I bet after watching our new music video yesterday you were thinking to yourself, “Man, I wish there was an epic, high-quality Ratchet & Clank statue that I could get” then it’s is your lucky day!

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It’s a common question that we get a lot at shows and from candidates themselves… “What is the deal with the test? Why do you test?” Or “Hey, I’m a senior – why should I have to test?” Well, here are a few reasons why Insomniac tests and what we hope to get from the test itself.

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It’s a universal fact that all of the best rappers are doctors. There’s Dr. Dre and… umm…  Dr. Dre and… Post 2001 Dr. Dre?  Okay, so in actuality, there’s just Dr. Dre, but a new a new scholar has joined the hip-hop fray.  Thanks to the folks at “Old School Aesthetic,” our very own Dr. Nefarious is a rap game legend.

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The associate that could...
Bugs, bugs, bugs!  See if you can squash them!
The Core... that is where we need you


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