C-C-C-COMBOOOOO! Combos are fun, which is why we have them in Sunset Overdrive. Today, learn how the Combo COunter is going to be your best friend. Also, prepare to break the news to your best friend that you have a new, virtual best friend. That’s going to be rough. And, finally – we say BAD […]

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I spend so much time talking about how to get a job – but never about how to leave a job. Sometimes that says just as much about you as a person as your tenure with a company. If you have been in the games industry for any amount of time – you either fortunately or unfortunately have had to leave a job, a company or a project. Sometimes it’s for greener pastures, and the move was instigated by you, but sadly sometimes you might be laid off, or even terminated for whatever reason (not getting into that in this post). Leaving a job is never an easy thing to do.

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Just when you thought Sunset Overdrive couldn’t possibly have more ways to customize your character – we throw the Overdrive System at you. We are a bunch of jerks. But, jerks who will let you know what this mysterious system is. Also, we reveal the winners of out Costume Design contest and reveal the MEANING […]

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