12 Days of… Sunset? Come sing along. Plus what’s cooler than a boat fort? More traps maybe? We have that too. You know what they always say? You can never have too many traps. We also discuss wall running and a cat named Dazzler. We can’t make this stuff up folks. If you missed our […]

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Miss out on the livestream of the 1st Hour of Sunset Overdrive? Lucky for you, there is a mystical wonder known as an “internet archive”! Watch as’s Jessice Chobot interviews Creative Director Marcus Smith and Sunset TV host Brandon Winfrey, while Brandon plays through the 1st hour of Sunset Overdrive at our Best Buy event […]

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Life is filled with so many things to achieve. Liberty, happiness, and Achievements!  Well, Sunset Overdrive has 64 of the latter and we give you a run-down on a portion of them you’ll be attaining. But, we thought it’d be a great way to also show off some of the faces behind the game. These […]

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