As we inch-closer to the Mystery of the Mooil Rig game add-on release – we reveal the new weapons you’ll have the pleasure of utilizing in your murderous rampage. Wooo! Narrative dissonance! SUBSCRIBE! for weekly shows: Follow us on Instagram for more Sunset TV and all things Insomniac. Be sure to send your questions […]

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This week’s guest host, Larry Hyrb for Xbox Live, unveils the first massive story-based DLC add-on coming to Sunset Overdrive on December 23rd. The add-on will cost $9.99 or will be free to Season Pass buyers (19.99 and includes the previously released weapon pack as well as an additional add-on in the future!).  Get an […]

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In this week’s episode get a look at improvements we included in the patch last week. Plus, maybe-maybe we’ll give you a visual tease of the first big DLC area coming soon. Maybe. For full patch notes go here. Sunset Overdrive T-Shirts are on sale now! SUBSCRIBE! for weekly shows: Follow us on Instagram […]

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