. I even got my Dad (who never plays video games) to play through the whole Resistance series on the PS3. I can honestly say some of my all time favorite gaming memories are connected with Insomniac.

    Sunset Overdrive looks great, but my biggest concern is what system is the best system to own for an Insomniac fan now? I (like many other fans I’m sure) can’t afford both the Xbox One and PS4. Do I buy the Xbox One and possibly miss out on a new Ratchet? Or do I buy the PS4 and miss out on Sunset Overdrive? I loved the idea of Insomniac going multiplatform so much more, I didn’t have to worry about what platform I owned, but going back to exclusive titles and possibly exclusive titles for two different consoles is….confusing.

    I’m probably going with the PS4 next gen, banking that you guys will still continue to make Ratchet games and the like for it. Really bummed out about missing out on Sunset Overdrive though, but I would be even more bummed out about missing a new next-gen Ratchet game.

    Either way, I wish you the best Ted, and thanks for all the great gaming memories!

    • Thanks for being positive on the posts here. So rare these days…

      I agree, though I’m also getting the PS4 because I’m a fan of other studios, like NIS, Atlus, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, and Sanzaru. Most of them stick to either Sony, or Nintendo consoles. I have hope that we’ll get more Insomniac games on Sony platforms eventually… Though, the people in this comments section seem to be trying to burn as many bridges as possible.

    • Emezie Aneke

      Insomniac will not be be making another Rachet and Clank game on PS4. If anything Sony will give it to one of their internal developers to have a very poor attempt at making it. Like they did with resistance retribution on the PSP.

      Insomniac were treated unfairly by Sony and how all of you fail to see it is beyond me.

      After Resistance 1, Sony forced insomniac to make Resistance as similar to Call of Duty as possible. Then in resistance 3, Sony forced Insomniac to work on 3D to promote their failing Bravia TV industry that is being dominated by Samsung and LG.

      In resistance 3, Sony also forced Insomniac to work on the gimmick that was the Playstation Move and Playstation Sharpshooter.
      Working on all these gimmicks takes up valuable development time and resources.
      This is most likely the reason Insomniac decided enough is enough and exercised their right as an Independent developer. Others like Zipper were not so lucky. Also look at what happened to Sony Santa Monica recently, their game God of War Ascension was used to promote The Last of Of by forcing Sony Santa Monica to include a free Demo of the Last of Us within their own game.
      Believ it or not but microsoft is much better at working with independent developers. This is why Xbox Live is a heaven for Arcade games and publishers like Bethesda, Activision and EA share a closer relationship with Microsoft.
      Microsoft has also invested in better tools for developers to make better games on Xbox One. The cloud will be the best thing that has happened to gaming, it will be revolutionary.
      I cant wait for the herd of haters to call me an Xbox fanboy so here is my PSN ID: anex127. Look it up and you should see that i have played every Sony exclusive up until 2012 when i grew sick of Sony’s lies.

      • Sources?

        • Emezie Aneke

          I have an email conservation with a former Sony employee that is currently trying to make a game called H-Hour from a kickstater.

          His name is David Sears and he used to work for Zipper.
          he is now an independent developer like Insomniac and has his own studio.
          I will not release this email because i am not an attention seeking backstabbing reporter. I just want to inform people that Sony is not the White Knight and Savior of gaming that every one makes them out to be

          • So, someone from Zipper, not Insomniac. I can understand where they would be coming from of course. Also, they were kind of a first party developer instead of an indie developer.

            I’m not thinking Sony is the saviour of gaming, but I am thinking that Microsoft is the company that has ruined so many other industries and I don’t want them ruining Console Gaming, especially since it’s my refuge away from Microsoft’s total domination of Desktop Computer gaming (now that they’ve squished Amiga, Linux, OS/2, etc.) A monoculture is never a good thing, and if Microsoft continues dominating, that’s exactly what gaming would become. I’d prefer almost any company other than MS be the 3rd console provider in the market. Heck, I’d prefer Ouya to MS, or even if someone dug the bones of Atari back up and made a console, I’d rather support them. I was one of the early supporters of Tapwave back when they were a competitor to the PSP as well.

            Also, Sony’s changed their policies on small indie developers recently, and that could be carrying over into larger indie developers. No longer need a publisher for downloaded games for instance, which is something that tied many things to Sony permanently before when they had the same policy that MS does now. That earns them my gaming dollar for now. If they start abusing the customer-manufacturer-developer relationship again, that gaming dollar could evaporate on them though.

            When MS was the place for indies, it was because Sony wanted the IP rights, whereas MS wanted permanent distribution rights on their platforms, and only companies that made a whole lot of money on their games could buy their distribution rights back. Now Sony’s gotten way more permissive and MS is still tightening the screws on indie developers and demanding exclusivity deals in exchange for a spot on the XBLA store, or forcing them to go through a publisher that publishes disc based games and will only work with them for similar exclusivity deals. If you think MS is your saviour of gaming from the demon Sony, then you’re just as mistaken.

          • Emezie Aneke

            I stopped reading when you said you would prefer Ouya to Microsoft. This is the problem with Sony fans and i am glad to no longer be a part of that cult that calls itself Sony fans.
            Ouya that has been ripping off their customers and leaving them in Limbo because customer service refuses to respond. Ouya is Terrible for gamers.

            Let me tell you this, Sony stopped being innovative after the PSOne era. All they have done since then is make shiny graphics and copy Nintendo left and Right. Examples are PS Move, Sony all stars.
            Sony are now also completely copying Xbox Live by charging for online access.

            It is ironic that you mention monopoly because Sony are the ones who has a total monopoly during the PS2 era.
            It is through innovation that the Xbox 360 closed an incredible gap and gained a lot of market share.
            Microsft is continuing to advance gaming with the Xbox One. They are offering unique possibilities.

            While the PS4 is just making graphics better and the heard of Sony fanboys latch onto it as Innovation
            Nintendo and Microsoft have been innovating gaming for a decade and not Sony. Sony has just been copying ideas and not taking risks.

            Sony dont have the balls to take risks, that is what Nintendo and Microsoft are here for.

            Original Xbox forces gamers to use broadband for online services and gamers raged as usual. This was a huge step in the right direction for the future of gaming. Sony copies years later with the PS3.

            Microsoft introduces Xbox Live and revolutionalises online gaming. Creating unique experiences.

            PS3 copies with PS Plus and does a very poorjob of it. After years of using PS plus, i tried Xbox Live and could not believe the difference. it was Day and Night.

            Xbox 360 introduces achievements, Sony copy by releasing Trophies years later.
            Next thing you know and Sony will copy Xbox Smartglass.

            The only thing that stands out in the PS4 is Gaikai
            On the other hand……

            Xbox One has cloud computing technology with 300,000 servers

            Xbox One has 3 OS’s.

            Xbox One has HDMI pass through

            Xbox One has Kinect One.

            Xbox One is truely connected

            Xbox One has a unique architecture for all this to happen. While PS4’s architecture is essentially a PC architecture, nothing special

          • Wow. I don’t even know where to begin on responding to this.

            I mentioned Ouya because it’s a US company that has a console, not because they’re particularly trustworthy. Mainly, because after 25 years of dealing with the fallout of MS’s aggression in so many fields of computing their trustworthiness with me is zilch.

            Sony Move is a project that existed prior to the Wii. It was done in tech demos in the middle of the PS2 era. It’s not at all a copy of Wii, just something they had been cooking up for years that they finally released because they figured the market was ready for it.

            Sony has never had a monopoly in all of digital gaming. Even when the PS2 was dominant, the PC was just as common and well used as the PS2, and the GBA was also dominating its field. The Xbox and Gamecube might have had poor numbers, but it certainly wasn’t a gaming monoculture because there were 3 players dominating in 3 different gaming spaces. If Microsoft has their way, then just like every other market they’ve infiltrated and absorbed, they would seek a one-company solution to everything, taking over PC gaming, Set top box gaming, Console gaming, and portable gaming. As it is, we’re looking at a repeat of the PS2 era, where 4 different players dominate 4 different segments of the market. (Sony dominating home consoles, Nintendo dominating portable consoles, MS dominating PC gaming, and Apple dominating mobile phone and tablet gaming.)

            I’ve never said there was anything particularly innovative about the PS4. It’s actually one of the safest consoles on the market. What it did do is get everything just right. Make the right decisions to balance performance with developer friendliness and also managed to make the highest performing APU on the market. Not only that, but it’s a reversal of the 360/PS3 era, with the PS4 being the easy console to develop for, and the Xbox One being the difficult to develop for console (with its fragmented, separate memory and trying to push computations to the internet.) I’m perfectly happy with my innovation happening in the games, not the hardware. Most of the innovation in gaming has been coming from one place… Small, non-AAA Indie developers. Guess what platform the bulk of them are on?

            I can’t believe you’re touting Smartglass as an innovative feature. Yet again, it’s something that Sony has been toying with since the release of the PS3 with their remote play feature.

            PS Plus is actually a much better program than Xbox Gold… and in this case it is very much Microsoft that is doing the copying with their “2 free games per month” and doing a poor job of it. Sony’s free games run the gamut of things, from brand new titles to things that have been out for a couple of years, from big name titles to indie titles. Microsoft’s titles are mostly extremely old games that you could buy for less than $10.

            Yes, trophies were a copy of achievements. Hurrah, one point for MS.

            Cloud computing is not exclusive to microsoft. I wonder how many times I’m going to have to say this before it sinks in. Azure isn’t even meant as a gaming platform, but just a general purpose computing platform. There are MANY cloud computing platforms out there to choose from, and many of them are much larger than Azure. All of them could be integrated into any PS4 game, or even any Wii U game if the developers so desired.

            Xbox One’s 3 OSes is a tactical error. A hypervisor, sure. The other OS? handling background downloads and TV functionality. The other? A separate OS for games? All you’re doing with this is decreasing the amount of processing power that is available for games, and decreasing the amount of memory available by a drastic amount. Virtualization has overhead, and that overhead takes an already poorer performing system and makes it even worse.

            HDMI Passthrough is something I have no possible use for. It adds expense without giving any tangible benefit to someone who has no TV service. The group of people with no TV service keeps growing and growing.

            Kinect One is worse than not having anything at all. I got my fill of voice commands in the mid 90’s, and I don’t ever want to use another voice activated system again. Add to that that it’s mandatory, can’t be turned off, and is probably the reason the system costs $100 more. Also, MS has a patent for using their new kinect to spy on everyone in the room when you’re watching a movie to make sure you aren’t showing it to more people than you’re licensed to show it to. I’m pretty sure that counts as an abuse of the customer-manufacturer-studio relationship.

            The Xbox One architecture IS the PS4 architecture, except scaled down by 33%. (For the math challenged, that means the PS4 is 50% faster.) Not only that, but it only has the 1 chip that it has to split between all 3 of its OSes and functions. PS4 has a separate chip to handle what 2 of the OSes on the Xbox One does. (OS, web browsing, video compression, background downloading, security, etc.) The only thing that Xbox One has over the PS4 at all would be a few dedicated units for compression and decompression of non-video data (that’s the extent of their “Cloud Computing” support in the silicon of the SoC.) Something I’m sure they could handle with the extra CPU capacity left over after they’ve failed to waste so much power for all of the things that the separate chip handles.

            What makes all this weaker architecture even worse is that when they added the ESRam to the system, they used 1.6 billion transistors. Ironically, that’s about how many transistors of extra GPU capacity the PS4 has. The SoC’s for both systems are ultimately taking up the same amount of silicon, and so they should be pretty close to the same price. MS isn’t even getting any savings from using a punier gpu. Even with that ESRam, there’s no part of memory that the Xbox One can access as fast as the PS4 can access its entire 8 gigs of ram. Even the 32 mb ESRam is slower than the PS4’s main memory.

            MS has just made tactical error after tactical error in the design of this thing, going after markets that barely exist anymore, abusing the customers, making a harder to develop for console, sacrificing GPU speed for something that is mostly useless, and pushing their virtualization tech at the expense of what the console is supposed to be doing. All this has been made much worse by their equivocating on so many subjects, and then coming out with conflicting statements at all levels of their organization.

            I haven’t even mentioned yet how poor their heatsink design and system layouts are compared to normal consumer electronics layouts…They’re putting a block heatsink in one corner of their box, while leaving another corner completely empty. A bit of rearranging and they could have put in a much better heatsink with proper airflow management and gotten rid of the cables that will surely give them quality control issues down the road.

            Microsoft doesn’t deserve to win this round, no matter how much their supporters might want to think it’s the case. At least the PS3 had enough power to keep up when properly optimized. No matter how much you optimize your code for the Xbox One, it’s not going to be able to keep up to the same game on the PS4, much less PS4 exclusives.

            That’s not to say they won’t manage to win. Microsoft has recovered from worse blunders in the past and managed to ruin their opponents through Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt even when they had a vastly inferior product.

          • Emezie Aneke

            The Xbox One’s architecture is far more advanced than the PS4 architecture. Sony can only dream of doing what Microsoft will do with the Xbox One. Xbox One is $100 more expensive than the PS4 for a reason and it is not just because of Kinect One. Xbox One’s architecture is superior and a work of art, It is built for the future. Combining 3 OS’s with 8 GB DDR3 RAM and 32mb eSRAM will produce great results. Then when you add Microsofts Cloud computing platform, Xbox One has a decisive edge.

            You mentioned that there are MANY other Cloud platforms out there to choose from that are MUCH larger than Microsoft AZURE. This statement is so far from the truth that it is laughable.

            No there are not MANY other Cloud Platforms to choose from.

            And do you know why this is?

            It is because Sony has not built any for themselves

            And No there are not MANY Cloud Platforms to choose from

            Let me tell you why that is.

            Microsoft AZURE is the biggest Cloud Platform in the world along with Amazon’s and Google’s Cloud Platforms.

            Microsft can give Xbox One developers FULL ACCESS to Microsft AZURE to use as they please.

            Sony does not have this luxury, sure Sony can pay huge amounts of money to AMAZON or GOOGLE to have access to their Cloud platforms. The only problem is that to gain access to cloud support equivalent to that offered by Microsft AZURE to Xbox requires a sum of Money that Sony simply cannot afford at the Moment.

            In Case you have not noticed but Sony is selling off a lot of their their assets around the world.

            As i mentioned previously, the PS4 is essentially a PC. This is why on paper the specs look impressive but it is mostly theoretical. In reality the Xbox One has greater potential than PS4 because of the extra power of the cloud.
            Launch titles like Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and Titan Fall are all using the cloud power of Xbox One. What do you think will happen when HALO 5 releases late next year.
            Orleans, a special cloud feature has been built exclusively for 343 industries to be used for future HALO games. When the talented soft ware engineers and designers of 343 industries Microsfoft Studio unlock the true potential of the cloud. I promise you that 8 GB GDDR5 will not be enough to save PS4 from falling behind in key areas of gaming: AI, Graphics, Physics, Particles and Online Community

          • As far as the architecture goes, I’m not going to repeat myself. I’ve already enumerated all of the ways that the Xbox One SoC is inferior, and no amount of saying “no, it’s superior, you’re wrong” will change it.

            Xbox One is even closer to a PC than the PS4. In fact, Look up the “Kabini” PC chip from AMD, because that’s essentially what the Xbox One is. It’s essentially a higher end version of AMD’s low end APUs for netbooks and tablets. The PS4, on the other hand, is based on the “Kaveri” architecture. Both nearly identical except in scale.

            There’s nothing at all special about Xbox One’s supposed “power of the cloud” that couldn’t be done on any PC, PS4, or even the Wii U. No matter how much you offload to the cloud, final rendering will need to be done locally due to the latency involved, unless you want to go full Gaikai and send back just compressed frame buffers. That means that all you can do is precomputation for things that change slowly. Anything that changes rapidly will have to be done locally and that will still be the bottleneck of the system. Determining what stuff can be calculated remotely because it’s less frequently changing is an even tougher challenge than the PS3’s cell chip, and the PS3’s split memories. Frame rate, physics, and particles fall under that “changes too fast for cloud computation” things. AI you could do on the cloud because it’d be just like playing against laggy humans in multiplayer. Online community is a tossup.

            It’s the developers who will be paying for the cloud services, not Sony. I’m sure that MS will have a similar arrangement for payments on the Azure cloud. The money for the cloud, regardless of which company you’re talking about, has to come from somewhere. TANSTAAFL. Azure’s probably just being subsidized for a short time until they get their foot in the door, so MS can slam the fees down on developers later. Either that, or they’re taking a larger cut of the profits this time around to subsidize it..

            Racing game, zombie game, First person Shooter, First person shooter. Why do people bring up such boring, overplayed genres? I’d much rather play almost any indie game rather than those dull games. I guess MS’s fan base are mostly fans of those overplayed genres, so at least they’re covering those gamers that barely pay attention to gaming outside their comfortable little niches.

            All of this cloud talk gets me to the worst thing for me about Xbox One though. In 15 years, my backlog of games on that system will probably be unplayable. MS isn’t going to support a cloud system for longer than that I’m sure. And here I am, playing a 13 year old remake of a 26 year old game as we speak. I won’t be able to do that sort of thing on MS platforms due to the supposed “power of the cloud” Of course, there’s not likely to be many games that would even make it to my backlog for the Xbox One due to genre stagnation, so I guess it’s all good.

          • Emezie Aneke

            Are you sure that PS4 has better graphics and performance than Xbox One. If so, then why were PS4 games freezing during E3?

          • I’m pretty sure I’ve addressed this elsewhere in this very comments section, but I’ll go ahead and reiterate for your benefit.

            Xbox One games at E3 were running on PCs with Nvidia cards. They didn’t even have the dev kit hardware with real processors ready to go in time to run their demos. PS4 was running on dev-kits and not on final hardware, the dev kits don’t have the final cooling solutions and are probably running on engineering sample chips rather than production chips. They’re also running early alpha level games on the things.

            As Ted Price himself has said in the Full Moon Show, there’s often crash bugs with these early demos. Resistance 2’s demo at E3 many years ago had a crash bug in it that if you didn’t run through a certain room fast enough, or got stuck on terrain while doing it, the game would freeze when it tried to run the next scripted event. This sort of thing is common for this sort of software demo. The teams are scrambling to get one section of the game fully playable before the demo, and sometimes they can’t get all of the bugs out before, and just have to hope that the person doing the demo doesn’t screw it up and hit one of these bugs.

          • Anthony

            running windows 7 too, not only did Microcrap not trust there own system, not only did they not trust AMD and so ran a NVIDA card but they didn’t even trust the operating system which a) they are trying to sell to the public and b) they are putting into the xbone

          • Ridiculous Zombie

            C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!

          • Ippoletta

            Oh shut up shill, no wonder it stinks in here, it reeks of sony garbage. you guys are so butthurt it’s unbelievable. you’re not getting sunset overdrive. just deal with it… getting mad at microsft isn’t going to help your case.

          • Max Arnott

            The Xbox one games were caught running to high end PCs

          • Ippoletta

            Doesn’t matter anymore, people have gotten to play the systems at comic con and they say the graphics look the exact same.

          • NormanWelt

            What a load of BS! I played almost every game there and not one froze. You are clearly a Microsoft Troll and reading your responses to everyone else here just an idiot with nothing constructive to offer.

          • Ippoletta

            He’s talking about the live demos sony shill. Assassins creed and destiny both froze. youtube the damn videos.

          • As an exercise, lets calculate “the power of the cloud”

            Lets assume for now that Xbox One matches 360’s first year performance on the sales charts. That gives it about 5.5 million units.

            Most companies use Commodity hardware for clouds because the idea behind them is that they’re essentially disposable and used in large numbers, and prone to failure with instant failover to another node. That would be perhaps i7 Ivy Bridge levels of performance, and around 16 gigs of ram, quad core, and most clouds don’t include GPU capacity. Lets give MS the benefit of the doubt and say they’re actually using server level hardware for all 300k nodes of their cloud system. That means 8-cores of Xeon chips running at perhaps 2.8, maybe 3.0ghz, and 32 gigs of ram. Lets also give them the benefit of the doubt and say they’ve outfitted all of their cloud servers with $1000 7990 graphics cards.

            Now lets have 5.5 million gamers try to use that cloud.

            That gives each gamer 5% of one of these servers, roughly 1/20th. that means they’d have about 40% of a single xeon core, and 3 compute units of GPU capacity. This would be around a 25% increase to the Xbox One’s overall computing capacity… The PS4 has a 50% computing advantage. And that’s giving Microsoft a whole lot of benefit of the doubt as to the capabilities of their servers.

          • Anthony
          • Of course, but they haven’t given us a size, and Gaikai’s design is a bit different. Designed for full cloud based rendering rather than remote processing. It suffers the same issue as MS’s cloud as far as lag goes.

          • Anthony

            I wont doubt you but when they announced that I remember Sony stating the purpose of buying it was so that they could run PS3 type games (because that was there top at the time) on a Vita or old PSP or even on a phone because all the processing would be done at the server end with the whole thing streamed to the device and therefore being able to play at full speed (subject to connection speed) without any need for processing power at the user end

            They may have dropped that but that’s what they announced when they bought the service

          • I didn’t say WHAT they were rendering on the cloud, just that it’s designed for rendering graphics on the cloud and transmitting them. Once they have the technology, they could use it to stream any games in the future, even if for the moment it’s being used for BC.

            They’ll still not overcome the lag issue. At 60fps, the lag could be as much as 10 frames worth on some connections. Best case would be 2 frames of lag. That’s solely in network lag, not counting compression and decompression time. I believe their gaikai tech is partially designed to minimize compression and decompression lag.

            The Gaikai technology is actually being used not only for remote play of games on any console from the cloud, but also for compressing and streaming video out from the console to people viewing on other devices, and for their “remote control” functionality where remote users can take over the game when the local user asks for help.

          • Anthony

            Yes its so powerful that Microcrap didn’t even bother to use it for its demo of the Witcher 3. Instead it used a windows 7 (not even windows 8, windows 7) machine running a NVIDIA card, not the AMD equivalent of what they are running in the Xbone. SOOOOOO much confidence in there machines

          • Chris Milford

            Wow do your fingers hurt? 🙂 I am not about to wade into this battle to deep but a couple points:

            + Both machines are 8 to 10 times more powerful as current systems… After seeing Last of Us, I can’t even fathom what devlopers will be able to pull off by the end of Next-Gen so you really can’t lose either way. I would imagine Last of Us is pushing current generation as far as it possibly can, this took 7 years to finally tap out the hardware. This is the case with most consoles, they don’t truly master it or hit its limitations till the tail end.

            + Besides if you are after power then you don’t need to be on a console. The week these are both released there is a PC out there that can smoke em, let alone a year from now, or 5… For a media center I run a maxed out Alienware x51 with solid state drive and 16GB Dual Channel
            DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz, 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3770 (8M Cache, up to 3.4 GHz)…. I am not positive, but I would hazard to guess that it is probably on par with either system. I personally don’t play games on it much since I like the xbox live community better and i like knowing the other people I play with/against have the same specs (if you forget about bandwidth)… Also the fact that I know if a game is released for it I can play it without having to buy and jam in some more hardware. Side note, Nintendo’s hardware is a joke compared to well, pretty much everything, but I am looking forward to every Mario, Zelda, Metroid title coming our way on the wii-U. So having the more powerful machine means shit, SHOW ME THE GAMES.

            +My favorite place to play (currently xbox) is based on community, and for the most part there hasn’t really been a good community anywhere else. Whoa before flaming on hear me out: XBOX has been strong community almost since the release of the XBOX 360, where as Sony over promised and almost comically under delivered at launch (if you disagree then you either didn’t purchase at launch or your in flat out denial.) I’ll expand more on Sony failure in a sec, but they still don’t have cross media chat. If game “A” and make friends on it, and I switch to game “B” unless it supports it poof I am all by my lonesome. That is not a community, and doesn’t make it easier to foster online friendships with people I want to play with. Don’t even get me started on Nintendo and there stupid friend codes and inability to to find and pretty much chat with anyone.

            +Everyone seems to be forgetting of the massive let downs of the PS3, why is that? I’ll just throw out a couple for a refresher: Playstation home (oh my god did this thing suck especially out of the gate, oh wait, it didn’t even work, forever then it crashed constantly, then it was full of no content, then glitchers and hackers… then they used it to sell me virtual clothing and furniture to scrape more and more money for nothing of any gaming value period. Next cross-media … come on seriously? This could have been solved so easily but no 7 years of “F” you we don’t care how much you beg for it. It was a year late and 200 dollars more than xbox 360, so now early adopters (this guy) paid 200 bucks for it and got one less year of it, weeeee what a bargain. If the PS3 hard failed you lost any and all things on it, even if the hard drive was ok since it uses an encryption tied to that specific PS3 (this happened to me, lost every game save from over 4 years.) Every other game you bought for it ran better on the xbox than on the PS3 do to the convoluted cell architecture they did, what good is butt loads of power if no one can tap into it, not to mention now that developers (I’m talking to you Naughty Dog [woot!] ) have now mastered programming on it, they get to toss that out the window for next generation, and go to essentially PC programming. Hmm what else, oh yeah getting hacked and risking 70 million user accounts, then getting hacked again, then again …. Then they got hacked for good when the PS3 master keys were revealed. Which basically lets hackers cheat at any multi-player game on the system…. NOW before you throw out the proverbial xbox fan-boy bullshit, I am currently play three titles on ps3 Last of Us, God of War, and Sly Cooper. Not to mention I already pre-ordered both consoles, and 20 games. I am a fan-man (trademarked!) of games, I go where the games are and they are friggin everywhere.

            Couple more things then I am done here: Not sure about voice controlling everything with Kinect, but I have used it occasionally and is ok. I am looking forward to the 2.0 version of the Kinect since I can’t begin to imagine the advancements made since its initial launch, MS has no doubt improved on it through normal usage not to mention the thousands of ways it has been hacked and re-purposed by the modding community. I saw somthing the other day where a rocket was shot at the guy he leaned a little (we all do it occasionally when something cones at us in a game or we want to see around something, so don’t fib and say you never) The kinect is going to start seeing you do that and you’ll actually be dodging something or maybe peeking around the side or over something just naturally without having to force yourself to think about it. That seems like a cool thing to me, take my natural instincts and just pick up on em and further immerse me into the game. As for forcing people to buy it and it being the extra hundred bucks… I think occasionaly people have to be forced to get on board, now a publisher who releases a kinect enabled feature or game can depend on it being there, and we all get same experience. The PS4 camera that also tracks the controllers, the move, etc … developers have no idea if the person is going to have one, therefore they have to design game to ways with or without these extra features. So they may not even be able to realize there true vision of the game. So most likely (and I have seen articles on this) that portion of the PS4 will fall to the wayside and any cool stuff that could have been will go with it. All for little more than the price of a game, one single game… The funniest part of it is that Sony initially had the PS Eye (or whatever its called) bundled with the PS4 but pulled it out to further undercut XBOX One.
            As for the cloud computing on xbox or the Gaikai streaming cloud gaming on Sony will have to wait and see the value add there.

            Ok I’ll butt out of your highly technical war since I can’t quote specs for the life of me. I think you need to just save your pennies, buy any console or handheld that has games your itching to play, or a community that you enjoy being a part of.

            Game on!


          • My fingers don’t hurt, I use Dvorak. 😉

            This generation will be different from the last. The complications in the architecture of the PS3 was what made it take 7 years to get a game like The Last of Us out. This time, it’s going to be budgetary restrictions, not how hard the hardware is to use that limits how good games will look. Hopefully more developers will learn to use procedurally generated art rather than brute-forcing all the art. That’s about the only way you’ll see cheap games this generation.

            It’s true that PCs will be more powerful, but it’s going to take them awhile to get the same level of memory bandwidth combined with the power. Until they get unified GDDR5 memory, they won’t be able to match the PS4 in certain tasks. They’ll be able to brute-force their way around the problem with more GPU power though, but it’ll be tougher to access the power without unified memory. I imagine AMD is going to be working on APUs for laptops at least that will be using GDDR5 unified and be as powerful as the PS4 though, but that probably won’t happen until 2014 or 2015.

            The biggest point though is that PC games are usually waiting on Console games before they can progress. Not many games have fully utilized PC hardware that is out now because they’re written for the lowest common denominator between PS3, 360, and the average PC that most people have. PC is also limited by much of their audience having only 32 bit OSes, which restricts them to 2 gigs of memory usage.

            Cross-game chat was a limitation of the RAM on the system for the PS3, they just couldn’t squeeze that feature in. The Vita has it though, and I’m sure the PS4 will as well. It didn’t hurt me much as I barely ever play online.

            Wow, what a rant there. Yes, cross platform games sucked on the PS3, except for a few. Did you ever play Saboteur? That was actually better on the PS3. They learned from their mistakes with the PS3 and are making the PS4 the easiest and most powerful system. This time around, the cross platform games will be better on the PS4, and there’s nothing they can do on the Xbox One that can make them better that couldn’t also be done on the PS4. (Cloud computing can work on both.) That doesn’t mean the Xbox One is doomed though, just that all of the complaints that people had about the PS3 are now turned around on the Xbox One.

            I paid $100 more for my PS3, because I was smart and bought the 20 gig version. As for losing all your data due to encryption, that’s easily prevented by backing things up. I regularly copied my PS3, PS2, and PS1 saves off my PS3 onto USB thumbdrives for safe keeping. Now, all this backup stuff happens automatically. As for the MS proprietary hard drive, I just bought a 750gig Hybrid drive that is significantly faster than any other drive I’ve used and it cost less than the 250 gig drive that MS is selling for the 360. I really appreciate that I can put any high speed drive in that I want with this system.

            Don’t even talk to me about Kinect. That’s a detriment for me, and it being required doubles the likelyhood that I will never buy one. I bought the 360 before Kinect came out, then sold it after Kinect came out and MS went all Wii-ish (Plus, the exclusives that I liked stopped being produced. I still have a Wii because they released exclusives like Xenoblade and Pandora’s Tower.) Personally, I don’t WANT the PS4 camera, nor want to deal with any features it has. They were targeting $399 all along, they pulled the camera out because they couldn’t hit $399 profitably if they left it in, they’d have had to sell the console at $429 with it. As for not adding features if not all users have it… How do you explain that many developers for PC have added support for the Occulus Rift? If they can make it work and make it optional, I see no reason why they wouldn’t add support for it in, unless they’re incredibly time-crunched. As for looking around things, most games I play where I want to do that have provisions for doing that without a silly camera. Uncharted, Last of Us, Rage…

          • Skymarshal Jones

            Dude you know nothing about PC’s if you own an Alienware PC (overpriced in every way).

            You don’t even feel the need to mention your GPU(<– most important part to play games) while comparing your system with the new consoles.

            (^Please see this rather like constuctive critique instead of an insult, I sometimes have difficulties to express myself in the English language…)

            I'm sorry, your other statements seem rather competent and it's a fresh opinion I don't hear so often these days, so I wish you a good day.

          • Panicst8

            Oh I see because I chose not to order my parts individually and try and jam in in a footprint case that would look good in my entertainment center I know nothing about computers… Oh no it was because I didn’t whip out my dick (oh sorry I meant my GPU [a detail that most colsole people wouldn’t even have a clue about, or even care about]), that is why I know nothing about PCs…

            I have been in the IT industry for 21 years (unix system engineering, PC development, Unix systems Deployment, web/data casting, web development) and programming computers for even longer than that (7 different computer languages). I started a web hosting company 11 years ago. (I built the seven servers, and firewall) I have put together probably 20+ custom pcs throughout that time. Back when computers were expensive, and assembled with the crappiest parts the companies could buy in bulk. So buying the parts got you cherry picked amazing parts at a much lower cost. But you know what, half the time the drivers for part A weren’t compatible with part B and C. or if something quit working I had to debug it, I had to by a new part that was hopefully compatible with my other parts. Now if something goes down I make a call and its fixed in 24 hours with no cost to me, I never have driver issues, and depending on how much you spend you can get an amazingly fast computer.

            The major point you apparently overlooked before you started slinging mud, was that with the new consoles arguing over who has the more powerful system and bashing the looser of the Spec-Off is pointless. If your into power then get a PC, if you like a console community, you like the console exclusives, and you like being able to play whatever game they release for that console without having to buy new hardware, then buy that console.

            I was just giving an example of my computer I bought over a year ago that it is still on par with and better in some areas than those consoles. My graphics card is NVIDIA GTX 660, now that everyone knows this piece of info, do you suddenly know how amazing or un-amazing it is? Not with out going and comparing spec for spec, which very few people are going to do. I can currently run most pc games at maxed settings, or at least the ones I have tried. (Crysis 3, Diablo 3, Tourchlight 2, Warcraft, Battlefield 3, Starcraft 2) Not positive, but I think 1 if not both consoles might struggle with that. But who knows maybe not, but my point was if year old tech, straight off the shelf, not custom built is that good then the argument over power is kind of waste of time. Think of what computers will be in a year, pretty much any mass produced computer will smoke your console, that’s just how it is so just pick a system that makes you happy and has the environment you want and leave the other guys alone, or hell work a little harder and just buy both.

            As for Alienware x51 being overpriced and under-powered, yup you got me there. But I liked the shiny case with the glowing alien head, oh yeah and I have plenty of money (besides being a grown-up with a very good job, my wife and I own a tattoo shop) so buying it was a non issue I mostly stream tv from it, so I think it will scrape by with my purchase, I did stick a Samsung 840 Pro 256GB solid state drive in it because I had some more of that free money lying around. I’m even going to by another for my bedroom to guess what stream some more tv, just because I can. I love the 4 year 24 hour on site warranty.

            As for an actual gaming rig I am building one around Christmas after my wife forgets about the 2 new consoles, and 20 games I pre-ordered. I plan on building that one from the ground up, with yes, the best possible hardware I can jam into a full tower case which I plan on cutting myself on my CNC machine, which I just got done replacing all the stepper motors on, building a case for the controller cards and rewiring everything on it. Basically a 16,000 upgrade I did all myself for a little over 1,000 bucks. So before you pop off on someone, you should probably check your facts, as to not look some internet troll. Not to mention how bored are you, this conversation is 13 days old. Isn’t there someone else’s balls you could be busting?


          • Of course, after 6-7 years, PCs will be able to out-grunt consoles pretty much across the board in terms of pure processing power, and the games will be using all those new features, but there’s quite a bit to be said about a stable platform that can be optimized to.

            PCs everyone is targeting a lowest common denominator that they pick with the hopes of having a certain percentage of the market be able to play their game. They don’t optimize it for any one card or processor because not everyone will have that card. Thus, even though the GPU/CPU of the consoles was behind even after the first year they were out, it’s going to take a few years before PC games have caught up to using the same level of tech.

            How long will it be before 50% of PCs on the market have 8-core processors, 7870 level GPUs, and have unified, 176gb/s memory uniformly shared between their cpu and gpu, and use a 64 bit OS? Optimistically, I’m thinking 2017. That’s when the bulk of PC games will start using technology that outstrips the new consoles this time around. Remember, it’s not just when that stuff becomes available. You could probably GET all of that hardware in 2014 for your PC. But PC developers won’t TARGET that until it has a certain degree of market saturation, and that degree differs between the developers. Stardock is way more conservative, probably wanting a 70-75% marketshare support before requiring a tech for their games, while Crytek may only go for a 10-20% marketshare support. Most every other developer will fall somewhere between those two extremes.

            With consoles, 100% of your market on that console has that technology, so you can start using it right away. It’s a bit of a tick-tock thing going on here, where Consoles drive adoption of new hardware while PCs drive improving the hardware forward. Both are essential for the market…

          • Panicst8

            Well first off my general point still holds, if your after power, build a PC gaming rig. As for consoles leading the way, in some ways yes but any game released on both PC and console with enough money and the right parts, is going to be better on the PC. I never said the average computer would beat a console, only that it could be beaten hardware wise with a PC. More than likely no one will create a game anytime soon that will tax high end gaming rig or the new consoles, which makes it all a moot point. Like I have tried to say all along that if you are into having the end all be all of power a console is not going to be it especially if your talking a year or so into the next gen life cycle. However if you like to game on the cheap, then obviously the PS4 has the most bang for your buck, as they did with the PS3….. To bad they made such a convoluted architecture that it took the entire life cycle for a company to master it. (Last of Us) I personally hope the PS4 lives up to everything being promised, I was very disappointed with it last round, Hoping they work on the community, the security, and the online aspects… (as well as throw HOME in the trash). I personally play anything I can get my hands on (that’s right, I meant it just like I said it. 😛 ) I would say PC is my least favorite platform, I am for sure not its champion, just saying if you want to build a monster machine with no budget, you can rival a console now, much less in the years to come.

            Also, was just responding to that douche about my lack of knowledge concerning PCs, wasn’t really looking to get back into this thread, I think we have beaten it to death. Besides that you are obviously well versed on all things Sony, and other guy all things Microsoft, I said up front I didn’t want to get in the middle of your “friendly” debate. 🙂


          • Well, the friendly debate there was pretty much over by the time you showed up, so no issues at all. 🙂

            I think my point was more that you could build a PC with the bleeding edge parts and those would play all of the console games smoother than the console does, but you’re not going to get very much software that takes advantage of that hardware’s new features… Whereas with consoles, because it’s a fixed target they can take full advantage of the hardware. Because of that, consoles tend to be ahead for at least a year or two, then the PCs are ahead after that, but still never live up to their full, $1000 graphics card potential.

            PS3 was screwy in that it was never ahead of the PC due to the long rampup time, but it’s certainly putting out graphics now with its Geforce 7950 variant that a PC never could manage with a Geforce 7950, or even a 8800.

            I’m hoping that the developers making PC ports of PS4 & Xbox One games will require 64 bit OSes. That may actually finally drive a nail in the coffin of the legacy 32 bit windows crud that is still floating around. If that happens, the PC might catch up earlier than I expect. If they try to make them work with 32 bit, then PCs will be behind for 4 years this time.

          • Panicst8

            Well there you go. 😀

      • carl

        LIES!!! They must make another R&C. If not, i’m stuck with ‘the last of us’ crap forever!

      • Julian Celaj

        lol clearly a Microsoft employee. While I don’t doubt that Sony has had bad relationships with developers like every company, it’s nearly unanimous that Sony has a much better relationship with developers than Microsoft. I wonder how much you are getting for this.

    • Anson

      My thoughts exactly. I want to see Insomniac succeed, but their decisions recently have been… confusing, and it hurts to see such a great studio stall. Best of luck, Insomniac.

  • Korbei83

    Oh! I get it now. This is some kind of Gladiator-like meta game where developers pit their fans against each other in a vitriol-filled dual to the death.

    Create a multiplatform game and you unite the masses against yourself. Create a platform exclusive game and you can watch them peck each other’s eyes out in a digital cock fight.

  • Jod McJod

    I want to play this. On a PC. With my friends. Much like Borderlands.

    – I will have to deal with the likes of people that made comments
    below(and probably above) mine. Which will ruin any multiplayer game.
    The amount of immature and simply mean and disheartening comments
    already suggest an awful multiplayer experience no matter how good the
    game is or what console it will be on since I’m seeing assholes on all

    So in short – kids, go rot in hell. And have a nice day.

    • Chris Milford

      “So in short – kids, go rot in hell. And have a nice day.”

      You find rude people everywhere, in real life, on xbox, pc games, and sort of on ps3 (they don’t have cross media chat so the multiplayer community is game sentric.) I have made many a friend on xbox live that are neither rude, nor kids. Now that PS4 will finally have a decent cross-media chating experience, in addition to losing home (what a fail) you will be gaining the exact kind of people you have on xbox live, so you’ll be finding loads of rude juvenile people saying things like ” I’m seeing assholes” and “kids, go rot in hell” on all systems. As for hating on a company for doing what they do to stay in business and not experiencing there game, well that makes you a fare weather friend, oh wait your not there friend your someone who buys their game, 60 bucks in their pocket. In the grand scheme of things you are a tiny little ant, so I am sure they will lose no sleep from you not playing their game, or making your comment in this blog. But guess what, by being fan of strictly one console you are the one missing out, you need to stop being a console fan, and be a game fan. If you love Insomniac games enough to come here and post, then you should be a fan of Insomniac and follow them wherever they may go. There are a ton of exclusives on 6 platforms (that’s if your not counting mobile devices) so stop with the “I use this platform only” BS excuse, and go after all the other amazing games out there. Hating on a company for what keeps them in business is just silly, if you got offered a better job for more money at another company, poof you an 99% of other people in the world jump at it, cause if you don’t your a fool. Just enjoy your game, try to be a little more pleasant, and don’t act like the people you are bad mouthing in the same breath, it makes you look foolish.


  • Evan

    To be honest i am a little disappointed in you Insomniac. I have always been a huge fan of your work (probably my favourite developers). I always remember getting excited when going to my cousins so i could play Spyro on the PS1. When the PS2 was released again i remember going round to my cousins and playing Ratchet and Clank and it instantly became my favourite game and is till my favourite game franchise. When i got a PS2 for myself the first game i made sure i got was Ratchet and Clank and i said it is my favourite franchise and i own all the games. Up until now all of your games and loyalty has been for the PlayStation which is my preferred platform. Recently you released FUSE although some people didn’t like it but i still did and it was from my favourite developer. What disappointed me however was that it was also released on the Xbox 360 but that’s ok even though i didn’t agree with it that much. Then you go and make a partnership with Microsoft and bring out an exclusive for the Xbox One which looks very good and i along with many other will not be able to play your game on our preferred console, the PS4. I think this is a mistake on your part as you made a partner ship with Microsoft before seeing sales figure because at this point it looks like the PS4 will be more successful and at the end of the day a lot of it is about money and you probably thought that the Xbox One would be very successful. Also a big factor for choosing a new console is the exclusives. Your games were exclusive and i’m sure were the reason for selling some of the PS3 consoles and many PS2’s. So you could have helped support the PlayStation however i’m not saying you abandoning the PlayStation but i think you will loose some sales and end up not making as many games for the PlayStation. What i’m trying to say is i don’t think you should have made this partnership with Microsoft sorry for this rant but i am a bit disappointed that my favourite developer are basically leaving PlayStation. Also i hope you at least continue the Ratchet and Clank series. Thanks if you read this

    • Mark Nolan

      You say they are your favourite developers, then go on to say they are really about the money? You clearly don’t know them at all, do you? Insomniac are ALL about the community, it is what makes them the best. The Xbox One had what they wanted, they liked the ideas and the technology so they went for it. They never belonged to PlayStation and you shouldn’t discourage them from trying new platforms just because it doesn’t suit you. It is very selfish behaviour.

      • Robert Masterson

        you can’t claim they are ALL about the community and then try and justify them leaving their community in the dust. They may have not “belonged” to playstation, but that’s where their fans are. If you think this wasn’t about money, you are a naive fool.

      • NormanWelt

        Mark Nolan, that is THE most ridiculous comment on this thread. You cannot claim they are all about community when its the community that supported them and loved them that they are leaving behind? They made this decision for the money. Just like they made the terrible decision to partner with EA on FUSE. It destroyed that game and XBox will destroy Insomniac. I have NO problem with them doing cross platform developments. Hell I bought FUSE didn’t I? No. I have massive problem with them completely cutting PS gamers out of what looks like an incredible game. Insomniac can go F itself. I will NEVER buy a game directly from them again. I’ll buy it second hand everytime just so they don’t see a penny.

        • So, if they see the light and deliver us an actually good sequel to the R&C franchise exclusive to PS4/Vita, you won’t buy it new? That seems a bit vindictive…

  • carl

    make another R&C!!!and resistance!!!

  • carl

    Listen, people. Sunset overdrive is awesome. It is the console that sucks!

    • You’re right, though if SO is awesome remains to be seen. We’ll see. Hopefully it does as well as any XB1 game can do…

  • Guest

    srry, i love the idea of this ip, and think 3rd person is the best way for insomniac to create their games, but i find quality in PS products, and can not justify the pruchase of XB1, this is 1 Insomniac IP i’ll be missing out on, less it comes to PC, or finds it’s way to PS4.

  • Marcus Jackson

    srry, i love the idea of this ip, and think 3rd person is the best way for insomniac to create their games. but i find quality in PS products, and can not justify the pruchase of XB1, and sadly, this is 1 Insomniac IP i’ll be missing out on, less it comes to PC, or finds it’s way to PS4.
    i’ll always be a fan and purchaser of other MS products, but the XB brand won’t be part of those purchases.

  • Ronathan Joss

    If it’s anything like Fuse Microsoft can keep it. You don’t really explain why you went with Microsoft, saying you went with them after hearing the philosophy behind the Xbox One. That could mean anything, surely the Xbox One is here to make money, are you telling us that Microsoft paid you a lot of money to get another exclusive? I heard something about cloud play? That’s not encouraging.

  • carl

    EA screwed up insomniac by turning Overstrike into Fuse.EA didn’t liked Overstrike beacose it was to ‘not’ violent. Fuse is just ,not that bad, but to think that Insomniac developed it, it was just awfull. To think they created R&C a crack in time and Fuse. WTF?
    Fuse sales didn’t go so well, so Insomniac needs someone who will give them money to come back. Thats Microsoft. Turning back to Sony will be a good idea, but when you think of it, fans will reacte like ‘haha you are returning to sony. How desperate is that.
    Try to be reasonable, Insomniac fans, maybe in a couple of years, Insomniac returns to Sony to create R&C, beacose the movie is coming out (hell yea).

    Hey Ted, these on this picture created your company. Where are they?

  • Ratchet4ever

    ˝While we are excited about partnering with Microsoft on Sunset Overdrive, that doesn’t mean we can’t or wouldn’t make games with our longtime friends at Sony. That’s the magic of being an independent developer˝¸˝

    Does that mean you will make a new R&C?

  • tyrell

    the game looks cool

  • cell989

    “It may surprise some of our longtime fans that we have partnered with
    Microsoft Studios to develop Sunset Overdrive exclusively for Xbox One” it sure as hell did Ted, but I get it why it had to be done

    “that doesn’t mean we can’t or wouldn’t make games with our longtime friends at Sony”

    That statement right there has restored my faith a little bit, I hope we see something from Insomniac on the PS4, still not getting an XBONE

  • Baffles me that despite:

    1. 90% of the insomniac fanbase being PS owners
    2. Xbox One getting *massive* hate
    and finally
    3. PS4 outselling Xbone in all aspects

    Insomniac is still letting this be xbone exclusive. Thanks for showing you truly care about you`re fans, ted price. Not.

  • Explains current gen Ted Price and Insomniac fully:

    • Eman666

      You Drones are pathetic

  • LupineMP3j

    I think it’s cool that Insomniac is indie but yet so big. Ted, I’ve loved your games as a PS fan for many years now. I love Ratchet and Clank like crazy. They will always be my favorite video games.

    Even so, I recognize the need to grow past what you’ve been doing, and I wish you guys the best of luck with Microsoft, regardless of your reason for going exclusive with them. I hope we’ll get to see Sunset Overdrive on the PS4 eventually, and I look forward to more great games from Insomniac.

  • NormanWelt

    I am bitterly disappointed by this. This is like Halo moving exclusively to the Playstation. How would you as an Xbox user reply to that? So do us a favor and stay out of a debate that has nothing to do with you. I am incredibly saddened that Ted wouldn’t even have the decency to address the PS fans directly after they were supported wholeheartedly across 5 platforms and a multitude of games. Despite their last 3 games being really bad (including FUSE) the playstation fans have stayed loyal. More copies of FUSE has sold for the PS3 than Xbox and PC combined. But we then get the WORST excuse ever. Xbox allows you to do things that the PS4 couldn’t? Really? Would that STOPPING you from purchasing the game second hand? Is that why you did this? OOOPS! Epic fail if true. Or maybe it had something to do with EA who are the most hated developer by 90% of gamers and had a massive public fallout with Sony. Did you (Insomniac) see what they did to FUSE? They wrecked it. Destroyed it and took all the heart and soul out of the game. We didn’t even get a trademark booklet in the box that Insomniac is famous for. There was nothing personal about FUSE! FUSE IS NOT AN INSOMNIAC GAME, IT”S AN EA GAME. Insomniac is on a massive downward spiral and you all know it. So why should we care? Because ask any PS fan what they love most about the Playstation and you’ll see Companies like Insomniac and Naughty Dog at the top of the list. I hope this is exactly what you all wanted and the new game looks absolutely amazing. What exactly XBOX has done to deserve as an exclusive is beyond us but hey, at least all those reviewers out there that do XBox games only are giving you massive props for FUSE. Oh wait. They aren’t!!

    • Eman666

      Get over it and who cares all you drones want is these companies to cater to your every whim. The Xbox One has its own architecture that is different than that dronestation 4 its like complaining about Backwards compatability on PS3 not playing PS2 games. Xbox One and the DroneStation 4 are not the same the game will of course use the Xbox Ones own architecture and plus its being published by Microsoft there not going to publish it for the enemy IT WONT reach the DroneStation EVER deal with it you crybaby

      • Huh. Different from the PS4?

        The CPU is the same.
        The GPU is the same kind of units, but 2/3rds as many of said units.
        They only differ in extra non-processing units, memory speed, and secondary processors on other chips.

        But you’re right, this game won’t be coming out for Non-MS platforms. If it gets really, really high reviews, I might get it IF it is released for PC.

  • Lt. Ratchet

    No, Insomniac don’t leave me with naughty dog. At least make make something on PS4

  • Jakub356

    Why you don’t do Sunset Overdrive on PS4 ?

  • Ted: Thank you very much for pseudo-announcing the next R&C game. It sounds like it’ll be exactly what I’ve been waiting for on the last couple of years. I don’t know about the rest of the people here, but I’m definitely picking it up when it’s released!

  • Lt. Ratchet


  • Skymarshal Jones

    Well, Mr. Price,
    Now that Xbox One changed it’s policies, what is your excuse for still making this game Xbox exclusive?
    What is this talk about control over your IP? If you have that much control of Sunset Overdrive, why do you still make it an exclusiv title for the Xbox One, instead of now considering a PS4 release since the Xbone is now nothing more than a less-powerful PS4-type console.
    What are the technological benefits for still making it an Xbox exclusive? Please explain this to us. (If you can…)
    a Fan

    • ferb120


    • Eman666


  • Michael Neumann

    Wow, what a bunch of crybabies. I am now convinced that the average age of PS3 fanboys has to be between the ages of 10-17. Its really the only logical explanation as to the level of maturity that is seen the internet over.

    Regardless of what system Insomniac has supported with their games in the past, they are an INDEPENDENT game company. They have provided some of the best games to date on Sony’s Playstation system and they turn around and make ONE game for the Xbox and all of the sudden, they are enemy number one with Sony fanboys. Grow up!! MS no doubt offered Insomniac a good deal of money to make Sunset Overdrive an Exclusive. Given that they are an independent game company and as such owe no allegiance to any particular system, regardless of what they did in the past, turning down a lucrative offer to make a video game is just bad business all the way around.

    If you want to play Sunset Drive right away, buy an Xbox One, end of story. Otherwise wait a couple years for them to release it on the PS4, which judging by their statements, is going to happen. Its clear this is a timed exclusivity deal. Or you can act like children and boycott Insomniac altogether. In other words, you can continue to run around the internet acting like spoiled 10 year olds that had their favorite toy taken away.

    • Actually, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to play that game. It’s failed against my Zombie game filter. So far, the only game that slipped past that filter was The Last of Us. If SO has nearly as many 10 ratings as TLoU, then we’ll talk about me buying it once it hits PS4. 😉

      • ferb120

        iT’s not hitting PS4. sorry…

        *PS* That doesn’t mean they won’t ever make a PS game again or even an exclusive for that matter. You guys are making things all black and white. where’s your sense of gray?

        • I never said it would hit the PS4. Someone else claimed it would, and I was just saying that even if it did, it wouldn’t be an instant purchase, unlike the new Ratchet and Clank game they announced recently that I’ll buy sight unseen. 😉 I’m certainly not one that is making things black and white, comment to all those other people down below who want to burn bridges and make elaborate statements against insomniac for exercising their independence.

  • Eman666

    Wow absalutely WOW..

    Insomniac why do you even cater toward these ignorant butt hurt Sony Fanboys just cause were getting Sunset Overdrive “By the way HAAA!!!” and those fools are not is a reason to call you guys traders?

    Sony fans.. you guys are the worst Insomniac you guys should not develop for that drone PlayStation 4 because these losers are so badly hurt over 1 “ONE!!!” exclusive outside of Sony.. big deal and its no real reason to hate these guys.

    Insomniac this is or WAS the majority of your fans.. A BUNCH OF UNGRATEFUL, IGNORANT, BUMS who need to be baby sitted everytime because if you miss one diaper change they will not stop crying and you did not change there diapers with this game… You guys deserve better than these morons.

    Bungie left Xbox exclusivity and now makes games for POS4 and we dont care thats there deal. and sure you might say Oh its not that good anyway.. IF THIS GAME WAS PS4 ONLY you would think it was the best thing ever than sliced bread.

    You should just stop supporting Sony and really you SHOULD these dimwits easilly stopped supporting you over one game. Face it Ted there drones they are easilly butt hurt ungrateful idiots who dont even deserve you guys.

    • Actually, no. After being burned by the last 3 Insomniac games, we’d be cautiously optimistic, but not thinking it was the best thing ever. I’m only optimistic about R&C ITN because they’ve been claiming it’s going back to the classic R&C gameplay, and that was my complaint about A4O and FFA. (They moved into doing things they weren’t quite as experienced in, made games that were flawed because of it.)

      • Eman666

        I still dont understand you people with this game its just a Xbox One Exclusive and plus Microsoft obviously payed them a huge load of money and last i remember there a video game developing studio they need money to survive and “Care for PS fans” VS “$$$” i would pick the money because in the end its a studio there in it for money. Also Sony Drones want Used games and due to people buying used games they make less because drones are cheapskates who dont support there company. Be thankful my company paid them well to make up for your rediculous Used Game purchases and not caring for Insomniac.

        • I’m beginning to think you’re just an elaborate script spouting things with no relation to what you’re replying to…

          • Eman666

            They removed the Digital Rights get over it and thats been a long time ago since they removed DRM it is no longer among us anyway no one had a chance to use those new features.

          • You are, in fact, the one who brought this topic up when you complained about used games. Why try and defend it or use it as a cudgel if it’s already been removed?

            There’s nothing in the fact that they removed them that says we can’t rail against the concept in general. Online DRM is something that should be struck down whenever possible to preserve the history of gaming.

          • Something


            Bungie fans not made at Bungie, yes they are, what’s more funny is how they’re made at DLC coming early to Sony and exclusive DLC, least they get the game, it isn’t like Bungie where saying how mulitplat wouldn’t mean they would forget about their core fans, and then make an exclusive game that most of their fans wouldn’t be able to play.

          • Eman666

            Halo is still on Xbox and Bungie is making a new game called “Destiny” im not mad that they made a new game for both consoles really there still going to get that game. If some one gets mad over that well i dont know what to tell you thats stupid and oh right Sony Fans get butt hurt over losing a PlayStation only game like making Petitions on how butt hurt they are about Final Fantasy or Devil May Cry thats how pathetic you all are.. There games nothing special drones

          • Something

            Can you read? I know what Bungie is doing and that Halo is still on Xbox, I was replying to show you how Bungie fans are upset at Bungie for making exclusive content for the PS4 version of Destiny, which is more sad as they still get the game, they only miss out on extra content, at least the fans still get the game, fans of Insomniac will most likely not get Sunset overdrive. Xbox fans = more funny, as they get upset over DLC.

          • Eman666


          • amplifact

            If you’re trying to make a point about Insomniac having the right to choose their release platform, gloating about how much better “your” company’s console is won’t help your position.

            Yes, people seem to be getting unreasonably upset over this apparent change of allegiances, but remember that they are fans of Insomniac for what they have produced already, IPs currently owned by Sony. If Insomniac should choose to create further instalments in any of these series, fans will be forced to purchase two consoles in order to keep up with the developer, which seems to be something the majority of people cannot afford.

            Yeah I know, “get over it” — but this does seem disloyal to the majority of people who made Insomniac what they are, so the fans have a right to complain if nothing else. That said, if all subsequent Insomniac releases are either XBO exclusive or multi-platform, they have a pretty easy choice to make for the next generation anyway.

          • Eman666

            Ever thought that Sunset Overdrive could build up newer fans for this company? But since were Microsoft you guys will treat us like 2nd class citizens by the fact we are from the competitors side.If you go the Sunset fans will stick around almost like you never left

          • Eman666

            Xbox fans always get DLC first so what one stinkin game you a holes are lucky to get that DLC

          • Microsoft pays a lot for that timed exclusive DLC. Sony instead puts that money into first party platform exclusive titles. I think I’d rather have Uncharted 1-3, The Last of Us, Sly Cooper 4, Infamous, etc instead of having the DLC for a couple of games a few months early. When I look back on the games I’ve played on the system, with Saboteur, Fallout, and Skyrim aside, most of the best have been exclusives. Even better, of the more recent games, the best have been the tiny little indie games.

            What’s with the ad hominem in your posts… This isn’t adversarial, we’re all friends who like Insomniac games for different systems. 😉

          • Something

            You’re such a retard. That is all.

        • Travis Hughes

          See my comment above: Insomniac claims this article was about transparency, but made it seem like it was some philosophical decision that led them to make this an exclusive, not a truckload of money.

          Just calling out BS where there’s BS, is all.

    • FiachSidhe

      Both of you fanboy camps need to grow the Hell up.

  • furious1235

    Insomniac make games for money not hugs and kisses, microsoft paid them money and they made a game for them its as simple as that there is nothing so trecherous about it. Its not like they’re saying”fuck you ps fans, thanks for buying our and making us famous”.

    • Travis Hughes

      Except, this article claims to be about transparency, yet it’s not. It’s beyond clear that they’re making this exclusive because Microsoft shoved a truck full of money at them, and yet they make up some BS story about how Microsoft showed them the light. It’s all PR/marketing bullshit, and some of us are just trying to call them out on that.

      • furious1235

        Isnt it the usual marketing bs with every company why do you think they made games for sony becuz they like them? No becuz sony also shoved a truck ful of money at insomniac to make exclusive games.Just remember they r not owned by sony they r independent and they r branching out,they r not leaving you guys. I dont think xbox fans r butthurt about bungie advertising their game on ps4 and making exclusive content for.

  • Ippoletta

    I’m sorry but you sony drones are sick in the head. and if i was
    ted. id tell you all to kiss my a**. you think he has to cater to you
    idiots? nope. he decided to take Microsoft’s money and make a cool
    looking game. what the f**k is your
    problem? this man and the rest of his team has a family to take care of.
    you dumb asses act like it’s a crime to take money and make games for
    people. lol… i guess it’s because sony’s in debt, you shills act like
    making money is a bad thing.

    they’re a flipping company for Christ sakes. you should be glad
    Microsoft threw money at them so they can make more games. but i guess
    my ranting is pointless because this place is filled with a bunch of
    childish, rabid sony shills with no flipping morals. most of you should
    be ashamed of yourselves. they made how many games for sony???? and they
    make 1 little exclusive game for Microsoft and you people act like they
    killed your damn family members. i mean honestly…

    i’m so angry and appalled by all of the BS some of you so called
    insomniac fans are writing. are you people paying them to make this
    game? no… so why the f**k do you care who they make it for? it’s
    nobodies damn business, they could have gone to Nintendo for all i care.
    are you people really that blind and childish? i swear sony fans are a
    bunch of flipping selfish hypocrites. loyal to a piece of freaking
    plastic and metal. i feel sorry for some of you. not just you drones,
    but all fanboys in general.

    to all that has a problem with what they are doing, you’re all
    pathetic… truly. and i dont give a damn what any of you ignorant
    shills have to say so dont bother.

    all of you pathetic children harped about how the xbox360 had no
    exclusives, and the freaking instant they get some sony kids are all
    angry and want them. but it pleases me to know this game or anything
    Microsoft publishes wont go to the PS4. and dont tell me about mass
    effect because EA bought the series.

    TL;DR go to h*ll.

    Rant over.

    • NormanWelt

      LOL!!!!! My vote for the most idiotic comment EVER published on the net!

      • Ippoletta

        Hahahaha stay mad buddy. i dont give a damn. you’re clearly another asshurt sony shill. im glad this game isn’t coming to the PS3.5, tell your moronic friends to stop crying for Microsoft exclusives. we dont have any remember?…. karma’s a b!tch isn’t it?.

        • NormanWelt

          Haha…OMG! Just when you though it couldn’t get more dense up in here. LOL. Thanks man. Your comments are beautiful!

    • Travis Hughes

      I’d rather they just be honest, is all. They aren’t making an exclusive because their eyes were opened to the “awesomeness” of the Xbox One; they did it because Microsoft paid them a lot of money.

      But hey, this is business, and the number 1 rule of marketing is “Tell your customer anything BUT the full, actual truth.”

      • Ippoletta

        Who comes out and says “hey we got paid to make a game so we’re doing it”? that’s right …no one. Microsoft is funding the development so it’s pretty damn obvious. all i see is crying and no matter what excuse the sony shills say ill still laugh in their faces because they are ridiculous. Microsoft also funded and are publishing Quantum Break and Dead Rising 3.

        Microsoft is rich, everybody knows this.. so i can see why developers go to them with projects first to see if they could help out. either that or sony wasn’t interested.

        why do people need them to say Microsoft paid them when it was painfully obvious that that is the case? will it help to make the sony fanboys sleep at night? because any idiot can see that’s why you guys are so uptight. i guess you need to stroke your egos and find an excuse for why they are making a Microsoft exclusive. when in fact sony pays for all of those ratchet games and whatever else they made for them. yet… nobody gives a f*ck there.

        i think people are crying because this game could be a potential console seller and might actually be good. so of course they dont want it on Xbox One like they selfish pricks sony fanboys are.

        Point is sony does not own them (insomniac) so they can do whatever they please. i actually hope they do a Wii U exclusive next. as someone who owns all last gen and will own all next gen, i find this comment section disgusting. real gamers do not carry on like that. i can imagine ted shaking his head as well. the shills cant b!tch in the forums so they do it here lol. i dont think they care to view these comments so they let the rants fall on deaf ears.

    • Eman666

      I agree with you 100% these Sony Pony Drones are so stupid and delusional, they act like they can boss around Insomniac and that they should stick to that PigS*** 3 and 4 or they wont support them at all. And what they are doing to Insomniac is stupid and extreme to the limits such a true fanbase they are oh my oh my how pathetic are you Sony Queeers

      • FiachSidhe

        Wow…just wow. you really need to get over your toy game playing box of choice man.

  • Geode

    Ted”we are making an exclusive because xbox one is great.”
    Anything else?
    “Yes, a very big check,”

  • Geode

    At Insomniac, we’ve always been transparent with our fans. It’s important to us that our fans understandwhy we do what we do – it’s really the only way to build a meaningful long-term relationship.

    Unfortunately, all of your fans are getting a ps4 -.-

  • TRUE

    Hi I am from europe and i think you will not succeed with this game (maybe in florida or california), since it is to special for a small group of audiance (like happens with sega game “jet set radio”), but it is perfect for US xbox players. So nothing bad when you have already got the money from microsoft to do this game without a lost, but your reputation will lack ( independant, not realy xD, Blizzard is independent. They have got so much money that the are able do develope a game for 3-5 years and cancle it without any consequence, this is true freedom)

    The colors in the game are so wrong (no fluffy puffy colors, please). Have you not watch any movies in the last time? The blockbusters are dark and tragedies since the last decades. Look what happend with star trek or spiderman, batman etc..

    Sad that you are not try realy something new. It look likes RC only in an other setting (and which setting is it?! beachboys – haha!)

    So good luck for the future and try something new in an other genre. Not every time a shooter, so boring, come on try somethin new. If you want make a millionseller i can give you a hint.

    Make a game where you tell a story about the reapers and his world, that can be an epic story worth to tell as special the reaper which your a control is always drunk or dump like hell and get alwasy the wrong souls and the other reapers are already pissed of him and banned him away. But they didn’t know that you are the only true reaper 🙂

  • ThomasMul10

    Some of these comments are stupid. =P Come on guys, if you’re making games, or running any sort of business, you don’t do it for money. If you do, you will fail. Ted and his team went with Xbox One, perhaps because they felt it would be the best platform for the game, in terms of capabilities and audience. They didn’t do it because of a money bag. =P I’m getting PS4, but I would love to play Sunset Overdrive and I probably will some time in the future. =D

    • Anson

      I agree. All this talk about “craploads of money”, etc, is just stupid.

      That said, I really think this was a bad move for Insomniac, and really can’t figure out why they did it. Presumably, over all these years they developed a fanbase, but that fanbase is presumably pretty embedded with Sony. Insomniac’s old “partners in crime”, Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog, are both owned by Sony. “Ratchet and Clank” is owned by Sony. Any way I cut it, Insomniac seems to be splitting its fanbase with this decision (how badly depends on how many people buy both platforms, which depends on how much money people have).

      I believe that Insomniac made this decision because they felt it was the best choice for the game, but I’m still not seeing the logic.

      • ThomasMul10

        I think maybe Insomniac just want to branch out into other audiences, rather than just sticking with Sony. They are independent after all, and probably want to gain as many fans as possible. Admittedly, I really want to play Sunset Overdrive, but I already have a PS4 and cannot afford and Xbox One right now (I will be getting one though) ;), so I would have preferred it if this was multi-platform.

        But Microsoft have made a really good move in having Insomniac make this an exclusive title for their platform. Good exclusive titles sell a console, not graphics and power, and with the heat Microsoft have been getting over the past 8 months or so over the Xbox One, they need some good games under their belt. =) Insomniac hasn’t abandoned PlayStation, I mean, they just announced a Ratchet and Clank remake for PS4. They’ll probably be making even more exclusive titles for both platforms in the future, so I think fans of either platform have lots to be exited about!

  • Darian Tyler

    The money argument is kinda throwing me off. The fact that Sony has been working with them for years. And the fact that no one cried “doing it for the money” when insomniac is making exclusive games for Sony. However, when they make an exclusive for MS then suddenly they’re only doing it for money. Let’s forget about past PS exclusives, not claiming it was for money and now just claim they’re doing it for the money. Really it is kinda sad how quick sony fanboys are quick to insult things that aren’t on their platform, or even franchises that were original PS exclusive but are not multiplat….

    • yobnafon

      everything is for the money buddy, but if you do some research you’ll notice that sony’s publishing company gave them the opportunity to bring most of their ideas to a console audience, so yeah they would be mostly sony exclusive. The first cross plat game they did was this year (Fuse), which was published by guess who…EA, and we all know about the Titanfall situation, about how EA took a deal from microsoft over top of Respawns head to make it an exclusive. I say all that to say this, I’m glad to see insomniac is working with both platforms now, but these “sony fanboys” i think is your choice term, deserve to be a little suspicious and PO’ed about this situation. In my opinion no game should be restricted to a single system but he who has the gold makes the rules.

  • CoonDaddy

    ah hell naw shoot i wuz sonygger foh life now yall gunna leves

    jus like mah daddies always leabs

  • The-Bas

    I feel bad for Insomniac.
    It must suck to sign a deal with the devil, and now the devil can’t deliver..

  • R Roberts

    R:FOM will always hold a special place in my heart. R2 and R3 were abominations. Here’s to hoping someone else picks up the torch and brings that franchise back…somehow…someway.

    • brokedownsystem

      R3 was a return to form actually…really liked the single player. it’s too bad we won’t see anymore from Insomniac on that franchise, and likely no more from anybody else even though sony owns the IP.

      • Yeah, R3 and Nexus were really good, but some of the other stuff they did recently wasn’t quite as good for various reasons. Either they were going way off track into gameplay that they just weren’t as good at, or they were getting weighted down by the stick-in-the-mud EA people…

  • chris

    I REALLY want to have this game it looks so awesome! but I was thinking of asking to make it FPS and not TPS and also I want to know if as a player, you can drive the in-game cars.

    • Edwin

      FPS Sucks, go play CoD.

  • Luke Moore

    Really disappointing, I’ve been a fan since Disruptor and have purchased every R&C game (loved Nexus was far too short though, feel as if a full scale R&C game is never going to come back) despite the apparent dip in quality in recent games.

    I loved the Resistance series (Resistance 2 was my favourite actually, the co-op and campaign were the most enjoyable of the entire series in my opinion) so to hear Sunset Overdrive was going to Xbox one and exclusively no less was grating as Insomniac must have been aware that the majority of their fans were getting a PS4. Especially at a time where console exclusivity makes little sense to independent developers (I actually wish the xbox fans could have access to resistance and R&C). I hope it is a form of timed exclusive because I would quite like to play this but have no interest in getting an xbox one, my 360 went unused in the latter years of its life and I don’t particularly think Microsoft are a team who listens to developers and theirs fans (look at microsofts self publishing program that requires games to have day one parity)

  • Daniel Dorestant

    I hate that it’s exclusive, what I hate even more is the way devs lie and say “its only possible on this” or “we chose to focus in on one platform” Like seriously ppl arent stupid

    • Yes, I can understand that they did it for the money, however I cannot accept that they would write this garbage about “we did it for the fans” and completely sidestep the fact they actually did it for the money. Would have been better to not say anything at all, or just speak the truth. People like the truth, they can handle the truth and can move on with the truth. There’s respect in the truth. There’s no respect in lying to the fans.

  • No Way

    All kidding a side, what Insomniac did was a sh…y move. When they
    announced they were going multiplatform with FUSE, their whole shtick
    was “Well it is also coming on PS3, it’s not like we are making an xbox
    exclusive”. So everyone settled down.
    But here they gave middle
    finger to their fan base and went X1 exclusive when their fanbase is
    made out of (mostly) PS fans, that don’t give two sh..s about Xbox. Need
    I remind you that they have been on PS platform since 1996, when most
    of you were probably not even born.
    So fans have right to be mad.

    But on the other hand, I can’t blame them. Money must have been good.

  • Gerard Desmond

    This was a huge mistake on Insomniacs part.They backed the wrong horse this gen. I hope they land on their feet with this one but I don’t see that happening.

    • Half life 3 confirmed

      Yup. I bet they didn’t expect the superior PS4 to outsell the inferior xbox one lol (what a no brainer choice) I would of understand if they stayed multi plat but going exclusive with Microsof……bad choice. I’m a loyal Sony pony so I’m not buying the x1. You lost a consumer insomniac!
      P.s. I do buy the old xbox consoles at new gen. Got a 50 dollar 360 from Craigslist and halo 3 for 3 bucks. Will do same for x1 in about a decade or less 🙂

    • Darkling

      they could Release it on PC

  • Living

    This game was always going to suffer due to most of Insomniac’s fan base being on PlayStation not on Xbox. Now that it’s become clear that Xbone is selling poorly compared to PS4 and actually sold worse this month even with Titanfall I think this game is going to perform worse than previously imagined. So Insomniac, still so impressed with the capabilities of Xbone and how it lets you do so much more than the more powerful PS4? Never had a problem with multiplat, Fuse was fine but turning your back on your PS fanbase for this was a strange move. Perhaps not so strange. Hope that money makes up for this potential flop. I’m sure dat Fuse munny is keepin you goin.

  • Alan Moore

    The cover art for Sunset overdrive should be changed.

  • Stephen Hawking’s Footie Boots

    I might pick it up when it inevitably ends up on PS4 because Xbox One isn’t selling enough.

    • blzzy_gie

      Read your comments on other forums, Sony fanboy.

      • Stephen Hawking’s Footie Boots

        Bewildering comment.

    • oxhanoverxo

      Actually, this is the game that will make me go out and buy an XBOX One. As it will be for many people who don’t pledge allegiance to one company…because when you do, you’ll miss out on games like this one.

      • Stephen Hawking’s Footie Boots

        Of course. It’s always nice when you get that one game that finally sways you to take the plunge and buy a console. I haven’t seen one for Xbox One yet, and having seen Sunset Overdrive in action, I’m pretty sure this won’t be the one to do it. I’ll keep an eye on it though, since I like Insomniac.

      • NeoMahi

        LOYALTY is the word I like to use. “Take care of them and they’ll take care of you.” I suppose that’s great you have bottomless pockets while the rest of us struggle to meet our everyday needs and then find some time and entertainment for ourselves but, it doesn’t work that way. Good for you but, it’s not like that for the rest of us. It seems you have a loyalty to Insomniac, however that’s possible but, if that loyalty is there well and you understand that–rather than using this as your chance to stick it to PlayStation fans to make yourself feel better–then you would know that they’ve stuck you in the back too and basically told you to go to hell or you’d see this the same as the rest of us do. I can’t fathom in my mind how this makes no sense to you.

        • oxhanoverxo

          No loyalty. I’ve been a gamer since the Odyssey 2 back in the 1970s. I just want to play good games.

          • NeoMahi

            “I like to consider myself loyal. I’m a loyal person. I was using Saiban for years! But, when it came down to it, they refused to really help me out so, I took on Ziljain instead. They gave me everything I needed and even offered to send me a bunch of extra stuff. So, I’m a loyal person, they take care of me and I’ll take care of them.”
            – Jose Pasilla (Incubus Drummer)

            I agree in a similar capacity. I don’t bite the hand that feeds but, I don’t eat out the hand that poisons either. Loyalty isn’t a weakness.

          • oxhanoverxo

            Why is Microsoft any worse than Sony who poisoned many hard drives by installing root kits without permission just to try to prevent people from making digital copies of CD’s they purchased? How about how Sony lied about the reason they removed rumble from their controllers when the PS3 launched?

            Both companies want to make money. Both companies will have their exclusives in order to try to sell consoles. I don’t really see any company worth being loyal to. I’d rather just be loyal to the people who are the creative force behind great games.

            Back when I was gaming during the 70s and 80s, I had an Odyssey 2, my friends had Atari’s and Intellivisions. We didn’t bicker like everyone does today. We spent time at each other’s houses because we wanted to play as many games as we could get our hands on. It was never an argument as to who had the better system. Too bad it cant be like that today.

          • NeoMahi

            Whatever, dude. The almighty all-knowing, right? This is the last response and then you can just run your mouth all you want, listening to your own bull and hypnosis. Have fun. Simply put, I don’t care. Not, I don’t care whatever point is made, but whatever crap protrudes your lips I don’t care. You’re not as smart as you think you are, sir. You know what a chronic liar is?

          • oxhanoverxo

            Arguing on the internet is like the Special Olympics. Even when you win, you’re still retarded.

          • NeoMahi

            Sorry, the negative thing was accidently me. Samsung Galaxy 5 keyboard blows. Really though, good for you, man. As the consumer you win either way, as you can afford the hobby like that. It’s really kind of a shame or something that long time fans are just given the shaft. Even after Bungie left Microsoft and the Halo franchise, Bungie still hasn’t forgotten the people that helped make them what they are, ya know? Destiny is still coming to Xbox One as well and Bungie has made it clear that all the exclusive DLC for PS4 is all just timed and that Xbox One gamers will still get everything the PS4 has. Sunset Overdrive is Insomniac saying: “We’ve had a problem with Sony and couldn’t wait to get out of there so, this is Xbox One exclusive, just deal with it. You’re on your own, this game is for our fans” but, there fans are sitting at a blank PlayStation screen. This is really a pretty painful sort of thing I guess you won’t understand. I’m glad you’ve got bottomless pockets but, I dont.

      • brokedownsystem

        as much as I didn’t want to drop extra money on an Xbox One, this title along with Titanfall intrigued me enough to thrown down for it. It helped that Microsoft was willing to take a barely functioning ps3 on its last legs off of my hands for $100 (thereby cancelling out the cost of that damn Kinect unit).

  • nikrel

    At least they have been paid already to make the game, I wonder if sales would be able to cover it if they had not been.

  • ken

    yo me lo voy a compra cuando salga para mi xbox one.. el juego luce hermoso y brutall…….Att Puerto Rico

    • Josh Melton


  • Michael Harvey

    This looks like Saints Row with more color and I love it! Custom characters and Jet Set Radio insanity with Bowling Ball Launchers?! Count me in as I will be pre ordering the “Day One Edition.” Thank you and your team for making a game that looks bright and fun and not just grey and gritty.

  • John Edwards

    Scumbag Overdrive

    “We wanted to make a game for our fans” – pretty much all Insomniac fans are on Playstation and you CANNOT expect people to just drop $500 on an otherwise unappealing system due to 1 game. Plenty aren’t even capable of the feat financially.

    “We wanted to own the IP” – so they decide to pretty much give the IP exclusively to MS which virtually is the same thing, only they might get A TINY bit more say on the matter.

    Sorry, you cannot say the fans are being unreasonable. The past few years have been nothing but pretty mediocre games from your guys since you clearly lost it with Ratchet, never had it with Resistance, and I don’t know what the hell you were thinking with Fuse.

    It’s alright to say it was “for the money” because that’s essentially what all games development is. I’m just telling you to not be surprised to find that you could’ve easily made more money by not abandoning the entire fanbase you had for a new market on a less popular system.

    • Humphprey

      You fanboys are comical.

  • FiachSidhe

    Bull. You sold out for more money. I’m not even a Playstation owner, and this crap still pisses me off. MS offered you a dump truck of money to make your game for their system only and you sold out. That’s it. That’s the sole reason.
    The only reason for exclusivity is money.

    You say you made it “for fans”, but decided to deliver it to a mere fraction of them. For MONEY.
    You say you’re “pumped” to bring the game to us, but not enough to bring the game to all of us. Because MONEY.

    Can the mealy, “Microsoft are our new BFFs” PR spin and just be honest.

    and the pathetic thing is, if this game tanks on XBox One, and/or the contract expires, and your company decides to port it to another platform, you’re going to sit here with a straight face, and zero shame, and say it’s for the fans. When we all know it won’t be.

    • People Plz

      Ya how dare Microsoft fund developers so they can make the games they want to make and not be dictated to make? Sony was forcing them to stick with Ratchet games until they pushed too much.

      • FiachSidhe

        Oh yeah! If ever there was a caring, generous company that looked out for others it was Microsoft. Microsoft threw a ton of money at Insomniac to make the game exclusive. That’s it. They aren’t some philanthropist organization. We’re talking about a company that was completely willing to step all over their loyal customers’ rights with the XBone, and only backed down when their bottom line took a hit.

        Yeah how dare a publisher have a say in what they’re publishing. I mean what is really on the line, aside from hundreds of peoples’ jobs, millions of dollars, stocks, and company reputation?

        See, I can make stupid arguments too!

        As for making a game they wanted. You’re saying they didn’t want to make Ratchet and Clank games? They made Resistance right? They made Fuse. That was published by EA, and what do you know! It was on both XB360, and PS3.

        No this game isn’t for the fans, its for Microsoft. Make no mistake about it. Microsoft didn’t pull up with dump truck of money and say “Make a great game for the fans”. They said “Make an expensive game for us, to make us tons of money”.

        • Josh Melton

          Leadership has change Friend, this is a different MS, you can’t keep blaming ”the ones” that are no longer there. you remove the ones who were willing to step over their customers,rights..

          Phil, shouldn’t be blamed for what happened at E3 2013, He’s a Nice Guy and Real Gamer like yourself”. That’s why Sony likes him and said he’s pretty cool, and that’s why MS, is only focusing on games instead of Tv and stuff.

          Why he got rid of Kinect

          Like Sony, he listens to gamers your voice is being heard.

          • FiachSidhe

            That is painfully naive, to believe that simply because a few highers ups stepped down, that Microsoft’s entire business ethic has changed. Make no mistake, Microsoft HAD to change their console plans. They HAD To change and only did so when their bottom line had taken a hit. They didn’t do it because they care about you. If they cared, they never would have conceived of such plans.

            The public outcry and backlash was so great that they had literally handed Sony and Nintendo this generation on a platter.

            You’re a fool if you think that a few changings of the guard wasn’t a PR move, and that a company perfectly willing to screw you as hard as possible is simply going to change over night. They’ll just come up with ways to do so later, after the playerbase is dug in.

          • Josh Melton

            Yes Friend, but the same thing can be said ”about Sony” make no mistake they need gamers to survive because Apple & Samsung are killing them, 10 years ago they had over $100 billion, were arrogant, and very anti-customer which led to them being hacked in 2011…

            Now Sony is more humble but has less than 20 billion”, I believe they’re appreciating their customers more, and realize more than ever they need gamers.. if PS3 won last,generation we probably would get the Sony of that era,compared to now…

          • Josh Melton

            Phil Spencer, should not pay for Don Mattrick mistakes, Mattrick was a pretty ignorant xbox division president and just because they work for the same company, does not mean, they share the same ideas. Everybody who, works,in,the game industry, said Phil is a ”Awesome Guy”,even Sony” said it was smart of MS, to put him in charge,of Xbox Divisions..

            He has no problem hanging out with Sony employees”, or with,the so called competition etc. I’m happy Gamers removed Don and the other arrogant employees from MS. but the MS today is not the same MS from E3 2013.

            Just like the Sony of today is not the same Sony” from the PS3,Generation, I believe and hope the company has changed and learned from it’s mistakes, They’re Big Business and Big Business are no friends..

            The Job of Big Business is to make a Profit…

          • Josh Melton

            Sony admitted countless times, they change their E3 plans after the public outcry MS received at E3 2013, so it’s naive to think, they wouldn’t have done the same thing, remember game Developers hate Gamestop and blame them, other, stores for driving out game companies like THQ out of business due to second hand sales..

            Publishers , like EA, Capcom, Ubisoft came to both MS & Sony,to pitch those ideas, they wanted used game sales to go away, it was only after the public outcry and backlash MS received that they changed their mind.

          • Josh Melton

            Not saying, MS entire business ethic has changed” Phil is in,charged of only the XBox Game Division. I’m sure the higher up’s ahead of him are probably the same. on whoever,runs the company.

            Xbox is just a Division within MS” The company is much bigger than that. I just think Phil’s Job is to save XBox One. I wouldn’t say they handed this generation over to Nintendo, Wii U has been out for over a year, and XB1 has outsold the Wii U in sales in 2014…

  • Powermad80

    “Everyone here at Insomniac and on the Sunset Overdrive team at Microsoft is pumped to bring the game to you.”

    You aren’t bringing the game to me though. You’re actively shutting the door in my face and locking it while I’m sprinting towards you, hands filled with money. You’ve just allowed Microsoft to take your game hostage.

    As a person who will never, ever own an XBone or any next-gen console for that matter, I just want to play your game, very badly in fact. I don’t even care about selling out, IP practices, or whatever. You are making a game that looks amazing that I want to play, and you won’t let me. It’s an absolute certainty that I won’t buy an XBone, out of both principle and finance (I’m not loyal to one brand), and you only releasing Sunset Overdrive on the XBone makes it a punch in my face. Exclusivity is as needless as ever in this new generation of consoles that brings no benefit to the consumer at all, and only hurts me as a person willing to pay you lots of money for your amazing looking game. Your exclusivity of Overdrive just supports the terrible, stagnant business model of consoles in this generation, where the game is just a marketing vehicle for selling the console, as if authors wrote great novels just to support the paper industry.

    Please, please port this to PC. I beg you, all I want to do is give you money so I can play your game. Don’t make it so hard for me to do so.

    • People Plz

      “Lots of money for this game”.

      Nah keep your millions Microsoft, this kid’s offering me $60 for the game!!

    • Josh Melton

      Cute PC Gamers

  • mike

    They went with microsoft because sony wanted to keep the rights to the game.

    • That’s unusual, because much of what Sony has been doing lately is publishing of games where they don’t own the rights. Of course, those games are mostly self funded, or pubfund (back-end funding when the game is complete) rather than fully funded by Sony.

  • NeoMahi

    I’ve avoided saying anything on the matter but, I guess I can’t remain silent anymore. This really doesn’t make any sense and the “transparency” that’s spoken of still isn’t very clear. Ted Price is running a business and he’s going to jerk everyone around any not be as straight forward as he seems. The excuse that’s been given seems to tell the story but, there are still a lot of pot-holes. “Transparency” is a business tactic, a PR stunt, and an excuse for something that’s going on but isn’t be talked about. And Insomniac is going to find that their fans are going be transparent right back. Insomniac Games, you really don’t have fans on any other console. PlayStation has been your home and your family are all there. You’ve checked the numbers and the PlayStation to Xbox ratio isn’t there but the Xbox to PlayStation ratio is steadily climbing. Your fans and your home are on PlayStation.

    So, the battle was to retain the IP for your game. Alright. Retention of the IP means that the game doesn’t have to remain an Xbox One exclusive then, and that wasn’t your plans all along. I’m going to honest with you–and I’m joined by thousands of others–we all know darn well the install base–as well as your fan base–are still at PlayStation and Xbox One doesn’t hold that install base. Petitions aren’t going to change your mind, because you don’t care and your fanbase is feeling that and we feel like you don’t care. However, contrary to the treatment of your fans, we’re still loyal and continue to support you and your games because we enjoy them but, this feels like you’re stepping on us and don’t really care. Its not about the corporations, it’s about your fans, right? Then why is it this way? Why are fans placed secondary to Sony or Microsoft? Now, I ended up with a PlayStation 4 because on my end, from a consumers perspective, the trust was there. Their marketing was better and they gave me a better reason to resume my relationship with them and their hardware and millions of others felt the same way but, I’m not getting a console for just one good game. If you’re retaining the IP, you have an alterior motive to port the game in time to recover development costs and be profitable. If not, then we know that Microsoft fronted you the money to cover the costs and you weren’t transparent about that then were you? So that trust dwindles and you used fans as a tool to get what you wanted as an excuse, a poor excuse.

    I want to play your game. Marcus did a great job with Resistance 3 and the Ratchet and Clank games were great but, I’m not picking up an Xbox One for one great game sitting in a pile of trash software. I’m a patient person and can wait a long time! Should your game head back to Sony shores, I’m waiting and excited but, I’m not going to play it on an inferior machine and support a company that can’t keep their act together. If you’re not being transparent enough, now would be a good time before you place your company and your careers in risk and end up like Microsoft’s struggle and destroy this so called relationship you have with even your imaginary fans. We’re not stupid. We can’t see everything that happens in the corporate world but, don’t insult our intelligence because of what there’s no way we will ever see, but what we do see that’s fake and acted out for greed, we don’t overlook that stuff.

    “If you always tell the truth, you’ll never have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain.

    • On the plus side, Insomniac East is still developing for the PS4. I’m perfectly fine with getting an updated R&C game + Destiny in trade for Insomniac West’s game. Especially since it’s an open world game. I’m really sick of those, I can only tolerate a couple of them per year.

      • NeoMahi

        I like Ratchet and Clank as well but, new things and new experiences from Insomniac Games is always welcomed. You see a different side of them and their other strengths, I mean, it’s not like the Xbox One is so fitting for the game that it’s only possible on Xbox One. The PS4 is more powerful and could chew through whatever is given. Sony’s marketing has always been weak when compared to Microsoft but, of course, Titanfall has come and gone and Microsoft pumped everything into that they had and it tanked and is coming to PS4…. Eh, I guess I just answered my own question. I guess we could see “Sunset Overdrive: Revamped” on PS4. Marketing and business tactic. I can patient then.

        • Given that the last new thing they did was FUSE, and the last times they tried to change their formulas up was R&C: Full Frontal Assault and R&C: All for One, I think I’d rather stick with their more traditional stuff. Into the Nexus was fantastic.

          I’m not so sure about the Xbox One tanking though. The PS4 is making it look really bad, but it’s still the #3 best selling console world wide of all time by this point in its life cycle (last I looked at the numbers,) behind the PS4 and Wii. It’s still in a fairly solid position in the US as well.

    • brokedownsystem

      I don’t understand why this game couldn’t be made in partnership with Sony, unless it’s Sony that dictated the terms that it wanted rights to the IP (e.g. “we don’t want this title to ever show up on the competitor’s platform”)

      Now that Insomniac owns the IP and can do whatever it wants with it, does this mean that it’ll go ahead and port it back to Playstation 4 at some point? I guess time will tell, depending on whether or not it’s selling well on Xbox One.

      • Josh Melton

        Sony wanted to own the Sunset Overdrive IP, while MS let Insomniac,keep the IP to themselves. I believe Ted Price mentioned,that on his Twitter account…

        Sunset Overdrive belongs to Insomniac.

        • anon

          How do you know is that what happen?

  • Josef Ouano

    Make a Ps4 version of Sunset Overdrive, or you can kiss all your fans goodbye Insomniac.

    • Josh Melton

      No, You cute fans have Ratchet & Clank Series

      • anon

        And possibly a squeal to this. Cute.

  • Theincredible Ben Izlar

    as long as you come out with something just as awesome and original for PS exclusivee then i’ll be fine really good job on the game tho, looks awesome, i’m jealous <3

  • Daniel Days Scalia

    I’m a Playstation fan, and am not planning on getting X-box, but damn. Have some dignity guys. One slipped by. We get BloodBourne.

  • People Plz

    PS4 fans pissed because Sony is a terrible business partner and this has been said time and time again. Sony doesn’t play fair. There is a reason why one of Microsoft and Sony are poor and the other extremely rich. Bad business practices.

    When I found out the real reason PS3 had cell architecture I wasn’t even surprised. Sony wanted all the resources used on the PS3 so the developers/publishers would be too tapped out to make games for what Sony thought were “less popular” consoles. How did that turn out? Crappier ports, broken Bethesda games. CoD running at 50fps and missing out on the Left 4 Dead series.

    • Bradley Gooch

      This is a dumb comment.

      • brokedownsystem

        This is an incomprehensible comment. What point was he trying to make?

        Anyhow, for what it’s worth, this will be my 2nd game after drinking the Titanfall kool-aid. Hope it turns out well.

  • Man i need Sunset overdrive on ps4

  • brokedownsystem

    Good luck Insomniac…I bought a XB1 for this game, please don’t let me down!

  • dknight xs

    in simple words he ment ” me like microcock mmhhhm nice and big coated in money”

    • Josh Melton

      Lets stop talking about peoples penis on the internet.

  • GamingAllday

    This game really needs to be on ps3 if any one reads this message who helped make the game take it to consideration it’s a really great good.

  • Christopher Joseph Roberts

    Dang, you guys lost me at “memes based on social commentary”. And I was pretty hopeful for this too.

  • Brian Ghattas

    All I can say is that Ted Price looks like a foolish man now for creating a game that only 6 million can buy instead of 12 million. I guess he likes playing for the losing team like Jeff Rubinstein does. I guess as long as he has his blood money from Microsoft then who cares?

  • Kate

    You guy own the IP why didn’t you put it on PC also, that way people who don’t or can’t afford to buy an Xbox one can just buy the game and enjoy it on PC

  • that villain on 8

    Maybe i am just new to this but is the point of building a reputable franchise with a massive fanbase is so on occasion they get offered truckloads of money even if satan drives it through their front door wearing a MS trucker hat just so they can make one game. Someone had to pay the light bill at the insomniac mansion and this time xbox one (my primary console atm) fronted the bill. Did they lie about being transparent. YES. But name me 2 major corp (does not even have to be gaming related) that are transparent to the fullest of their ability and still has an income that far exceeds there outgoing and more importantly why are we so pissed off at the fact that this company is lying when we dont even know where our tax money goes? Just be tolerant and wait for the next awesome game or just sleep over your friends house.

  • smoochytherhino

    You guys said it just right. You totally abandoned your heritage and went for the money just like Notch. It’s never about the fans, its truly about the money with you guys.

  • Melanie Stengewis

    is there anything similar to sunset overdrive on ps4? a similar genre perhaps

    • brokedownsystem

      infamous: 2nd Son

    • Corey

      the game is a mix of ratchet and clank and infamous.

  • Marc Pusey

    Should have read when Microsoft started showing us lots of money we couldn’t resist going exclusive with the xboxone that’s the actual truth lol

  • efefef

    Sunset Overdrive is awesome. So glad I have an xbox one to play it.

  • God of War

    hey i played sunset overdrive at my friends house on christmas when he got it and i loved it. only thing is i was hoping for playstation to have it well when i found out it wasnt was really bummed out. please bring it to all the playstation fans so they can also enjoy his master piece

  • Chiii

    Sunset Oevrdrive only sold 600K as of right now Insomiac. Now do you realize what happens when you alienate your fanbase?

    • That’s probably a factor of it being on a less popular console this time around, and one where they need to build up a new fanbase. The real question that will tell us if they’ve “alienated” their fanbase will be how well the upcoming Ratchet and Clank reboot does. The low sales are probably offset by whatever extra money MS gave them upfront to be exclusive.

      • Chiii

        True you have a point

    • (Also, that’s 3x as much as Fuse sold, and 6x as much as Fuse sold on any individual platform.)

  • Minnyman203

    Hey insomniac I was hoping that soon you would put sunset overdrive on the PlayStation as well so the people with a PlayStation console whether it be 3 or 4 can also join in on this amazing game if this is possible could you please notify the PlayStation community so we can purchase this game and enjoy this great creation