Want more Sunset Overdrive story details? Of course you do! This game just ain’t about shoot, shoot, shoot, jump, jump, jump – there is a narrative, as well. And one that we think you’ll quite enjoy. Grab some deets here. Also, what happens when you go on a bender and black out? Well, in Sunset […]

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The fine folks over at ilovedust, have done it again. On top of helping us with our initial keyart, Sunset City art, and doing the boxart, check out their awesome Chaos Squad art. This is based on the Night Defense section of Chaos Squad. It’s definitely darker than the boxart, but then again, it’s night! […]

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PAX Prime! Set in the magical land of Seattle where games and gamers of all types come together to celebrate games and gamers of all types! Well, Sunset Overdrive’s going to be there, too! With figurative bells on! Although, we’re not ruling out the possibility of some bell-inspired attire. Let’s run through what we’ve got […]

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