Mike Acton is Director, Core at Insomniac Games. He has been with the company since Tools of Destruction, heading up the Insomniac Engine team. Core Dump is a two-day event where we will be sharing in-depth stories from the game-dev front lines along with tangible lessons learned and practical solutions for some of today’s toughest […]

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***UPDATE*** The original patch 2 was updated to add additional fixes. Because of that, we are now referring to it as patch 2.5. Patch 2 went live on Steam last Friday, but not on PS4 or Xbox Live. If you have patch 2 on Steam, the first fix in patch 2.5 fixes those people who […]

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Calling all Achievement and Trophy Hunters! Song of the Deep is out next week in North America and on Steam, and we have a fresh list of objectives for you to obtain. These are available on all platforms. For those of you on Steam, we will also have trading cards, emoticons, and profile backgrounds! Happy […]

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The programmer who could.

Are you ready to work in the nuts and bolts of Animation?

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