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General Circle Reaper: Reduced travel speed. Artifacts Cthulhu’s Grasp: Reduced max health. Anarchist Pyrotechnics: Reduced max number of fireworks by one. Blackjack Disc of Blades: Reduced travel speed. Wildcards: Reduced travel speed. Kineticist Telekinesis: Telekinetic objects need to be closer to the caster before they can be thrown, Large telekinetic objects now travel to your […]

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Happy New Year everyone! As we stated in our Arcane Updates post last year, 2017 is going to be chock full of new content and updates for The Unspoken. We are hard at work on our first new content drop of the year. In the meantime, we wanted to jump online with you! We are […]

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Hi Everyone- Eureka! Well- maybe it’s better to say we think we have it. In looking at ways to be more current, interactive, and be able to share more with fans of Moonlighting, we are trying something new in 2017. As mentioned in the September post – we felt we needed to step back and […]

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Ready to make a big impact?  We hope so! Read on

Animating, rigging and scripting – Oh My!!

Looking for a wizard, an FX wizard…


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